The Pursuit of Risk, Art and Authenticity | Francis Greenburger

Francis Greenburger is not your typical real-estate tycoon, rather a highly successful businessman with the heart and soul of an artist. A natural-born entrepreneur, he got an early start at the age of twelve – when he renegotiated his father’s contract four times the original value. By the age of fourteen, he started his art collection by acquiring his first painting. Today, he runs an innovative non-profit organization which brings the inspirational and educational values of art to the world.

Greenburger is not only a legendary real-estate developer who founded Time Equities Inc., a real estate development firm, but an artistically-minded individual who also founded the non-profit, artist-centered organization Art Omi. His diverse interests, eloquence, erudition, and sophisticated style are elements of a modern Renaissance man who makes a strong impact in the Digital Era. Francis is the author of the book “Risk Game,” an inspiring story of Greenburger’s business success, and a supporter of over 200 non-profit organizations ranging from art to education to criminal justice reform. The thought-provoking book leaves the readers happy, challenged and inspired. As Benjamin Franklin said, “either write something worth reading or do something worth writing,” and Francis gave us both.

“I understand risk, and I have very strong instincts. My conservative way of approaching things allows me to anticipate and expect the unexpected and prepare for it. The success of an entrepreneur relies on my view on three elements: Creativity, Practicality, and the Ability to take Risks,” reveals Greenburger about his formula to success.

Since 1992 Art Omi has been a magical support system for emerging and established artists forging their path towards limitless opportunities and fostering diversity through the arts. Greenburger believes that art is transformative and helps us to realize the potential in ourselves and others.

X8, 2015-16, Appropriated Objects | artist Ron Klein | Photography Qualls Benson

Art Omi offers residency programs to international artists, writers, musicians, architects, and dancers. The innovative space, based in Ghent, New York, is a Global Citizen hub, with over 2,000 participants from 110 countries to date.

“Coming to OMI is almost like a University experience,” says Francis.

It’s an impactful networking opportunity that relentlessly continues to build momentum. Even more so, it allows artists to connect long-term and quite often, they end up hosting group shows together. Through Art Omi, Greenburger has created a supportive community of creative minds who inspire each other and make a strong impression on large audiences.

Francis, a devoted father of four children, wanted to create an educational epicenter for the youth as well. Art Omi offers art camp programs for kids, which aim to nurture a lifelong, creative relationship between children and art.

His luxury condominium project in New York, 50 West Street, is a mesmerizing addition to the downtown Manhattan skyline comprised of futuristic architecture by renowned architect Helmut Jahn. Greenburger has combined his artistic eye with his business sense to create an experiential living space. Jahn and Greenburger have carried their relationship to build Greenburger’s latest ultra-luxury condominium, 1000M, which is slated for completion in 2022.

Francis Greenburger | Photography Michael McWeeney

What makes Francis larger than life is his ability to fuse real estate, art, and philanthropy while remaining relevant by responding to the requirements of the ever-evolving customer.  

“It is my personal narrative. We live in an age in which people seek and are attracted to authenticity and creativity. I have high respect for the complexity of real estate and fostering new ideas. As an intuitive art collector, I respond to the aesthetics of the artworks I collect and select the pieces I emotionally connect and resonate with.”
Header Image: ReActor at Omi International Arts Center | Architect Alex Schweder and artist Ward Shelley | Photography by Richard Barnes