Interview with Oliver Trevena | Thriving with Joy

We, like all humans, thrive to experience a beautiful life. Our diverse world and our own uniqueness give us the opportunity to choose and discover what it is that we like the most, and who we want to become. Our ideas evolve as we unlock our perspective to see the infinite and vast potential we all are born with. Ultimately, seeking joy during the process of expanding our existence, feels so good.

In this insightful interview, TV host and actor Oliver Trevena reveals, “joy is the thing that keeps me thriving.”

You will discover how Oliver continues mastering his talents and skills within the entertainment industry transforming his vision and dreams into reality.


  • Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Oliver Trevena?

 Well, I’m still not 100% sure – still figuring out certain aspects, which is part of the journey! I’m a performer at heart. Creative. Individual and very driven to make a difference in my own life and for others. 

  • Your artistic roots have been originated in theatre arts in your home country, England. Something that children and actors have in common is the ability to let the imagination flow freely. What do you recall as your dominant feeling as a child performer, and have you kept some of it through your adulthood?

 That feeling of performing and losing myself in that. Being able to turn off that inner voice/dialogue and somewhat shut off the world. An inner peace, but at the same time a rush of adrenalin. 

  • Dancing was another activity you practiced as a kid. Do you feel that studying body movement at such an early stage has had an impact on your artistic expression over the years that followed?

 It definitely helped me. I was in ballet school at 3-years-old and continued to dance in many forms for 12 years. It gave me a thick skin as it wasn’t easy growing up south of London as a dancer back then! Definitely gave me a determination to prove people wrong. 

 Entertainment Industry

  • The entertainment industry is considered highly competitive and flooded with many talents who want to achieve success. In your opinion, what is the ‘right’ mindset to allow what you want in your life experience?

 You can’t take the “No’s”/setbacks personally. It’s a rollercoaster industry. Everyone has ups and downs. If it’s what you truly love you have to try to stick with it even when it’s not going your way and while I’m saying this, I realize it’s something I also need to remind myself of regularly! 

  • There seem to be more and more opportunities and ways of artistic expression. What do you think is generating this?

The means of exposing art has definitely changed with the internet and all the different social media platforms/apps, etc. 

  • Do you think that many talents in the entertainment industry are expanding their skills now and are exploring new ways of creative conveyance? If so, why?

I think there are just a lot more doors open now and avenues for talent to crossover – behind the camera, in front, and as a result, the industry is even more open to people showcasing their other talents and not just stick to one. 

Hosting & Acting

  • Acting and hosting appear to be two complementary performance acts. In your perception, what are the key differences between the two and what ties them together by a universal thread?

The main difference is that while hosting, I’m totally me. 100%. In acting, I get to play someone else. The part that ties them in is probably more on the comedy side when I get to improv or ad lib, which I enjoy for both and then, of course, that I get to interview/study actors’ work for the hosting and research so I learn a lot there, too. 

  • What do the words “fun” and “in-depth” mean to you? How do you balance fun and in-depth questions to create interviews that are exciting to your guests, the audience and yourself?

I think both are important in life! You have to have fun and yet have to have some depth too. Dig deep sometimes to find that true feeling. In interviews, I truly try and just keep the flow organic – listen, engage, and at the same time keep it as informative as needed. Normally, by actually keeping it organic, you tend to get the person to open up a little as it’s not so “staged,” etc. 

  • It is thrilling to have the opportunity to speak to so many celebrities. Could you mention one interview that had a significant impact on you?

 Drew Barrymore was a favorite. She couldn’t have been nicer and so engaging.  It was also in my earlier days and to this day she says hello and chats whenever we bump into each other. 

  • George is the character you portray in the Paradise City TV series, a spinoff of Ash Avildsen’s 2017 movie American Satan. What do you like most about being part of this series?

 Well he’s in the music industry and I love that world, so it’s nice to play someone in that realm! 

  • How would you describe George and what resonates most between you and him?

 He’s a laid back, confident guy and to be honest, hasn’t been in any high-stress situations – yet! So, hopefully, we will find out more about him in future episodes! 

  • You will also appear as Bohun on the currently filming movie The Rising Hawk. What is the main idea behind its plot and who is Bohun?

The Rising Hawk is based off a bestselling novel by Ivan Franko. Set in the 13th Century Ukraine. It’s the story of fighting for what you believe in and family. Bohun is a warrior and absolutely crazy, but also somewhat heroic too. Was an amazing role to play. By far my favorite to date! 

  • As a model, you have represented some of the major fashion brands. Knowing also how to successfully act, dance and host, what does modeling represent to you as a form of creative expression?

It’s probably the least creative for me. I enjoy it and it’s been amazing to work with some incredible brands, but I don’t get to do too much as far as express myself creatively compared to the other aspects of my career.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful for the work!! 

  •  What other projects are you currently working on and what plans do you have for yourself at this moment?

 I filmed a movie with Nicolas Cage and Kelsey Grammer called Grand Isle, which I’m excited about. Also, away from the entertainment stuff, I partnered and invested in a new health beverage called CaliWater, which is cactus water and INCREDIBLE!! 

 Good Soul   

  • Your celebrity platform seems to be focused on moving slavery and human trafficking to the past tense. Where do you think all the change starts first and how do you approach your thought process to be of service to the next improved version of the cause you are passionate about?

 We still have so far to go. Sadly, slavery and human trafficking are a huge part of the world today. Our organization is doing what it can to create awareness of the issue and saving lives where possible, but it’s a long process and something the governments, etc., need to help with more. I think you approach it by doing what you can to make a change for one life and grow it from there. If we all set out to make a small difference, the impact would be phenomenal. 


  • How can young talents positively impact their fans and followers through social media channels?

 By shifting the message or at least mixing it up. Stay positive towards each other. Pick a charity or organization you are passionate about and tell the story/create awareness to impact and engage. 

 Close Up

  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is The Essence of a Joyful Living. How does Joy during the creative process affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

 No matter what you do in life, there has to be joy. Your work, your social life, and your relationships. Joy is the thing that keeps me thriving. 

  • When you hear: “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words from the Abraham- Hicks teachings.  What is your take on such a statement?

 I agree. You just have to learn some lessons/failures along the way, but if you stick with it, you can be.
Photography by Josh Beech
Editing Karynne Summars