Love Potion | The Scent of Love

Our ability to smell is the most emotional of all our senses, and the power of fragrance and sensory memory is extraordinary. With one whiff it can conjure up vivid memories from the tapestry of your life, and it can transport you to places you’ve visited and cherished… or let you imagine colorful landscapes that exist only in your mind. Inhaling a fragrance can remind you of a special person you’ve encountered, or coax you to dream of the one you’ve yet to meet.

Scent has become a significant part of the stories of our lives. And a perfume has the facility to change your mood with just one spritz! When you leave a room, the trail of your personal aroma remains… a potent blueprint of your presence.

Love Potion by OdeParis is our first child, a collection of four captivating scents, each with a vital, intoxicating personality that touches the soul and seduces the spirit. Love Potion’s philosophy is that we can achieve our goals with the confidence of wearing a treasured scent, and that with Love as an inspiration, perfume is the mystical elixir that lets us navigate our journey and create our own destiny every day.

Each of the four beautifully-composed fragrances has its own character and vision of reality that connects with us in a uniquely intriguing and intimate way. Engineered to attract and radiate Love, and to forge alliances in a fragmented world, Love Potion is The Scent of Love.


Love Potion #1: Oriental Vanilla – Pink Pepper, Jasmine, Coffee, Vanilla, Cashmere Woods

Love Potion #2: Aromatic Woody – Rose, Blackcurrant, Dry Birch Wood, Patchouli, Amber

Love Potion #3: Chypre Floral – Lychee, Turkish Rose, Tonka Bean, Vetiver, Bourbon Vanilla

Love Potion #4: Aromatic Fougere – Bergamot, Lavender, Saffron, Moss, Leather, Mahogany

Love Potion by OdeParis is like four true Loves, at once whole, yet longing for more – always magical and arresting.

Addictive. Obsessive. Tantalizing.

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Words Ms. Karen Dubin for Love Potion