Interview with CHRIS WARREN | Feeling Thankful

Chris Warren calls himself an easy going, laid back guy who would rather like to stay at home and relax than being at the center of every party, and that might just be the right recipe for his busy life as a prolific actor, executive producer and creator of his own TV series. A film that Chris saw as a teenager set him on the course to want to tell stories that make people feel things. We can’t wait to see what his TV series will tell.

But first, starting June 17, 2019, you will see him in the highly anticipated Eva Longoria directed and executive produced TV series Grand Hotel, in which he plays a kind waiter, but there’s more to that role as you will find out watching. No spoilers here, but Warren in the role of Jason has been dubbed a scene stealer.

An avid traveler, who likes to explore other countries, Chris is also all about giving back by volunteering at the Los Angeles Mission during the Holidays lighting up, if even only momentarily, the lives of homeless men, women, and children.

Giving back or paying it forward by helping other people brings purpose and a sense of responsibility into our own lives. While doing so, the feeling of gratitude emerges in us realizing how much we have to be thankful for.

Find out more about Chris, his road leading up to acting, his aspirations and what he thinks of being directed by Eva Longoria in the following interview.


  • Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Chris Warren?

I’m a pretty easy going, laid back guy. What you see is what you get. I keep a very small circle. I’d rather stay at home and chill than be at every party.

  • Who or what influenced you in becoming an actor?

I started acting when I was five-years-old so it’s all I’ve ever known. I’ve always enjoyed learning lines, playing characters and being on set/stage. As I got older, I realized I could really have a career doing what I love, and I’ve never looked back.

  • Other than acting, what is a talent or skill you have always wanted to master, and why?

I bought Rosetta Stone for Spanish and Italian but have yet to start either, so I’d love to jump into one of those and master speaking a different language.

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Entertainment Career

  • At 9 years old you were cast in your first feature film, “Men of Honor,” opposite Robert De Niro and Cuba Gooding Jr., where you portrayed Gooding Jr.’s character in his younger years. Were you aware at that age what big stars you would be playing alongside and did that intimidate you in any way?

I was definitely a bit nervous because I was very aware of who Robert De Niro was – my family loved him and Goodfellas was their favorite movie. It meant a lot that I was even in a movie with him and it helped me appreciate the gravity of it. But I was too young to be intimidated, I was just excited to be there. Our director George Tilman made me feel so comfortable and really brought out the best in me.

  • You also acted on stage at age 12 in the role of Young Simba in the original cast on the national tour of “The Lion King.” What has being on stage in front of a live audience instead of on-camera taught you about acting and which do you prefer?

Being on stage has taught me the work ethic and grind that goes into each and every live performance. You have to be prepared and there’s only one take. Any mistake you make can throw off the whole cast. Learning that at such a young age has helped me immensely and has helped prepare me for all the other opportunities that have come since. Even though The Lion King was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it was amazing, film and TV is where my heart is at.

  • This summer you will be starring in ABC’s highly anticipated drama series Grand Hotel directed and executive produced by Eva Longoria. Please tell us about your experience being directed by a talented actress like Eva.

Eva is one of a kind. Because she is an actress and has been on the other side, she has an amazing understanding of how to communicate and bring out the best in her cast. I really enjoy working with her and being around her. She is one of those people that lights up a room and brings out the best in everyone around her.

  • You will be playing Jason, a kind and funny waiter in the TV series Grand Hotel, which is about the staff at a family-owned hotel in Miami Beach, where wealthy and beautiful guests bask in luxury, but scandals and explosive secrets hide beneath the picture-perfect surface. Please tell us a bit about your character Jason and how you relate to him in such a scenario.

I relate to him because his heart is always in the right place and just wants the best for people. He is also the person people trust and confide in because he’s very loyal. He seems to dodge the scandal, but don’t be fooled, there is much more to Jason than meets the eye.

  • Knowing how competitive the entertainment industry is, what advice would you give aspiring actors?

Keep working on your craft and never be discouraged by the No’s you hear, instead use it as fuel to drive you.

  • Given the opportunity, which actor and/or director would you be excited about working with in the future, and why?

Martin Scorsese because I love every single one of his movies. And even though they all have mainstream success, they are still extremely real and raw.

  • Has there ever been a book or film that changed or had a major impact on your life? If so, which one and how?

There is a movie I saw as a teenager that has always stuck with me. It’s called Basketball Diaries starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s about a kid who has the world ahead of him, but drugs destroy him and all of his dreams. I remember how uncomfortable it made me feel. He was brilliant and the movie was heartbreaking. I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Make people feel things and bring a story to life the way he did.

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Close Up

  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is “The Essence of a Joyful Living.” How does Joy during the creative process affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

I think it’s important to love and be passionate about whatever it is that you do. There is always going to be ups and downs along the way but if you truly enjoy what you’re doing, it makes it all worth it.

  • When you hear: “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words from the teachings by Abraham – Hicks, what is your take on such a statement?

My take is: if you truly believe in your abilities and know what you are destined for, nothing can stand in your way.

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