KEVIN ALEJANDRO | My Inner Power | I Did My Absolute Best

Words // Katalina JN

Human evolution and expansion have always come from the birth of new desires that appear first as ideas that are manifested into physical reality. There are many of us that might have a similar innovative vision, but only a few convert that into reality.

How can I trust in my inner power to create the life I want?

From an emotional perspective, one of the most amazing realizations is to recognize that we have a constant source of pure positive energy within all of us. That inner power is always present; we don’t have to look for it, we just have to tap into it. Having trust and believing in our inner power will allow our ideas to continuously become. 

In that state, no words are necessary as our energy and the emanating harmonious vibes will inspire us to do the actions. Hence, actions will flow with greatly satisfying results. 

This Inner Power is our compass and our fuel. It carries us through life and shows us the path we want. It guides us to be at the right place at the right time and constantly moves us towards our ever-evolving desires and dreams in life.

Words // Kevin Alejandro

Trust in your inner power is key when taking the journey of self-discovery, self-inspiration, growth and accomplishment. In life, we are often faced with obstacles and challenges that influence the decisions we make along the way.  Discovering your inner power and inner strength and how you use it to persevere builds character. Be a good example to your loved ones and peers. 

I was very fortunate early on in life as I discovered my passion for acting and was able to make this passion my career and create a comfortable life for my family. As many have said before me, the entertainment industry is not easy to break through or navigate. It takes constant strength and perseverance to succeed in this business. Part of my inner power is derived from a loving and supporting family and friends. With this backup and positivity, I am able to create a safe space for those I love. 

As an actor and filmmaker, I am always grappling with my inner power and self-worth, using it as my fuel in my creative process whether in front of or behind the camera. I am able to manifest my visions and ideas into the realities in my fictional universe. Struggling with self-worth is not uncommon, but once we genuinely embrace the positivity around us we can share our own happiness, our own success, and our own enlightenment. If I can say I did my absolute best at the end of every day I am setting a good example. We can all accomplish this by believing the best and doing the best.  

Don Miguel Ruíz, the best-selling author of The Four Agreements, professed that in order to pave a roadmap to enlightenment we must find the courage within ourselves to speak with integrity and ask questions to express and communicate our wants and needs unapologetically. Avoid assumptions and seek clarity. Do not take anything personally, regardless of circumstance, and always do your best. Always choose and use your words with care and honesty. I believe if we are able to enlighten ourselves to this philosophy of thinking we can accomplish anything we set our hearts on. It is our responsibility to live as peaceful warriors on this planet. 

 Life will always have its ups and downs and sometimes even major obstacles. We as humans are innately flawed and far from perfect. We must choose to do our best in life every day and stay on our brightest path. I believe living our life with clarity and integrity allows us to have the strength and power we need to be our best selves.
Photography Leslie Alejandro