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“It has always been our dream to work together in the kitchen and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to cook side-by-side again.  Le Grand represents a mix of our heritage, our fine-dining training, our European cooking experience and the fresh California cuisine and produce that we love so much.  We hope to shine a light on elevated modern Mediterranean food and contribute to the incredible culinary landscape in Los Angeles.”  

Alex Manos & Chris Manos, Executive Chef & Chef de Cuisine

The concept of a “sibling partnership” may call to mind events from your own childhood, perhaps sharing the last cookie in the cookie jar instead of fighting over it, or negotiating other common conflicts such as “who’s turn is it” or “who had had it first!” Youthful exuberance aside, some of the greatest collaborations in history are the result of siblings joining forces. Think of the accomplishments reached by Orville & Wilbur Wright; Will Keith & John Harvey Kellogg; Walt & Roy Disney; Chico, Groucho, Gummo, Harpo, and Zeppo Marx, although dated, these brothers are all still prevalent household names and booming successes in their respective fields.  

Le Grand Interior | Photography Courtesy Le Grand LA

Le Grand, Restaurant & Bar, in downtown Los Angeles exemplifies culinary star power and brotherly love by way of Chef/Brother Duo Alex Manos (Executive Chef) & Chris Manos (Chef De Cuisine). After completing culinary school in their native city of Athens, Greece, the Manos’ brothers found themselves in L.A., working at some of the top restaurants in the city. Chef Alex worked in the high-powered kitchen of the two-Michelin-Starred Melisse and Providence, before collaborating with his brother at the opening as Chef De Cuisine at Wally’s Beverly Hills and as Executive Chef at The Huntley Hotel.  Chef Chris also shares high caliber cooking experience, having worked at several luxury hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants in Athens before moving to L.A. to cook at Hollywood’s acclaimed Gwen. Together they bring over 18 years of exceptional culinary experience to Le Grand.

Feta & Honey | Photography Courtesy Le Grand LA

The Modern Mediterranean Restaurant creates imaginative, ingredient forward and artfully prepared dishes with a focus on fresh seafood with a coastal California touch.  The menu’s inspiration comes equally from the regions of Greece, France and California. The Chef’s Mediterranean background is undeniable with starters like Feta & Honey made with black sesame, walnuts and honey lemon verbena ice cream; or the Branzino Ceviche with basil blossom, Greek yogurt and plantain.  A must order is the signature house-made Greek Oregano Pita Bread with whipped butter, citrus, and nori butter creme fraiche which pairs wonderfully with the Smoked Ricotta; Black Garlic Tzatziki; and the Beetroot Dip.

Maine Lobster Bucatini | Photography Courtesy Le Grand LA

Main fresh seafood offerings showcasing California’s best local produce include Maine Lobster Bucatini with saffron bisque, confit tomatoes and opal basil; Ora King Salmon with parsnips and black trumpet soubise, and Fresh Scallops featuring peas, turnips, fava beans and kalamansi.  Meat lovers large format entrees consist of an Aspen Ridge Ribeye Cap made with sunchoke, espresso, passionfruit, broccolini and shallots; and the Chef’s Cut with options like Porterhouse, NY Strip and 40-day dry aged Straus Farms Ribeye, are also available.

Aspen Ridge Ribeye Cap | Photography Courtesy Le Grand LA

For a sweet finish, the Passion Fruit Pavlova with coconut sorbet and blood orange, as well as the Baklava with pistachio crack and Greek yogurt are quite delightful.  

Le Grand is a paradise for the astute wine lover, a wall of over 1,000 bottles of wine greet guests as they enter through the front door. The beverage program, helmed by General Manager and Certified Sommelier, Thibaud Duccini, features an expansive menu of wines with a broad selection from New and Old-World regions, including a balance of classic and unique varietals.  Craft cocktails include refreshing upgrades on classics such as the Little Devil made with mezcal, lime, cherry liquor, agave and smoked salt; and the B.B.C., an upgraded take on the Aviation made with crisp basil, lemon juice, maraschino cherry and violet liquor.  

Hama Hama-Kumiai Oyster | Photography Courtesy Le Grand LA

Thanks to the award-winning hospitality design company, Megre Interiors, the atmosphere is luxe and relaxed.  The almost 4,000 square foot space incorporates a mix of a stunning bar, elegant dining room and patio seating options, as well as a room for private events.  Rich and textured wood paneling covers the walls alongside hexagonal tiled accents, plush booths and mid-century modern seating that provide a truly comfortable dining experience.  At Le Grand, the experience is everything. From the stellar food to the upscale ambiance, Le Grand embodies a welcoming atmosphere for friends, business colleagues, families and of course, siblings, to relax and share a meal.  

Header Photo Courtesy Le Grand LA