We all are born with the innate ability to bring out a diverse artistic expression. From a creative perspective, we all are artists of our own life experience. As ever-evolving human beings, we can choose the path of our dreams and reinvent ourselves in many creative ways.

If one sophisticated wine connoisseur would fancy a magical voyage to in time-transcending eras and territories, he would want to bring back flavors of the past along with the nostalgia of roads less traveled to vineyards of remarkable quality and the scent of a grape that looks rather like an enchanting masterpiece. 

Everything he may wish for has been brought into this very moment; at the intersection of Past, Present and Future, the wine and art collide in the magical interpretation of an unequivocally stellar entrepreneur, Wine Royalty Lawrence Fairchild. Incorporating quintessential international and cultural elements that are visually enticing and uniquely palatable, his meticulously crafted Stones Wine brand is leading with tremendous quality. The highly detailed design is reminiscent of luxury brands of great caliber in the likes of Hermès and Cartier. 

photography Aubrie Pick

Having gone through a meticulous process of creation, the exclusive, limited production Cabernet Sauvignon is a sought-after treasure in the portfolios of international art and watch collectors complimenting beautifully a glamorous lifestyle. How did this artistry come about and who is the wizard behind the famous wine? Available only five days per year via exclusive membership, it gives access to a mere one thousand people per year.

The Nebraska farm boy Lawrence Fairchild has an eclectic background. His creativity and passion for fashion and art beautifully balance his more structured vision that lead him to get a degree in Economics and Political Science at the University of Nebraska. A self-confessed workaholic and differently wired personality, he held positions at the Capitol Hill and in the non-tech startup world in San Francisco. Following the purchase of a property and a vineyard in 1994, his interest gravitated towards wine and he started to take enology and viticulture courses. 

Today, along with winemaker Philippe Melka, he is creating 96-to 100-point collectible wines packaged in breathtaking customized and personalized bottles.

“I wanted to create something in the wine industry that hasn’t been done before. A global luxury good that is the best in the world in terms of quality and subsequently offers an artistic experience. The precise, elegant and upscale design of the bottles and labels is an expression of my own aesthetic.”

photography Aubrie Pick

The bottles are made of hand-blown glass and the Stones labels feature original hand illustrations that are hand-pressed in metal. Lawrence collects modern and abstract art and his notable collaborations with Ethiopian artist Wosene and graffiti artist Cédric Bouteiller resulted in bottle designs that look rather like art. 

The future will find Lawrence landing his efforts to an overwhelmingly complex process of crafting his new collectible wine series Perrarus (rare, exceptional in Latin); the bottles will be engraved, stamped and personalized and the design will change every year. Everything is done with the clientele in mind.I want to create an experience unlike other in my industry.” 

His passion for traveling the world opens up new avenues of inspiration. We can only picture him clad in his chic and alluring Tom Ford and St. Laurent pieces, exuding that je ne sais quoi all while keeping things simple, as per his philosophy of life. 

“Simplicity to me means creating beauty and exceptional quality and working with positive, beautiful people.”

Well, his ‘simplicity’ certainly makes him complex just like his meticulous crafted wine is reminiscent of a superb Parisian haute couture design… so why not call it simply Couture Wine?