Granville Cafe West Hollywood, LA | An Ideal Place to Enjoy a Laid-back Gourmet Brunch

The word “brunch” first appeared in print in America in an 1896 Pennsylvania newspaper.  The article was entitled “The Newest Thing in Lunches,” it states in part, “The latest ‘fad’ is to issue invitations to a meal called “brunch….a repast at 11 o’clock a.m. the midday time between breakfast and lunch.”  Originally conceived for the well-to-do as a drawn-out, elaborate affair, Sunday brunch, like a runny egg, soon oozed out into the mainstream.

As brunch trickled across America in the 1920s it was a luxury affair mainly served in fancy hotels.  In the 1930s, brunch was adopted by the middle class as they caught on to how easy it was to prepare brunch at home, oatmeal for the rest of the week, but bacon, waffles, fruit, and jams on Sunday!  It became so popular, in1939 The New York Times declared Sunday to be a two-meal day. By the 1960s, brunch’s popularity gave rise to brunch specific cookbooks. Then by the 1990s, people started brunching on Saturdays too, as going out for brunch became far more popular than staying in.  

Granville Cafe Interior | Photography Courtesy Granville Cafe LA

Brunch is now prolific in every major city, beloved by yuppies, hipsters and everyone in between.  It’s a time to leisurely socialize with friends, celebrate the weekend and enjoy comfort food at its finest.  Granville Cafe in West Hollywood is an ideal place to enjoy a laid-back gourmet brunch, on either Saturday or Sunday.  

Granville’s space is stylish and serene, setting the perfect tone for a relaxing meal accompanied by an amazing conversation.  The main interior dining area consists of comfortable booths and wood tables, large skylights and windows flood the restaurant with warm natural light, greenery abounds thanks to an array of potted plants, outside shrubs along with the front patio, and at least a couple of inside trees.  The back-dining area has a retractable roof allowing fresh air and star gazing in the evening. The semi-circular bar area, which is large and lively, feels cozy and cave-like due to the subdued lighting and compelling arched windows. The hand-crafted cocktails include classics like a “Bloody Mary” to a newbie called “Wake n’ Bacon” prepared with rye whiskey, chocolate stout maple syrup, egg whites and pure cane bacon!

Poke Bowl  | Photography Courtesy Granville Cafe LA

The menu at Granville is chef-driven, thoughtfully sourced and made from scratch using the freshest highest quality ingredients, including hormone-free and antibiotic-free meats, 100% organic greens, artisan cheeses and breads.  Don’t be alarmed by the many annotations on the menu – V for Vegan, VG for Vegetarian, GF for Gluten Free – there are plenty of offerings for a Carnivore, Carboholic or Pescatarian.

Uptown Mac and Cheese  | Photography Courtesy Granville Cafe LA

The Brunch Menu offers a wide variety of dishes.  A standout on the breakfast menu is the “Kitchen Sink Gran-Omelet” featuring fresh vegetables, farm fresh eggs and house-made linguist sausage.  The “Pumpkin Chai Hot Cakes” are adorned with candied pecans and brûlée’d oranges, a must have or at the very least a must share plate! If you’re craving something on the lunch side, the “Uptown Mac & cheese” is phenomenal, with aged cheddar, gruyere, chicken, asparagus and peas.  There is an assortment of soups and big salads, including a “Chicken Noodle” with an 8-hour bone broth as well as a “Mint Roasted Beet Salad” with quinoa and fennel.

Farro Risotto | Photography Courtesy Granville Cafe LA

The Burgers made from non-gmo grass-fed beef, Handcrafted Sandwiches and Big Plates are reserved for those with heartier appetites.  Don’t pass on the house-made chips when offered, they are light, crunchy, and tasty. The ‘Turkey Cranberry Sandwich” with a brioche bun, red onion, garlic aioli, cran-raspberry topping provides a delightful taste of Thanksgiving.  The “Poke Bowl” contains sashimi-grade ahi, the “Farro & Mushroom Risotto” can be made with tempeh, chicken, shrimp, steak or salmon. If you’d like to finish with dessert you will not be disappointed, any dessert that incorporates the home-made ice-cream is an excellent choice.  

Bloody Mary  | Photography Courtesy Granville Cafe LA

The high level of quality service is exemplified as the staff is required to be experts on the cuisine, generously providing guidance by detailing the highlights on the menu making each guest feel like a top priority.  Covering some 300 seats across multiple settings for dinner, brunch and bar, Granville West Hollywood, runs between a weekend patio brunch, laid-back lunch, an early afternoon drink, or a late sit-down dinner with friends or a date.  Granville’s gourmet quality food allows you to experience a great meal while remaining healthy. All the comfort with none of the guilt!
Header  Photography Courtesy Granville Cafe LA