Interview with BENJAMIN CHARLES WATSON | Reaching for my Fullest Potential

Everything we ever want is to feel good!

All dreams and desires we have, no matter what they are, we think that by having it we will feel happier than how we feel without it. Being aware of that, we always can tap into our inner power to create good feeling emotions within ourselves, regardless of the physical possession or the experience we aim to manifest. In that state, our perspective of love and appreciation will only expand, seeing opportunities and beauty everywhere around us. Our fullest potential is never full as we are always in a state of wanting to become more, in constant motion towards who we want to be. 

Actor Benjamin Charles Watson who joined the cast of Netflix’s series Designated Survivor as Dontae Evans, says: “Basically, we all have the ability to reach our full potential and have everything we’ve ever wanted.”

In this inspiring interview, you will enjoy Benjamin’s journey of acting, life, and dreams…


    Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Benjamin Charles Watson?

My name is Benjamin Charles Watson. I was born in Jamaica and moved to Toronto at the age of 10 with my parents. From an early age, I’ve been in love with television and movies.  My sister and I would create plays and put on mini shows for our imaginary audiences.

    How would you describe the process of embracing your passion for the art of acting?  

My passion for acting stems from the overpowering need of wanting to tell stories. My outstanding acting coach, Andrew McIlroy, has instilled in me the importance of reading a script, analyzing it intensely, digging for clues that have been left by the writers in order to create a full-rounded character. 


    Before entering the entertainment industry, you pursued a different path of education. Did this trajectory give you any insights, perspectives, or advantages that you applied in your career as an actor?

I actually went to college for acting for film and television. I needed to get training because I never had any formal acting training. In college, under the acting program, we studied the history of film, voice and movement, scene study, on camera skills and psychology. It was incredibly liberating to be fully immersed into a program that geared fully into what I wanted to become.

    How do you position yourself in the entertainment industry as it evolves in the future? 

With the evolution of the industry, I think it’s important to think long term. I’ve always wanted to direct and create my own stories. So, it’s very important that I tell great character driven stories that have never been told. I find it fascinating and exciting that we have so many platforms in this industry able to showcase all the incredible stories in the world. Once I have fully mastered the craft of acting, I see a future in writing, directing and producing film and television. 

Photography by Noah Asanias | Grooming by Frida Norrman | Styling by Derek Perret


    You are joining the cast of Designated Survivor as Dontae Evans in the shows highly anticipated third season which has been streaming on Netflix  since June 7, 2019. Your character is an intelligent digital officer. What can you reveal about Dontaes role in relation to the West Wing events?

In the first episode, Dontae is brought on to handle social media for the president. As we follow his journey into the West Wing, we see Dontae come up with incredible strategies to help President Kirkman reach an audience that he’s never been able to connect with. 

    What research did you complete to step into the character of a digital officer?

Firstly, I had to research the job of a Digital Officer. The American people want to feel inclusive and be connected with the product, in this case, the President. I researched social media trends, specifically Instagram and Twitter because these tools are predominantly the fasted used tools to connect with mass amounts of people over the world. I had friends that taught me about branding and how to get that brand talked about and grown in an effective manner. 

    Season 3 of Designated Survivor follows President Tom Kirkman, played by Kiefer Sutherland, as he prepares for his reelection campaign. What exciting events can the audience expect this season?

The excitement that happens is all behind the scenes for the President. We see a man struggle with running a country, preparing for debates, trying to connect with the American people and still being a father and brother. We’ve all seen presidential debates but what we aren’t able to see is everything that happens on the sidelines before the big game. For an audience, it’s a documentary of what might happen in the real world of the White House. 

    Also, you will be seen portraying Brakeman Fuller in the highly-anticipated TNT series Snowpiercer, which is a dystopian thriller to be released in 2019. Your character is one of the passengers on a train which constantly moves around the globe carrying the only survivors of an apocalypse. Can you reveal anything about Brakemans psyche and attitude facing this incredibly intense scenario?

  Brakeman Fuller is a fun character to play! He’s really close with John Osweiler and has his back in any situation. Fuller isn’t much of a fighter and when a fight arises on the train, he mysteriously vanishes. He’s more of a follower than a doer. 

    The storyline of Snowpiercer obviously depicts a very grim future for humanity. How do you stay positive while portraying such an intense and ominous imagined reality?

Staying positive on a show with grim circumstances can be very challenging. As the actor, you need to remind yourself that this isn’t real. This can be very challenging because the costumes and set pieces are so elaborate that it felt very real!  To pull us out of the intensity, many other actors would bring instruments and we had the ability to ignite another aspect of our mind in order to shrug off the imagined reality. 

    Snowpiercer contains elements that are related to the discourse surrounding climate change. Do you consciously bring your own perspective into your portrayal of this character and topic? 

I didn’t consciously bring it into this character. My conscious perspective on climate change wasn’t relevant to playing Brakeman Fuller. The need and basis of being on the train is more entwined with needing to survive.

    Any other exciting projects you are working on at this moment?

I’m currently shopping around an 8-episode show I wrote and hoping to get it made. It’s a great story that hasn’t been told and really looking forward to seeing it come to life! I also heard that a series that I’ve been cast in, has finally got funding so we’re hoping to shoot in the next few months. 

Photography by Noah Asanias | Grooming by Frida Norrman | Styling by Derek Perret


    How does creativity form your emotional and physical reality?

Creativity is such an important part of my life because its self-expression for my soul. I’m such a fan of cooking. It puts me in an incredible space mentally. The ability to try a new recipe or add something to a new dish is exhilarating. I try my best to try something new in order to tap a subconscious part of my brain. I also enjoy Hip Hop dancing, and this has been my most creative endeavor. The movements as you move your body to the music is unlike anything in this world. 


  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is The Essence of a Joyful Living. How does Joy during the creative process affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

Joy during the creative process makes everything feel worthwhile, it drives my soul into a state of calm which in turn, creates a clear-headed space of taking action. Being Joyful during the creative process is essential.  Living a joyful creative life unleashes an overwhelming sensation of contentment.


    Are you involved in any charity organization or humanitarian cause you would like to mention?

I’m currently not involved but have been reaching out to a few organizations. Important organizations that I’d love to be involved with are: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Canadian Mental Health Association, National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), National Center for Transgender Equality, It Gets Better Project and Trevor Project.


    When you hear: You can be, do and have anything you want, words from the Abraham-Hicks teachings, what is your take on such a statement?

My take on that saying is the thing I have manifested into my life. I interpret that sentence into the most liberating thing on this planet. Energy is all around us and our mind is energy. If you truly want something all you have to do is ask the universe and it shall be provided. 

Basically, we all have the ability to reach our full potential and have everything we’ve ever wanted.
Header Photo Photography by Noah Asanias | Grooming by Frida Norrman | Styling by Derek Perret