REGAN HILLYER | Becoming a 7-Figure Entrepreneur and living the life you want

We all want to experience a prosperous and abundant life. The word ‘success’, though, may for some carry a bit of resistance manifested through our doubts and other people’s expectations. We seek approval from others when everything is about us and within us. When we understand that we have the freedom to choose how to live we consider is best for us, we will start to feel the power we are all have born with to manifest that life.

Regan Hillyer, a “Serial Entrepreneur and Mindset Coach, Self-Made Multi-Millionaire, Helping YOU Have It All,” as she describes herself, is an example that everything is possible when you set your mind to it.

Regan is continuously expanding and scaling bigger her success. One of her most recent manifested projects is the release of the “Abundance Codes,” a book that she has carried on with her partner, Juan Pablo Barahona. The project includes 52 codes to activate abundance across the board in every area of your life.

Like this, Hillyer is living her dream reality at its fullest and sharing her knowledge and clarity through her own experience.

“I have always created a feeling of success before the physical evidence showed up. I basically trained myself to feel my goal of a manifestation as if it was already done,” reveals Regan when we asked her if she remembers the moment she felt, I am successful.

We operate by habits of thoughts that become beliefs and the base of our emotional reality. What we think about ourselves shapes our perspective and influences how we experience our existence.

As Hillyer affirms,

“A perspective that I created about myself affects everything: my results and my manifestations.  I’m always making sure that I am holding myself in the highest vibration, that I’m really calling in the highest vibration of me. I’m asking myself always: how does the highest wish of me walk, and talk, and think, and act. And then choosing to live into that, because I know, that if I fully embody the highest version of me – I’m going to manifest and create faster and bigger results.”


Regan Hillyer unveils four key steps to allow to feel our way through the success we want to create in our life.

1.Connecting into Your Vision

“The first step is to connect and allow yourself to see your vision by closing your eyes and literally visualizing everything that you desire as it is already happening in your life. The key with the manifestation energy is getting energy not of ‘I hope it will happen someday in the future’ but instead ‘I’m so happy and grateful that this is already happening now’. It’s really tuning in and visualizing and feeling what it would feel like as if all of the manifestations were already done.”

2. Creating a Supportive Belief System

If we constantly are at the effect of our emotional body and are feeling sad and unmotivated, then we might create a belief or a thought pattern such as: ‘I’m not a motivated person’ or ‘I don’t believe that I have the capacity to get up’.  But when you get to a place where you’re feeling good and more positive emotions, you might naturally start telling yourself things like ‘I am a happy person’ or ‘of course good things always come to me’.”

As those two examples show, we can basically craft our beliefs and our emotions in order to impact our physical experience in a way, that we will be calling in all our desirable manifestations faster as our belief system and our emotional body are in alignment with what we want.”

3. Focusing on What We Want

“If we focus on what we don’t want then that’s what we will manifest. However, if we choose to focus on our possibilities and what we do want in life, then we are much more likely to actually receive what we desire. It’s being aware of our inner chatter and practice redirecting our thoughts towards who we want to become and the life we want to experience.

There are many entrepreneurs and personalities that you might admire or follow. If they can do it, you can do it, too. There’s no separation or difference between us in a sense of our inner power. When we start tapping into that, we will start expanding into the world of limitless possibilities.”

4. Aligned Action

“Aligned action is when we are taking action in alignment with our vision. It seems that too many people are being busy just for the sake of being busy. We get into a daily habit to do a routinary lifestyle such as go to work, watch TV, or taking the same train every single day. And that can become boring and unmotivated, and we might take it as an excuse to not doing what we really want. But when we take action with the purpose to drive them into our goals and desires, we become more efficient in building a lifestyle we want. Hence, we will feel more freedom to do more things, and take actions that are aligned with what we really love.”

We can practice all the steps above, but ultimately, and one of Regan’s favorite things she loves, is living it on every single breath and getting into the vibration of really being the 7-figure entrepreneur – now.

“When we choose to be the 7-figure entrepreneur we start to build the identity of it and accelerating the process of our successful becoming,” Hillyer says.
Photography  // Dan Childs (222 Photography studios)