NOBU Hotel Miami Beach | A Way of Living

From Japanese 信 (nobu) meaning “trust.”

It took Robert De Niro four years to get Japanese Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa to agree to partner in the opening of the first Nobu restaurant in New York City. It was perfect timing. The fusion of Chef Matsuhisa’s traditional sushi cuisine with new ingredients he experimented with while traveling in South America and the drive for excellence in hospitality, led this co-creative partnership to attract an ever-growing success. Since then, the restaurant has expanded into major cities around the world, reflecting what once was an idea, and now continuously evolving into a lifestyle, a way of living also manifested into the Nobu Hotel luxury collection.

Kokoro (Japanese: 心) means “heart; mind; mentality; emotions; feelings.”

Nobu Hotel Miami Beach Front Desk

Who would have thought that the partnership between the legendary Chef and Academy Award-winning actor along with Hollywood producer Meir Teper and Australian businessman James Packer would expand beyond their namesake restaurant empire? After the opening of the first Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas followed by Nobu Hotel City of Dreams in Manila, and then came Nobu Hotel Miami Beach which opened its doors in 2016 becoming the third addition in the growing Nobu Hotel collection. The iconic Eden Roc on Collins Avenue was where De Niro used to spend his summer vacations as a child. Nobu Hotel Miami Beach and Eden Roc Miami Beach is a hotel within a hotel concept. Both hotels harmoniously co-exist, sharing a public space while each having its own tower.

Nobu Hotel and Eden Roc Majestic Lobby Lounge

Upon entering the lobby in the evening, a wide, round open area washed with dim lights is revealed in front of you. At first, a deliciously fresh scent makes you pause for a few seconds and glance around in search of the source. The grand columns encompassing the oval bar submerged right in the middle of the space surrounded by lounge area seats. Sounds of a mellow, live jazz band are vibrating in harmony with contented conversations of the hotel guests. The art deco essence of Eden Roc merges with a sleek but warm contemporary Nobu style in one artistic expression. While the reception personnel are cordial and efficient during the check-in process, the ambiance entices you to stay for a cocktail or a glass of champagne.

Nobu Villa Living Room

The property boasts 206 guestrooms and suites, including the recently inaugurated one- and two-bedroom Penthouse Villas with private access to a fitness center, a meeting room with astonishing ocean views, and a personal concierge for the most discerning. Each floor represents a different atmosphere with a unique fleur. The 14th floor is a Zen Japanese inspired design with handmade tree painting details on the elevator lobby, wood textures in contrast with light and darker brown finishes. The Nobu Zen Suite is composed of a large entry foyer that connects the bathroom in the middle of the corridor with the main bedroom space slightly higher than the living room, which allows enjoying the panoramic ocean view from the bed. A welcome note next to a bottle of wine waits for your arrival to put you into the Nobu mood. Floor-to-ceiling corner windows wrapping the walls of the corner balcony give you the best views of both the ocean and the city of Miami.

Sunrise at Nobu Zen Suite Balcony

Imagine opening your eyes in the morning and realizing, “I am in paradise.” The espresso machine in the room is calling you for a sip of energizing caffeine, or just a cup of nice tea outside on the balcony. The sun that warms your face and the fresh ocean breeze caressing your skin leads your mind to a meditative state. While feeling it all, the creative juices within yourself awake the desire to explore the hotel immediately.

Nobu Zen Suite

Aside from a signature Nobu restaurant, the hotel offers organic farm produce from Malibu Farm. Created by the Chef Helene Henderson, the popular Malibu restaurant provides a healthy breakfast and lunch menu that includes avocado vegetable crust pizza, a fantastic hamburger accompanied by broccoli mashed potatoes and spaghetti squash lasagna to highlight a few dishes. This experience comes with spectacular ocean views, Miami Beach vibes, and allows you to take your time to enjoy all this with a refreshing cocktail—or two.

Malibu Farm

After such a tasty experience, a nice “siesta” under the shadows of dancing with the wind palm trees sounds like an ideal situation. You can choose between three pools shared with Eden Roc guests or a private poolside designated exclusively for Nobu guests opening later this year. A pleasant walk on the boardwalk promenade towards the soft sand to immerse yourself in the ocean waters will re-energize your soul. The Eden Roc and Nobu Hotel beach are under their own management, which makes the service even more tailored to their guest’s requests.

Esencia Wellness Relaxation Lounge

Esencia – essence in Spanish, is the name of the wellness spa that is inspired in a holistic way of experiencing physical practices by merging mind, body, and spirit in one. All Nobu hotel guests have complimentary access to the spa and may enjoy the fitness center, saunas, plunge pools or just relax in the lounge with a glass of champagne in a cozy and calm atmosphere.

Nobu Miami Restaurant – Private Dining Room

In the evening, you can’t miss Nobu Restaurant’s multisensory fine dining experience filled with their classic dishes, as well a few Miami exclusive items such as the Nobu Cuban and a Roc Punch cocktail. The in-room menu is solely available for Nobu Hotel guests.

Ultimately, Nobu is much more than a brand; it is an example of a success story, and an inspiration for those who want to tap into their inner power to create the life they consider best.
Photography Courtesy AIC Hotel Group