Joseph’s New York | Italian Submergence

Submergence: the complete covering and obscuring of…

If you’re looking for a self-indulgent dining experience filled with Italian flavors, Joseph’s NYC is it. Upscale Northern Italian cuisine restaurant located in the Financial District of Downtown New York City, Joseph’s presents an elegant and refined environment with extraordinary dishes to highlight a hedonistic experience. The restaurant does not only stimulate your palate, but they are also capable of creating an atmosphere; a sense of belonging that hits and enwraps you like that of the waters of the Venetian Lagoon that surrounds Venice.  

Walking through the entrance, you are welcomed with a gracious staircase, which leads you down to the subterranean restaurant, where it all happens. The design of the enclosure of the stairs and the materials used emit a classical authenticity, sufficient in just its entrance to guarantee guests that everything they are about to see, taste, and experience will be just as promising, if not more! After entering the second set of doors, the bar is located on the left, and the main dining room on the right. There is also a private party room for the hosting of any special event or occasion.

You will soon notice the extreme attention placed on details in every nooks and crannies. In both, the main dining room and the party room, there is a huge painting of the Venice canal-scape hung facing the center of each space. The painting in the main dining room is depicting the view as if the viewer is standing on one of the bridges in Venice, overlooking the lagoon and the gondolas that row under a setting sun. The one in the private party room is more through the lens of a gondola passenger, passing under a bridge and looking into the distance of the next awaiting bridge. The two paintings make you feel as if you are submerged within each, in that same location at the same moment, enjoying the beauty of it all in beautiful Venice.

Joseph’s Grilled Octopus

Their extensive award-winning wine list of reds and whites is literally showcased throughout the entire restaurant. There are shelves incorporated into the walls for the displaying of their wines so guests can catch sight of it at every corner.

…everything on this menu bears the true taste of Italy.


To start, there is a good range of antipasti to choose from depending on guests’ preferences. However, Joseph’s Grilled Octopus and Mussels are great appetizers to try. The mussels are served over a pool of flavorful tomato sauce mixed with chorizo and chives. Topped with a slice of toasted baguette and provided with a basket of bread throughout the meal, you can submerge it all into the sauce to soak up every bit of remaining richness in its taste. The Grilled Octopus is equally flavorful, with the crispy potatoes absorbing the natural oils and aromas of the grilled octopus combined with the salsa verde.

The Lobster Pyramids

For Primi, there are many different pastas to choose from; orecchiette, garganelli, fettuccine, linguine, and spaghettini. From the menu, guests also have the option of picking ravioli and gnocchi. The Lobster Pyramids come in the visual style of dumplings, where the four corners of its skin meet at the top center to create a pyramid shape. The lobster filling is perfectly sealed and stored in each piece, and they are all covered with oven-dried tomatoes and drenched in a deliciously charming lobster butter sauce. Each one is bite size, so when they are bitten into, the juice from the lobster spills out in your mouth and merges with the lobster butter sauce. It is absolutely mouthwatering! In the Secondi portion of the menu, the Crispy Sea Bass is unforgettable. The skin of the fish is amazingly crispy while the rest is still moist, which shows how superbly the sea bass is prepared. Served with squash caponata, it added extra layers of refreshing taste and texture to this dish. However, what pushed it over the top is the black olive tapenade. The robust flavor of the tapenade does not overshadow the other ingredients surprisingly, and it leaves an enchanting aroma in every single bite. The Duck with creamed spinach and fig jus is extremely succulent and the fig sauce complemented the duck really well. The duck is perfectly cooked, giving it the beautiful color and texture it has inside and out.

Crispy Sea Bass

Whether it’s for a casual drink at the bar, business lunch, classy dinner, or a private social event, Joseph’s does it all. The dining experience is enhanced and brought to the next level with the injection of details and tidbits of Italian connections.

The Duck

Every corner of the space,

every second you’re there,

You feel it. You belong.

You’ve submerged,

Into the depths Joseph’s Italian realm.
Photography Hernan Valle