EXOTICS RACING | The Ultimate Driving Experience

Most life is lived with restraint; we hold down a job, pay the bills and follow the rules.  We play it safe; we stay in our comfort zone; we try to keep everything under control. But is that really living?  Where is the adventure? Where is the risk? Why aren’t we challenging ourselves to become more than we are? 

One way to grab life by the horns and lay it all on the line is behind the wheel of an exotic car. These supercars are cars of which dreams are made, passions are inflamed, and imaginations fueled!  Horsepower and torque statistics aside, a supercar has a vibe that proclaims this car has something crazy, impractical and almost irresponsible about it, that’s why it’s irresistible!   

Exotics Racing, located in Los Angeles & Las Vegas provides the ultimate driving experience: drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren or Audi on a private track without limits. Feel mundane woes, daily repetitions and deadlines completely vanish; enjoy the rush as vision and focus become razor-sharp and physical and mental abilities are heightened to respond with a dexterity and nimbleness that you never knew you possessed.   

To start, a technical briefing by a professional instructor offers invaluable information regarding the course, racing line, turn in, apex, exit, braking, throttle control and driving position.  Two “discovery laps” in a Porsche Cayenne assure you get the most out of your experience by getting the lay of the land and seeing as well as  feeling the turns.  Traveling at “medium” speed, these laps are exhilarating, curiously ramping you up for what is to come!

Fitted with a helmet and in the driver’s seat, your heart begins to beat out of your chest.  The instructor explains some of the car’s features, inquires as to if you will be driving in automatic or manual mode and reassures you that he will be there to make certain you are safe.  Entering the track, the coaching immediately begins, accelerate to that cone; brake now; brake harder; hit the apex; stay right; floor it!  

By the third lap, you feel your confidence soar. As you hit the straight-away, you accelerate as hard as you can thrusting back in the seat, you brake hard, turn the wheel, start releasing the brakes, balance, unwind, squeeze on the throttle, push full throttle and again feel the rush of unbridled acceleration!  Astonished as your instincts kick in, you sense the car’s reactions and become part of it, it’s as if you’ve entered a different dimension and you want more!  

Tucked in a low tub made of carbon fiber or magnesium, swaddled in a firm, bolstered, racing-derived seat is daunting, yet the ride is fabulously electrifying. The jolt of G-forces pushing against your chest as you open the throttle out of a right turn creates a surprising sense of joy instead of fear! 

Individual ideas of adventure may differ; however, every experience will impact your life.  Handling an exotic supercar on a fast course designed for drivers to brake late and accelerate hard will bring you a sense of satisfaction and achievement unlike any other.  It’s empowering, thrilling and will forever change you as you push the limits of the car and those within yourself, it may in fact ultimately change your life!

Photography Courtesy Exotics Racing