BG Lounge LA | Elevate Yourself with a Little Magic in a Glass

No longer do we associate an evening cocktail with the stereotypical image of a 1950’s housewife ready with a martini as her husband walks thru the door.  Goodness knows we often long for that simpler time, today, however, we most likely are looking for a cozy inviting lounge, a place where we can comfortably savor extraordinary cocktails at the end of our day. Whether our time has been filled with housework and noisy children, an exhausting work routine, or some other tiresome task, a pre or post dinner cocktail is an opportunity to elevate self above the mundane, relax and find a little magic in a glass!

The BG Lounge tucked away in the upstairs of the Beverly Hills Amalfi Coast inspired Italian Restaurant, Nerano, provides such an escape.  It is an intimate and elegant cocktail bar accented by exceptional works of original, museum-quality artwork.  BGL allows one to revel in a stunning parlor and experience an unparalleled cocktail menu created by Chief Mixologist, Asadour Seheldjian. Every drink utilizes the freshest ingredients of the season paired with high-end spirts served alongside a rotating selection of carefully chosen, quality Italian wines.  

Born and raised in Aleppo, Syria, Seheldjian had a curious personality, which often placed him on the front lines in social gatherings, engaging with friends and family, and planning his next travel adventure.  These interactions and interests became the foundation of his mixology career.  It was in Izmir, a city on Turkey’s Aegean Coast, while employed as a General Manager of a boutique hotel, that Seheldjian refined his knowledge of the American cocktail culture by shaping a completely unique and personal craft bar experience for his guests.

Immigrating to the United States in 2014, in order to feed his desire and keep fueling the passion for his new love of mixology, Seheldjian enrolled in Bartending School.  Craving more behind-the-bar action and synergy with guests, he began working at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills and quickly made his way up the ranks to Head Bartender at their on-property Italian restaurant.  

Don Corleone

Currently, at BGL, Seheldjian combines his love for all thing’s beverage along with his Italian fine dining experience by artistically concocting seasonal cocktails that highlight unique and unexpected flavor combinations, which sets Nerano’s Southern Italian inspired restaurant and bar program apart from all others.  Smoothly guiding you through the superlative menu to discover your cocktail palate, you may choose to experience a new unparalleled cocktail such as the Don Corleone, with Monkey Shoulder Blend Scotch, Lazzaroni Amaretto, Homemade Cinnamon Syrup, Lemon Juice, Centerba.  This cocktail is bold, smooth and wonderful! Another favorite is the Not an Aviation featuring Butterly Pea Flower Amass Gin, Centerba Torella, Italicus, Fresh Lemon Juice, Rosemary.  This classic gin sipper is distinguished by its purple-bluish hue and floral, citrus flavors, a must try! Every delectable cocktail, whether a specialty or a classic, contain complex and intriguing flavor combinations and lovely head-turning presentations. The attention to detail is epitomized by the branding of the ice cubes, attesting to the fact that the smallest of details make the biggest of differences and certainly do not go unnoticed by discerning patrons.    

Not an Aviation

In addition, a thoughtfully curated shared-plates menu by Executive Chef Michele Lisa compliments the cocktail and wine selections.  Favorite Truffle dishes include the Pizza Bianca with Stracciatella, California Baby Artichokes, Square Blossoms, Norcia Black Truffle; or the Truffle Sliders featuring Angus Beef, Sottocenere Cheese, Caramelized Onions served with Zucchini Fries, both satisfying and wonderfully tasty.  If your partaking in a before dinner cocktail in the lounge, perhaps try a selection of Italian Cheese and Cured Meats or an order of Bruschetta Caprese.  The vast diverse menu will gratify any appetite and delight all guests, including a pescatarian, vegan, vegetarian or meat lover.

Truffle Sliders

BG Lounge’s perfectly appointed contemporary space feels like the living room of your dreams, from the warmth of the brick walls, the dazzling bar and the inviting red velvet sofa’s.  A cleverly crafted, modern escape where food, drink and art collide to create an unforgettable experience.  The mood and the space compel you to sit, see, sip, taste, relax and enjoy! A final word of advice absolutely spend time sitting at the bar, thus enabling you to learn a lot by watching Seheldjian and viewing the Master Mixologist’s cocktail magic firsthand!
Photography Courtesy BG Lounge LA