The Woo Soho | Wooing You, Wooing All

woo: to seek the affection or love of;

to invite by ones’ own action;

to seek to persuade as to do something.

Located near Soho of New York City, The Woo Soho is presented as the new bi-lateral restaurant serving Korean cuisine. As its name might suggest, it is inviting everyone to join for an amazing dining experience to seek love for its cuisine. And it doesn’t stop here, as the wooing continues to make sure everyone is well persuaded after one experience from the highest quality ingredients, they use to ensure many more visits after. That’s the charm is not only its name, but also what they do and how they do it

Walking through the doors of the red-colored façade, guests and their attention are immediately captured by the gorgeously decorated interior. With exposed brick walls and beamed ceilings, it gives off a very raw and simple feeling. However, with the added touch of curtains made of stringed beads, an extra layer is added to the entire atmosphere. Elegant, sleek and even dreamy, giving the space the separation, it needs between tables and different areas of the restaurant but also allowing for a visual connection that literally strings everything right back together. With one of The Woo’s aims to 

…evoke the essence of harmony between traditional and contemporary…

it is beautifully shown in both design and dining. The airy curtains, mimicking the slow falling of water, creates an extremely calm and soothing environment, perfect for slowly appreciating and enjoying the food. 

To start, there are quite a few Gan Shik (Korean style small sharing plates) and Jun Shik (appetizers) on the menu that are ideal for sharing amongst groups. For Gan Shik, it ranges from kimbap sushi rolls to steamed buns to their pan-fried housemade beef short rib dumplings. From the list of Jun Shik, a few that highly recommended and quite popular and tasty are Yook Hwe (sesame and soy-marinated steak tartare with quail egg and Asian pear), Cham Chi Hwe (ahi tuna sashimi with a citrusy soy and chili sauce over sliced Asian pear), Ke Sal Mari (crab and leek wrapped in spinach crepes with a light Korean mustard sauce), and Garibi Gui (minced sea scallop and Korean pine mushroom baked in a light shrimp mousse). From simply the taste of a few appetizers, you can already tell the best ingredients are used for each dish, like the steak tartare and ahi tuna sashimi, which were extremely fresh and delicious. 

Our focus is to highlight the tastes of Korean cuisine by using the highest quality ingredients prepared with contemporary cooking techniques to present authentic flavors in a refined, approachable and creative way.

But of course, attention should not be shifted and taken away from the star of the dinner, and that is the Korean barbecue portion of this dining experience at The Woo Soho. It only makes sense because every table centers around a barbecue grill. Next is to choose from the long list of food to grill and cook, most of which are marinated in their signature soy, sesame and garlic sauce. Guests can choose from the more common ones like Bulgogi (thinly sliced beef rib eye), Kalbi (boneless beef short rib), Hyaw Mit (thinly sliced beef tongue) to the not-so-typical ones like a spicy lamb, chicken, shrimp, and different fish. After cooking over the smokeless grill, you can choose to eat it with rice or wrap it inside lettuce. 

The Woo Soho’s menu continues with its traditional entrees and rice dishes, which you can order to enjoy along with the barbecue. To accompany the amazing food, there are plenty of options for exquisitely crafted cocktails. And you can never go wrong with ordering the desserts! The Tropical Snow is a must when the shaved coconut ice with sweet jellied fruit, sweet beans, and coconut ice cream drizzled with a strawberry sauce are all mixed in a huge ice bowl, each bite will leave you wanting more. All sorts of flavors and tastes from each ingredient combine to create the best for each bite. They also have a trio of different flavored mini crème brulees (vanilla bean, ginger and kabocha pumpkin).  

As a new reiteration of the mother restaurant, Woo Lae Oak, The Woo Soho completely showcases itself as the new chic slightly upscale Korean barbecue restaurant, spread out in two elegantly designed floors and basement kitchen. Everything about The Woo Soho pulls you in, making sure the affection and love you were searching for through food have been found through the dining experience. 

“With a new address, sleek new look and some familiar faces, we welcome you to The Woo.”
Photography Courtesy The Woo Soho