Cardoncello diVino New York | Home to the (Cardoncello) Mushroom 

cardoncello mushroom; the beating heart and original to this osteria

The classy-casual Italian osteria, Cardoncello diVino, is a collection of the owners’ love and passion for healthy yet tasty food that connects to their full Italian heritage. Located in NoMad of New York City, the restaurant stands as being the first restaurant in New York to feature its namesake mushroom, which is in many of the dishes on the menu. Offering beyond the warmest welcomes of a traditional Italian culinary experience, it also emanates a strong sense of pride rooted deeply from heritage and the absolutely spectacular attention to detail and visuals along with a uniquely modern take, will definitely bring upon one of the best dining experiences to each diner at Cardoncello diVino. 

Photography Courtesy Cardoncello diVino New York

Upon walking into the restaurant, diners are greeted by the staff and visually welcomed by the elegantly sleek design of the bar. After walking past the bar and a glass partition opening, you are guided into a larger space, like that of a dining room at home. The interior décor is simple but is still able to stand out, and it shows, without a doubt, that everything has been carefully and perfectly curated to portray a similar concept as like their menu, incorporating new design twists to combine with the old and traditional aspects and making sure everyone feels comfortable, like at home.

“The mythical Cardoncello mushroom will… satisfy diners

interested in experimenting with something new and different.”

Just as much as Cardoncello diVino is the offered home dining setting to all, it is also the home in the New York City restaurant scene to this mythical and legendary mushroom, Cardoncello. So it only makes sense to start off with the Cardoncelli, roasted Cardoncello mushroom with potato, caciocavallo cheese and truffle tortino. The mushroom almost feels as if it doesn’t exist in each bite and it feels that way because of how well it works with the other ingredients of the dish. The Cardoncello is soft and smooth yet still has a slight crunch to it. However, your taste buds don’t lie, the roasted flavors of the mushroom in addition to its very unique aromatic flavor surfaces with each bite as well. Topped with truffles and placed over potato, there was a hierarchy of textures and an abundance of flavors. The Panelle; chickpea polenta with goat cheese and fine herbs sautéed shrimp, is also a good option. From simply just the starters, you can already experience the freshness and natural tastes of all the ingredients. However, there are other delicious small bites and starters on the menu that can also be shared. 

Photography Courtesy Cardoncello diVino New York

The 2015 Franz Haas Manna is an extremely versatile white wine, perfect to optimize food pairings to enhance many different flavors so that it would not be necessary to order a separate wine for each dish throughout the dinner. The wine smells rather fruity and smells differently each time, thus bringing out the versatility quality and its capability to complement various dishes. 

Guests can choose to try the Evoo Tasting; The Extra Olive Oil Tasting, a flight of four different extra virgin olive oils with pairings to complement each oil. Ranging from light to medium to intense in four organic olive oils, the pungency of each varies. There is lightly fruity, medium fruity, intensely fruity and different as the four different kinds of extra virgin olive oils. The light fruity (Magaria Limited Edition Valle de Belice Extra Virgin Olive Oil) is slightly bitter but paired with goat cheese, brings out the fruitiness and balances the bitterness. The medium blend (Oleificio Cartechini Rustico Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil) moves up the scale in intensity to medium fruity and appears darker in color than the previous one. Still considered light in fruitiness, it comes along with peppery notes in the back of the throat and perfect when paired with the pickled pearl onions. The Franci Villa Magra Extra Virgin Olive Oil is from Tuscany and served with toasted bread. This intensely fruity oil comes with toasted notes of coffee and the toasted bread adds an extra layer of taste to it. The last one (Condimento a base di Olio Extravergine d’oliva e Arance) is more apparent with its intensity and hints of orange flavors. Paired with chocolate and salt flakes, it brings out and highlights the orange fruitiness immediately. As a small appetizer or snack, it eventually feels as if you’ve had a full meal after the Evoo Tasting, in the sense that each oil pairing becomes a part of the entire meal, with the chocolate and salt flakes pairing at the end as the dessert and end to the dinner. 

Photography Courtesy Cardoncello diVino New York

Cardoncello diVino presents seasonal menus so it’s guaranteed that what they’re serving are the freshest and in season. In their new seasonal menu, there are new dishes like the Gnudi and Paccheri. The Gnudi is basil and ricotta dumplings served with smoked cheese and pepper. The Paccheri is large tube pasta with veal ossobuco ragu, bone marrow and gremolada sauce. The pasta are all made in house and served freshly made. For mains, from the land and the sea, there is the Ippoglosso, a beautifully seared halibut filet with summer vegetables and a roasted eggplant sauce. The Gamberi is deliciously ginger marinated served with warm quinoa salad and Sambuca sauce. A Southern Italy red wine 2016 Bisceglia Terra di Vulcano Aglianico del Vulture is best paired with meat and pasta. 

For dessert, it is safe to say that the Dark Chocolate Glazed Mango Semifreddo with Hibiscus sauce and Ricotta cheesecake with a vanilla sauce are great options to end an amazing dinner on a sweet note. However, there are other choices as well whether you choose to end it with cheese, dessert wines or coffee/tea. 

“The Cardoncello mushroom – pride of the agricultural tradition of Southern Italy, has been praised by the most elegant palates.”

Photography Courtesy Cardoncello diVino New York

As being the first ever restaurant to showcase the mushroom, Cardoncello diVino comes with a pride is stronger than ever, knowing it comes from somewhere deep in the Italian heritage and that the mythical glory of the mushroom is able to be kept alive up to this day, and still be able to bring the absolute best taste and aroma to every single palate. Not only with the mushroom, because the same amount of attentiveness and detail are put into each and every single dish they serve as well. It is just as important and part of Cardoncello diVino’s main goal and concept to provide with healthy yet delicious, traditional yet modern dishes.

The importance of the traditional in Italian cuisine but also not overshadowing and removing the simplicity of the natural flavors of the raw ingredients.
Header Photo Courtesy Cardoncello diVino New York