Sant Pau: CARME RUSCALLEDA´S Culinary Art of Joy And Happiness

A small town near Barcelona holds an unexpected treasure: one of the most exquisite culinary experiences of the Catalan coastline. Located in a XIX century beach mansion with a garden and a see-through dining area overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Sant Pau, Carme Ruscalleda´s celebrated restaurant in Sant Pol de Mar, is a must to experience for any hedonistic minds.

This prestigious establishment offers traditional Catalan cuisine with a modern and elegant touch, reinventing acclaimed international dishes into a unique Sant Pau style. The open kitchen facing the sea inspires the chefs to create their conceptual and delicious dishes.

Carme Ruscalleda | Photo by Becky Lawton

Carme Ruscalleda describes herself as determent, professional, successful, and a happy chef. She values happiness and considers it the key to manifesting the life she wants. Carme’s passion for the arts and creativity made her one of the top names in the international culinary industry.

“I knew that no matter what life brought me, or which profession I will develop, I´ll make out of it something artistic, that will bring me joy and happiness,” says Carme, who has had artistic aspirations since childhood.

And Sant Pau is the proof. The restaurant was built on constant research, experimentation with local products, and the desire to communicate joy and beauty through an inspiring menu. All of these things and her dedicated personnel continuously expand Carme´s vision of cuisine as an art.

Taronja | | Photography by Becky Lawton

More than 30 employees work together in order to offer the best service to the 35 guests Sant Pau holds every day, providing them with the most exquisite, unique dishes and top-quality service. For Carme, a good restaurant is the one that balances the ability and expertise of their chefs with a well-trained and committed team.

“Without a band, there is no music, we all add details to the melody, we all develop a story. I need to be surrounded by a team that feels the same passion for cooking, for natural products, for exiting and exquisite cuisine. I need them to communicate perfectly to the customers thought their dishes,” reveals the Chef.

A solid team of employees and a good and honest communication are the base of Carme Ruscalleda´s hospitality formula. As the owner of a family business created with her husband where her son is the chef of her Mandarin Oriental Barcelona Restaurant, Carme balances her personal and professional life perfectly.

Violeta | Photography by Becky Lawton

Thirty years after the opening of Sant Pau, Carme feels confident to call herself a successful woman that achieved many things in life. After receiving her first Michelin star and publishing two books, Carme doesn´t seem to change with success. Her core intention to achieve ever-expanding happiness still leads her path in life.

This Fall, Sant Pau the restaurant closed its doors to the public, allowing Carme to focus on developing more experimental cuisine. She will use Sant Pau as a laboratory to concentrate on creating new dishes and finding new methods and technics for her other restaurants.

Being the most Michelin Awarded Female Chef in the world, Carme asks to be called simply one of the most awarded Spanish chefs without mentioning her gender. She´s a living example of how no matter your gender identity, your social background, or your past, you have something to offer to the world if you are true to yourself.
Header Photo by Becky Lawton