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Freedom is a human birthright—for every single person on this earth. We are born to live up to our fullest, limitless potential; we are here to be and do good: to expand, to be happy. When we understand that, we have the opportunity to allow ourselves to embrace our innate freedom to love.

Despite a rough childhood, American actress Marisol Nichols was fortunate enough to move to Los Angeles with a job on CBS in 1995, and ever since she has never stopped working. Marisol remembers with deep appreciation the moment when she was 19 years old and she was given her first role in a play.

“When those people took a chance on me and hired me for that play, to me it was one of the biggest moments in my life – a chance to start over,” says Marisol.

Nichols didn’t just start over, she also opened herself to see the best potential in others:

“I suppose because of that, when I see people and what they’re dealing with in life at that time, I see what they can become. As a mom, that’s what I do with my daughter – for sure.  I look at her potential and what she’s going to grow up to be and the choices that she’s going to make.  Because I went through what I went through in my life, it’s given me a lot of empathy for people and the different struggles they’re dealing with in their own life.”

An avid philanthropist and supporter of human rights, Marisol takes advantage of her vast exposure as an actress to spread the voice of awareness for humanitarian causes she believes in.

“For the longest time I really focused on human rights and human rights abuses, whatever form that may take, and then through all of that, I came across the field of human trafficking, which to me personally is one of the worst human rights abuses around.  Because, I suppose, of my position, I want to use my voice to not only raise awareness for those subjects such as human trafficking but hopefully to inspire others to come along and join the fight,” reveals the actress.

That inspired Marisol to start her own non-profit organization – Slavery Free World. After she learned about the existence of human trafficking and child sex trade, she couldn’t sleep. She started doing her own research and checking sources and later traveled to Washington DC, Haiti, and New York to meet with the United Nations and numerous other organizations that are actively combating this problem.   

“I couldn’t sleep knowing this. Until I started doing something about it myself I didn’t feel good and I decided I wanted to form my own non-profit organization.   This is my passion. I’m relentless about it as I feel all people should be until the sex trade is completely abolished and there are no more people enslaved today,” affirms Marisol.

As the name itself says, Slavery Free World was born with the core intention “to show the end product which would be a slavery FREE world; a world in which no man, woman or child is enslaved, whether it’s sex trafficking or labor trafficking or debt bondage or whatever; no human being should ever be enslaved.”

As any humanitarian organization, donations to Slavery Free World are essential to the expansion of the work they do.

“You can go on our website, learn more, click the links. I have so many links on there to other incredible organizations that fight this atrocity from different angles and they all need support,” states Nichols.

Besides organizing yearly fundraisers in California and Florida, Marisol does other events to continuously raise awareness by bringing several organizations to expose and to make sure that the stories portrayed in the media and in television and film are accurate.  

“I thought, if people could hear what these guys do, they would be floored; they would be so inspired; they would be amazed, and they would want to help. And I believe that to my core.
The events I started doing were bringing them in, so they could tell their own stories,” says Marisol.

Many people, especially those affected by human trafficking, feel worthless. Slavery Free World wants to help them become aware of the power we all have inside and to eventually feel unconditionally independent.

“I will always believe in freedom of choice. I think that individuals have a choice of what to do with obstacles that are handed to them and barriers that are thrown at them.  I believe that you always have a choice to go one way or the other. You can go to the dark side and let things just kill you or you can fight for the life that you want. I will always believe in that – our choices are our own – we may not always be able to control what happens to us, but we have control over what we do with it.   To me, being happy is a choice. It may not be easy but it’s something that can be worked at. And it’s a choice in your attitude and your outlook in life. I certainly did not have an easy, cushy life by a mile, but I fought for the life I have now. I continue to fight for it every day. I believe that’s my choice and my right, and I believe that everyone has that choice and that right to live a better life.”
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