Many of us are in search of the way to align with what we want to create. Everything we do in life entails a creative process; we are the creators of our own perspective which shapes our ability to see and experience how and what we can physically manifest. Any practice that can bring us to an emotional state of appreciation will greatly benefit our existence and those around us. Art has always been a source of manifesting beauty and love for both the artists and the contemplator.

Spanish artist Arantzazu Martinez considers herself to be a person with a huge appreciation and respect for anything with the ability to elevate our mood. As an observer and creator, painting is the ultimate expression of that: “That is why I paint,” she states.

“I also consider myself to be a person who moves between love of perfection and the beauty of what already exists; the urge to see, to touch, to feel, to live… and a fascination with free and limitless creation with no rules, in the best way I can imagine.”

We are all the artists of our own life. Since we are born, we are influenced by our environment while exploring the freedom to choose who we want to become. 

“The Little Mermaid: the Rescue” |  90” x 49” | Oil on Linen | Art Renewal Center Collection

“In my childhood home, I used to see my father inventing various types of machines, or painting, sculpting, or writing. I always thought that was normal and indispensable. If I didn’t paint, I would do something else that would let me create consciously.”

After Arantzazu completed her studies at the Fine Arts University of the Basque Country, she decided to enroll at the New York Academy of Figurative Art (NYAA) MFA looking for a classical art training. 

“Throughout history, painters have summarized all that knowledge, such that a good artist can make you feel the softness of a petal, the roughness of a trunk, or the weight of rocks. They can make you feel the warmth and softness of skin. They can make you laugh, dream, or shiver. They don’t tell you all those things, but make you feel them. That is what I most sincerely appreciate about a piece of art: its ability to activate all the senses of your body, your mind, and emotions. The knowledge of how we perceive through our senses and the skill required to recreate it make that possible. For me, as a painter, acquiring that knowledge was exceptional.”

Martinez’s feels her life in New York and her becoming as a person were interwoven. “I arrived as a complete stranger to myself, outside my comfort zone for the first time and with a great desire to fulfill my dreams but with a great fear of failure,“ reveals the artist. 

During the flight from Bilbao to New York, all her foundations were shaken. Fortunately, Martinez chose to do everything she could to carry on and enjoy life.

“The house of the witches” | 71” x 35” | Oil on Linen |  Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno

“In New York, I started to discover who I was and learned everything I wanted about painting from the best master I can imagine, Jacob Collins. This has continued to grow within me, making me enjoy my profession and feel the calm and love of those who taught me whenever I pick up a brush. It has made me understand the process of creation and the value of training in every aspect of life.”

Currently, Aranzazu resides in Madrid, a vibrant city with a huge amount of creative people where art is part of life. But the artist often visits her beloved New York where she is coming on September 19th, 2019 as part of the very exclusive IBEX Masters Exhibition which tours major capitals around the world. 

“I am extremely fortunate that a few years ago I was given the opportunity to fulfill every artist’s dream. The IBEX Collection is the largest active collection of super-realistic, figurative, contemporary art in the world. After a global search, where the collection reviewed over four-thousand artists and met with more than four hundred of them, twenty-four artists, with the highest levels of technical skill were offered a unique opportunity.”

One of her pieces is currently on exhibition in Central Hong Kong, together with pieces from the other IBEX Masters. This exhibition will run until May, when it will then move to Singapore and then New York City.

Her latest work Freedom Reborn speaks of the final freedom that a person reaches when they conceive themselves as the sole creator of their own reality. It speaks of empowerment, transfiguration, well-being, abundance, and clarity. 

“Absolute trust: Sleeping beauty” | 90″ x 51″ | Oil on Linen

“It is my most ambitious painting to date, and also the biggest and the one that has taken the longest, two and a half years,” says Arantzazu. 

Martinez sees success as the ability to tap into our inner world: “To be successful as an artist is really easy, because we move the world’s emotions. We collect the essence of life to make it our own and share it, to own it, to know it, its color, its rhythm, its emotions. We reach beyond what exists, inciting mankind’s imagination and lighting its and our dreams. There is no human being who would live without art.”

Arantzazu believes that art impacts our society In a very discrete, but powerful way as we are constantly immersed in art through music, painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, cinema…

“We are constantly receiving information: ideas, moods, stereotypes, and attitudes that we project or realize, as well as others that we leave to one side. It is both the cause and the consequence. It is an underground whisper that impregnates everything.”

Martinez feels her way through creating art that emanates her inner world onto canvas, which is palpable when witnessing her work and the emotions it evokes within the observer.
Header Image: a fragment of the painting “Rancor” | Original size 57” x 45” | Oil on Linen | Lucasfilm ltd. Private Collection