The Vagabond Club Singapore | #DoItAtTheVagabond

The trouble (and fun) never stops at The Vagabond Club

If you are looking for a hotel stay that would surprise you at every corner, be awed by the splendour of The Vagabond Club. A luxurious safe haven tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life, The Vagabond Club calls out to anyone who is cheeky, artistic and loves to have fun. As they say, there is no place better to get into trouble than The Vagabond Club

It is not difficult to see why The Vagabond Club has bagged numerous awards including #1 Top Hotel, #2 Best Service hotel, and #3 Luxury hotel by TripAdvisor’s 2017 Travellers’ Choice Awards. It is also the first boutique hotel to be awarded Gold at the Loved By Guests Awards 2017. The Vagabond Club joined the Marriott International family under the prestigious Tribute Portfolio brand just last year, ensuring that guests receive excellent hospitality services while enjoying the quirks of an independent hotel that The Vagabond Club can offer.

Immediately upon entering The Vagabond Club, guests will be greeted with the lavish architecture in the repurposed heritage Art Deco building. The hotel was designed by award-winning French designer Jacques Garcia and is accented with reds and golds. True to Garcia’s French roots, The Vagabond Club has a touch of Parisian glamour as well as influences from the African safari for the most extraordinary hotel experience. The lobby of The Vagabond Club, lovingly named The Salon, will wow guests with a brass plated rhinoceros reception, two elephant statues and a mesmerising collection of art work as you toss your responsibilities aside and let the fun begin.

With a lobby fit for royalty, guests can retreat comfortably in The Vagabond Club‘s rooms that have the same red and gold colour palette but a much softer look to it. The Vagabond Club has six room types (41 rooms in total), each with luxurious Italian marble and glass mosaic bathrooms with standing rain showers, king sized beds with 400 thread count Egyptian sheets that will allow guests to fall into deep slumber.

There is also a complimentary Handy mobile phone available for use, equipped with unlimited local call and data access so guests can always stay connected with loved ones. Whether it’s lounging in the room watching a curated selection of movies, playlists and cable channels or plugging in and listening to music from the Roberts Radio in hand-sewn Scottish leather, The Vagabond Club makes you feel relaxed and at ease in its cosy yet luxurious rooms available.

Sip cocktails under the watchful eye of La Mona, a gleaming sculpture of an authoritative Baboon (designed after an unforgetable expereince by the Lady Boss, Harpreet Bedi, during a safari trip in Botswana).

For those who are excited for an unforgettable night out, be sure to drop by Bar Vagabond and try out its many local inspired cocktail drinks. Take a look at the table legs and chair handles of the furniture at Bar Vagabond and you will be surprised to find interesting details that are in line with the African influences.

Each drink at Bar Vagabond promises to take guests to a new frontier, spiked with a sense of danger and adventure. In line with Vagabond’s tagline “If you must get in trouble, do it at the Vagabond”, cocktails at Bar Vagabond deliver just the right amount of trouble for adventure seekers. For starters, try the Bandung cocktail drink.

Arriving in the Malay Archipelago by way of India, Rose Milk is a cherished local favourite, and its name Bandung literally means ‘pair’. Indian Rose Tea is paired with gin instead of milk, and shaken with vanilla, citrus and egg white. Savour in pairs to get into the spirit of the thing.

Originally a local sweetened rose syrup beverage, Bar Vagabond takes the drink up a notch by replacing condensed milk with gin and shaken with vanilla, citrus and egg white. Another interesting drink is Crazy Farquhar, named after the first Commandant of Colonial Singapore William Farquhar. Crazy Farquhar is a citrusy and refreshing with flavours of passionfruit, blueberries, vanilla and made with Brazilian Leblon Cachaca.

Art enthusiasts, rejoice, as The Vagabond Club regularly hosts art exhibitions, events as well as a rotational Artist-in-Residence programme. This is part of The Vagabond Club‘s mission to provide a platform for art and culture to thrive and flourish. Be sure to check out the various art events on going when you make your next trip to Hotel Vagabond.

For the trouble makers and adventure seekers, let the fun begin at The Vagabond ClubIf You Must Get Into Trouble, #DOITATTHEVAGABOND