Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank | The Master of Detail Seen Through The Beauty Lens

The world of Beauty today moves with the speed of light in the context of digitalization, accelerated by the power of social media and consumerism. As an object of desire impacting global audiences, the ever-evolving Cosmetic Dermatology requires tremendous knowledge and mastery. Eloquent, elegant and sophisticated celebrity dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank is poised to change the narrative of cosmetic rejuvenation while making his mark as a cross-industry leader, impacting his industry in an unprecedented way. His ground-breaking vision is highly supported by the combination of cutting-edge technology and skincare innovation. Dr. Frank’s stellar strategic partnerships elevate his practice to the level of a luxury beauty brand by emulating the business model of high-end fashion:

My sister Annie, a fashion, culture, and design historian who taught at Parsons, helped infuse a sense of aesthetic characteristic to the fashion industry that became a signature of our practice.” Additionally, the educational factor became relevant because people of all ages, ethnicities and socio-economic classes are now seeking cosmetic rejuvenation. “The industry is all-inclusive now and I want to merge the line between what people want and what people need by creating an inspirational learning experience along the way.”

His overt penchant for details is present in each aspect of his existence. From his glamorously crafted image and the beautiful layout of his practice to his patients’ testimonials and his philosophy of life and beauty. ‘The Tom Ford of the medical field’ as I prefer to call him because of his perfectionism and heightened aesthetic sense, sees his work through a different lens: 

“Beauty relies on a lifestyle, not just a procedure. It’s a holistic approach. What I do is the icing on the cake,” says Dr. Frank while accentuating the importance of taking care of ourselves.

Healthy eating habits, meditation, and beautiful relationships are part of the equation. Loving ourselves is the most important emotion one can experience, it’s a deep inner connection that mirrors people’s perception of us. Creating the best version of ourselves starts from within. I cannot inject happiness into my patients. I cannot laser a sense of wellness in them. I really try to learn about the person on the inside before working on the outside.”

project coordinator Rose Newlands | photography Miguel Quiles | hair & makeup artist  Mirna Jose and Priscila Tuba

A modern Renaissance man, he helps redefine beauty standards adding that the stigma of his industry is fading away and surprisingly forty percent of his patients are men.  “Vanity and beauty are not narcissistic. The appreciation of the inner and outer beauty is a reward for self-care.” In his view, the minimally invasive cosmetic procedures today are simply perceived as a form of grooming. 

A sought-after consultant to many laser technology companies, Dr. Frank uses about forty types of lasers carefully selected to offer beneficial results.I love technology. I stopped saying I can’t because now I do things I was not able to do a few years ago. The future is bright and exciting.”

This virtuoso of subtle aesthetic enhancement signature procedures is also the global consultant for MDNA, a luxurious skincare line developed with a beauty icon, the legendary Madonna. The product embodies the elements he feels passionate about. The ingredients are outsourced from nature and developed with the help of innovative technology. 

What are the core elements of his success? It’s bridging science, spirituality, and philosophy. And it takes an army. The ‘overnight sensation’ took twenty years to emerge. For me, it’s a family affair. My sister and my cousin are a great support to my business. I couldn’t perform at this level without the help of my staff.” Indeed, after meeting his sister Annie Frank, a stunning woman of substance and grace, it’s quite obvious that this powerful duo was born to rule. 

And while PFRANKMD aficionados are anxiously awaiting their doctor’s second book, he continues to inject into their lives his bi-dimensional laser-cut alike Happiness Therapy, elevating spirits with a riveting aesthetic touch, and naturally all that with his exhilarating sense of humor.

project coordinator Rose Newlands | photography Miguel Quiles | hair & makeup artist  Mirna Jose and Priscila Tuba