Interview with Liris Crosse | The Sublimeness of Life

Appreciation is synonymous of love in its pure state. Although, the word ‘love’ is used in different contexts, when we appreciate who we are and who we are becoming, we turn into a state of joy. Life is composed of so many beautiful things and it’s only our focus on the absence of this feeling that makes us miss all the sublimeness of being alive. Why to wait for something we desire to happen in order to feel good when we have the freedom to tap into the emotion that feels best in any moment. Hence, appreciation and joy are the means to create the life we want.

“(…) Try to take joy in all you do and stay positive. Rejoice in the little wins along the way,” affirms Liris Crosse, the gorgeous model and author who recently released her inspiring book Make the World Your Runway. Her words manifested into pages are full of personal insights and topics such as self-love and confidence.

In this interview, you will discover where does Liris’s desire to uplift others to create a beautiful and successful life come from.  

  • Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Liris Crosse?

A renaissance woman, a lover of life and love, a friend, a pioneering plus supermodel, an actress, a motivator, an inspiration, a bold voice for change, a woman after God’s heart.

  • How do you think your beliefs of ‘what and who you are’ has led you to become a professional model?

I believe my belief in God, love and life have helped me to become an inspiration to many through my work as a model, but also to motivate people to go after their dreams in spite of it all. People are able to see a piece of themselves because of my work in the industry, because representation matters! My bold voice has created change for plus size women and women of color in the marketplace by speaking the truth. I thank God for all I am. I just put my best foot forward and let opportunities find me!

Fashion Industry

  • Generally speaking, the fashion industry is not only an enterprise focused on creating and selling clothes to people, but also influences styles and defines beauty standards. How do you embrace your innate beauty and become an example of new body excellence within the industry?

First comes acceptance. I accept that I am beautifully black and plus size. I love me no matter how my looks change or weight fluctuates. I know who I am spiritually, mentally and physically so it increases my confidence to continue to keep showing up at every casting or job to make a way for a new standard of beauty size wise and racially. Being a model is hard, being a plus model even harder, being black on top of that is a whole other level. But I know they are so many who believe in me and they are rooting on me to live out my purpose so change can occur! That fuels me like no other.

  • Many talents are dreaming of a career in the fashion industry. How does self-appreciation and love for yourself affects to see the possibilities in manifesting that what you desire?

In my new book Make The World Your Runway I talk about how your confidence & self-love feed into whatever you want to do in life because it has for my career. When you love yourself you set high standards, you don’t accept just anything. You go after what you want no matter how much others don’t believe because you believe in YOU and that’s enough. When you love yourself you take time to restore yourself when you feel depleted so you can continue on the journey. It’s all so important.

Photography by Rafael Clemente


  • Throughout your career, you have worked with many talented photographers in productions for fashion brands and publications. You probably have many memorable moments, but what would the highlight of your career be so far?

I would say, my first campaign shoot I did for Lane Bryant at the beginning of my career. It required me to get a passport as we shot in the Moroccan desert with famed photographer, Walter Chin. We had this long flight then a long ride to this hotel almost in the middle of nowhere. I maybe slept four hours then I had to be up to shoot all day. It was a moment where I felt I had arrived! This girl from Baltimore who had a dream and went after it was doing it big in Morocco!

  • How would you describe the perfect connection between you and the person behind the camera?

When a photographer sees the beauty in you but also the pure essence of you then pulls it out, it’s a beautiful thing! Finding a photographer who engages you and makes the set comfortable is key too. Compliments, while you’re shooting, are great motivation too. I recently did a campaign shoot for Maggie Sottero designs which I’m the curve ambassador for. The photographer was Liz Von Hoene and she just has a way of making the set fun and that you’re the apple of her eye. We created some magic that day.

  • What did it mean and what did you feel when you first step into a major runaway?

It meant that my dreams were coming true. It meant that I was changing the game as far as what a runway model looked like and what plus models are capable of. Stepping on the runway is equal to how musical artists feel when they perform on stage to a packed house. It’s euphoric!

  • You are an example that modeling is becoming more diverse in many ways. What is your formula to continue believing in your own potential?

I feel I can always do more, get better and make more change in the world. That fuels me to keep going even if some changes are slow.

  • What is your definition of a beautiful body?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I hope people view themselves as their own beautiful bodies. When we think about all we’ve been through and how we’ve grown and changed, I pray we see the beauty in ourselves. Every roll, every wrinkle, every stretch mark, every freckle, all of it.

  • What do you love most of being a model?

The travel because I meet so many interesting people and experience different cultures which teach me about the world and myself. I also love that every job is different so I’m always experiencing something new. I love transforming.

Make the World Your Runway | The Book

  • How did you get inspired to write your first book Make the World Your Runway?

When Project Runway was airing, I got so many people who commented on my social media how they loved my confidence and poise. I wanted to be able to reach them in some way and elaborate on what they felt connected to.

  • As a writer and a person, what is your core intention behind the book?

In the book, I take principles I use for the runway and expound upon them for people to use in their everyday lives. How we show up in the world mentally and physically affects all we do. The book is like modeling meets a life coaching class. I want to give people the tools I use to walk in my purpose every day so they can live their best lives too!

  • In your book, you will reveal your secrets of confidence and success. What’s your definition of being successful?

It doesn’t mean everything is perfect but instead, accomplishing goals, impacting the world around you no matter how big or small and living a purpose driven life.

  • The book will expose several inspirational topics to the readers. What is your expectation when people read the book?

I expect them to be pushed further into greatness, whether it makes people pursue a business idea they’ve had for years, refreshing of your mindset or even gain the courage to step out of the fears of your past. I pray the book does that and even more!

  • Where do people can find the book?

It’s available on Amazon and from time to time I’ll be offering signed copies via my website

Photography by Andrew Clifton Thomas


  • Are you currently working on any new exciting projects?

I just shot new campaigns for Maggie Sottero, Trunk Club and I also started my own online store via the influencer platform . I will be touring a few cities with my book doing meetups. I recently did one in Chicago & London. I also will be doing some bridal meetups for my curvy brides out their via Maggie Sottero so stay tuned! They have a dress for every life story!

  • You also appeared in several TV shows. Do envision yourself pursuing a career as an actress?

I actually have been auditioning for some great TV/film projects lately. It’s only a matter of time before that part of my brand picks back up too! I would love to have my own talk show though and produce projects. There’s so much I want to do.


  • What is your formula for living the life you consider is best for you?

Trying new things from travel to activities, remain a sponge by staying open to possibilities & learning daily, get good sleep, eat well, have a ball but make sure your life has balance cause you deserve it. Work hard but play hard too!

Good Soul

  • Are you involved in any charity organization or humanitarian cause, you would like to talk about?

For the past couple of years, I have been working with At The Well Conferences which takes place at Princeton University each summer. They empower young women of color to become leaders globally. There’s nothing like pouring into them. Look them up and donate if you can at

Close Up

  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is The Essence of a Joyful Living. How does Joy during the creative process affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

I try to stay in a sense of joy as much as possible. Joy can feel like passion while in the process as you are flowing and making things happen. Passion is that super key that keeps you going when you’re tired. Joy is also appreciation in that very moment! Try to take joy in all you do and stay positive. Rejoice in the little wins along the way.

  • When you hear: “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words by Abraham Hicks.  What is your take on such a statement?

I am a living example of that statement and I pray my life and book helps others to do just that!
Header Image Photography by Shane Suban