Conversations From Within | NICK E. TARABAY

Words // Kosta Trifunovic

If history teaches us anything, it is that humanity always moves forward. From early men and women evolving in completely isolated environments to modern citizens of the world, humankind unquestionably progressed to the most connected global community since its inception despite ups and downs in the meantime.

This was only possible due to the most brilliant skill ever developed the art of communication.

And while it took centuries to study each other’s cultures, habits, and languages – the art has always been the most direct speaker to and of our hearts. Visiting an art show, a dance presentation, a theatre play, or a music concert of any kind makes us think, connect, and unite – whether we are aware of or shy to admit its boundless bonding power.

Words // Nick E. Tarabay

One thing I’ve always believed is that until we get to know ourselves well, we will always be missing out on something special within us. Not only that, we will be missing out on each other, too. We often brag about attributes such as beauty, strength, intelligence, level of education, etc… But there’s more. We are also the anger, the rage, the sadness, the fear, and more. We are more than we let ourselves be.

And until we make peace with ALL of it, I believe we will never be whole.

Art allows us to know ourselves more than ever. It takes us places we don’t often visit, if ever. It shows us a different way. A new way. A new us. And in doing so, we realize how complex, deep, beautiful, and strong we are. We realize how familiar we are, how connected we are, and how close we are to each other. We see that we are not so different after all.

I LOVE that about art, and I always will. Art is the closest thing to our true selves, to each other, and to God. No social media could ever get this close. EVER! That’s why when you see a fine piece of art (whether it is a performance, music, or painting) you feel more connected to the artist than ever, who you likely have never met before. You see beyond the color of their skin, their background, or their political preference.

You see beyond religion, too. You see yourself in him or her and you feel what they feel. I sometimes have people tell me how much they hated me in a particular role and they get extremely passionate about it. Why do you think that is? I have connected with them. I reminded them of something. I have awakened something in them that they forgot was there. Obviously, not all connections are sweet and easy, especially in the beginning. But once properly dealt with, it’s nothing but joy.

God, I love art and I love acting. It gives me a great sense of belonging. It gives me a purpose. It gives me love. It’s my calling. I once heard this saying, “There are two important days in a man’s life: the day they’re born and the day they know why.” Art helps us find our why.

God bless and please promote art to kids and to anyone in need. Please, go watch a play. Go to a concert. Read a book. Listen to music for no reason. And please teach that to your kids.
photography // Amanda Ramón