Humans have limitless and unique sources of creative expression. Since we are always expanding our desire and wanting more, we are continuously evolving by turning our thoughts into ideas. Our ideas grow into beliefs that shape our perception of the world around us, hence we physically manifest our life experiences.

The interior spaces we inhabit are a reflection of our own inner world. Designer Cheryl Eisen’s inner universe is beautiful, which manifests in her creations. This native New Yorker, artist, and as she likes to call herself, “fem-preneuer,” is the Founder/President of Interior Marketing Group (IMG), the largest luxury real estate design and marketing firm in the United States.

Beyond being a successful designer and businesswoman, Cheryl reveals her additional artistic influences. I’ve always been a creative. Art and design is a foundation of who I am, so I’ve always known it would be a big part of my life and my career.” 

“Success, to me, is far more than a monetary measure. It’s a sense of personal accomplishment that comes from reaching your professional goals and exceeding your own expectations. My formula for success has always come from focusing my energy on building my brand.” 

While Eisen has had many proud moments in her career that reinforced her belief in herself and her design capabilities, she still thinks of herself largely as an apprentice. “I am constantly learning from my team of talented individuals and being inspired by my role models. I strive to constantly be a better version of myself as a designer and never stop growing or innovating,” she affirms. 

We all seek success; we think that by experiencing it, we will feel goodand we do! But when we remember that we are the designers of our reality, that our inner thoughts manifest into our physical experiences, we will start to expand the feeling of success by enjoying our journey instead of just waiting for the results. After all, we are always growing and learning. 

photography Keith Major | makeup artist Priscila Tuba | hair stylist Patrick Dorsainville

Cheryl’s brand is artistically sophisticated and luxurious. She states:Luxury is a feeling. It’s far more about your design than your budget.  You can create a feeling of luxury without spending a ton of money. It’s about the details of the design – the small touches-  that create luxury.”

But how does one person build a multi-million dollar business while efficiently managing a staff of about 80 people within a constantly growing company such as IMG? 

Eisen answers: ”A big part of IMG’s growth taught me about how to scale your business efficiently. There comes a point when you have to delegate responsibility and decide what aspects of the business you need to do yourself versus what things you can put in the hands of others. Efficiency is a combination of working smart and working hard, but more than anything it’s about surrounding yourself with a talented team of individuals that share your goals and complement your strengths and weaknesses.”

When IMG was born, they were one of the only staging and design companies in New York City to offer stunning staging in a short period of time within the luxury real estate market. Since then, the industry grew and competition increased, but Cheryl enhanced her business by creatively expanding her company’s services to include top-tier marketing, social media, and public relations packages.

The luxury real estate market is at a pivotal turning point, I believe. It’s a difficult time to sell because there’s a surplus of beautiful, luxury properties on the market. We’ve truly reinvented the singular focus of staging and expanded our offerings to develop a fool-proof strategy that combats the challenges of the market.”

Through their own perception, designers tailor the space to have an emotional impact on those who inhabit it. Cheryl describes her process as: “The goal of our design is to create an immediate, overwhelming connection for anyone who enters the space. A home is an emotional connection and design should evoke personality and sentiment. We create this feeling through thoughtful design, art, and execution; we consider the small details and touches as much as we do the overall design. We hope that someone is inspired to envision their own life in the space.”

Other than design, Eisen enjoys other artistic expressions. “I love many forms of art and music. I am a painter and a singer in my spare time… I can even play a few songs on both the piano and the guitar!”

Just like Cheryl, we all can manifest the life we want for ourselves. “It’s so important to believe in yourself and what you’re capable of.” Perhaps the passion we are looking for outside already exists within all of us; listen to your inner voice; follow your inner impulses; embrace the magnificent inner designer you already are.
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