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Sometimes, we take life too seriously. We immerse ourselves on a daily routine full of responsibilities, perceiving our existence as rigid and even boring at times. Life itself is always in a continuous movement, nothing stops the dynamics of becoming but us. When we understand that, we will allow the flow of natural energies to take us to places where true magic exists; resistance will cease, and we embrace our living lightly and with ease. Everything, including us, is changing all the time. Hence if we don’t like where we are at this point in life, by focusing on the direction where we want to be, that which we desire will come. Life is supposed to be joyful and fun.

“What the world needs now – Is Joy. Sweet Joy,” says the witty and sarcastic actor David Anders, who can be seen as fan’s favorite Blaine DeBeers on the CW’s TV series iZombie fifth and last season. In this interview, you will learn what to expect and how the actor feels about wrapping up iZombie finale. Also, you will discover David’s creative inspirations, aspirations, sense of living as well as his diverse artistic expressions.


  • Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is David Anders?

My name is David Anders and I think it goes without saying that I’m world renown as “Televisions Bad Boy.” Don’t quote me on that. Or do.

  • Do you remember the moment you felt, I am an actor? If so, was it related to a specific event in your life or it felt like a natural desire from within?

I was always acting as a child: a.) I was an incredible liar which bodes well for any performer; b.)I was always putting on a “show” for my friends at school, funny voices, imitations and the like. Since there is no rest for an ARTIST, I would do an encore performance for my family around the dinner table in the evenings and through that, I was able to see what worked on the schoolyard, which didn’t always fly at home and vice versa. Looking back, it was a very up and coming Stand Up Comedian life that I led early. Playing different rooms in different cities…as if I was bombing at an open mic at the Chuckle Hut in Greenville, South Carolina only to destroy at Gin and Jokes in Raleigh the very next night. So, obviously, I learned pretty early the power of holding an audience’s attention. Good or bad. And I loved it. It’s quite addictive, that feeling. Which led to me being the lead of the SMASH Hit Lincoln Elementary School production of Robin Hood: The Musical in 5th Grade. Ten years later, I moved to Los Angeles, got an agent and quickly realized the power of the words “NO,” “not right for this,” “Too Green,” and “You Need New Headshots, sweetie.” Los Angeles was the biggest room I’d ever play and because JJ Abrams was either drunk or stoned when he took a flier on me to cast me in ALIAS, I’ve been playing it for some 20 years now.

Photography by Storm Santos | Grooming Annette Chaison


  • The entertainment industry is filled with so many talents that want to succeed, but sometimes just having a talent is not enough. How did you continuously maintain your presence within the industry?

As mentioned above, you get fed a lotta negative as you’re pursuing this thing that by all accounts is positive. It’s giving people look back to themselves through art, after all. And what’s captured on celluloid can be remembered years later after we’re way past gone. But there are so many people in between you and attaining THAT. Casting agents, directors, producers, suits, fellow actors with chips in their shoulder, Skeet Ulrich…

Whether it be the stage or screen or summer stock, you gotta be like Jay Z and don’t look at them “look past them.” Developing short term memory loss doesn’t hurt either. Didn’t get a part?! Screw them: I didn’t want it anyway. On to the next.


  • Blaine DeBeers is the role you play on the CW’s TV series iZombie. Blaine is the fan’s favorite despite his malicious character and actions. What is it like stepping into the shoes of such an ‘evil’, but also sarcastic and witty personality?

It has been an absolute treat to play and get to know Blaine DeBeers over the years and believe it or not he is the closest character to David Anders that David Anders has ever played.

  • iZombie Season 5 is set to premiere on May 2, 2019. What resonates between you and Blaine and how does he has evolved throughout all seasons?

He’s smart, devilishly handsome, stupid, has a crooked lip, skinny fat, temperamental, funny, sweet, a bit gassy and is in love with Peyton (all true). As I’ve specialized in playing Heavys with a Heart of Gold in nearly every project I’ve ever been in, so Blaine DeBeers was a walk in the park for me. And I miss him dearly.

  • It seems like Blaine will be working on the same side with Payton, Liv, Clive, Ravi and Major. What’s new the audience can expect from him on this upcoming season?

This being the final season we are throwing it all up against the wall, out the window and the baby out with the bathwater, in the best possible sense. New Seattle has cooled down a bit since last you saw it. Tensions still exist, especially twixt our mains. Well… the mains and me, anyway. It was a curse and blessing to be picked up for another season and told the next day that it will be our last.

  • The fifth season will be iZombie’s last one. How does it feel to be closing this chapter of your career and what are your expectations on what’s coming next?

While it was sad to be ending something we all had the privilege to do for so long and loved every minute, it gave us an opportunity to finish the story the way we wanted, as opposed to leaving it open with an ellipses and crossing our fingers for a 6th season which is great for both, us and the fans. So…Expect more of everything. Whip smart dialogue. Death. Action. Love. Sex. And the in between. The 5th and final season may even be our finest.

  • What does it mean to you playing Blaine and sharing the set with all your fellow actors during the five seasons of iZombie?

I love and root for every one of my cast mates and I know they all will continue to do extraordinary things. It was like senior year of high school this last year and with each passing day as the final WRAP drew nearer, we let each other know how much we care. And then the honeymoon that was iZombie didn’t get divorced, but consciously uncoupled.

Photography by Storm Santos | Grooming Annette Chaison


  • One of your other passions is music. Do you feel music and the art of acting compliment each other? If so, in which ways?

Music is my third love, I’d say, and something I’m over the moon excited to share with people. My friend, shaman and producer David Poe and I have been working on an album for a little over a year maybe two! Writing and recording together when both home in Los Angeles and doing it from afar as well. And we think we finally got a tight 12-13 songs that hopefully people dig into as much as we do.

  • You will have an original song of your own featured in an episode for the first time this year. Which episode we will hear your music and how does it tights to the TV series storyline?

One of which called Custom of Repeat will be featured in episode 4 of the season 5 of iZombie. So keep your ears peeled.


  • Are you involved in any charity organization or humanitarian cause you would like to mention?

I’m close with OxFam who does food the world over. And should have my mitts in many more charitable causes. Thank you for reminding me!


  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is The Essence of a Joyful Living. How does Joy during the creative process affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

I did not know that about your publication and it gives me great joy to tell you that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. What a mission statement. What the world needs now – Is Joy. Sweet joy.


If I’m not sleeping, I’m smiling.

If I’m not smiling, I’m laughing.

If I’m not laughing, it’s because someone didn’t get a dynamite joke I just told. My girlfriend, my love of life and fellow raconteur, Devin Kelley, MAY be funnier than I am which means she’s the funniest person alive which means SHE MUST DIE as there can only be one. Kidding. Kinda.

There’s not a day that we don’t laugh until hurting or crying which isn’t a literal cry or laugh for help or some rare medical condition. It’s just that funny is light and light is joy ‘cause light is just right. Our joy quota is full.’
Photography by Storm Santos | Grooming Annette Chaison