Interview with Diona Reasonover | I am a Living Proof of My Own Inner Power

Our outer world, everything that we are experiencing physically is the reflection of our inner state of being. Our consciousness mirrors our emotional realm manifesting the essence of our feelings into the physical world. That awareness comes beyond what we can sense through the seen, as faith and beliefs are born within the unseen. All human beings want their desires to be fulfilled, and to do so, we must imagine, think and feel as it already exists in the unseen first.

When we asked actress Diona Reasonover, who can be seen as Kasie Hines on NCIS: “What’s your take on Abraham Hicks’ statement ‘You can be, do and have anything you want,’” she answered: “I’m living proof that it’s true.”

In this inspiring interview, you will get to know Diona’s personal and professional creative journey as well as her contribution to the community service, and more…


  • Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Diona Reasonover?

Diona Reasonover is an actor, writer, and board game enthusiast who never returns her library books on time. She plays Kasie Hines on NCIS. Find me on Instagram @DionaReasonover. 


  • An aspect of the entertainment industry is being resilient, as the journey of finding a role seems to be a long process, or maybe not. How do you remain focused on what you want during an audition and positively inspired when facing a rejection?

Oh, we all fail! I usually don’t get things right the first time I try something. So, sometimes I audition, I fail, but that was just practicing for something coming down the pipeline. Failure is a gift. Life is about failing because failing means you tried. 

Photography by Kim Newmoney | Hair by Kachay Dorsey  | Make-up by Anton Khachaturian | Styling by Lauren Frost


  • On CBS’ series NCIS, season 17 which recently premiered, you portray Kasie Hines – a graduate assistant who takes on the role of a forensic scientist. What elements of Kasie’s character do you relate to most?

Kasie and I are nervous nerds with big hearts and a real drive to succeed. We also wear the same shoe size.

  • On the NCIS team, Kasie is closest to Jimmy Palmer. How will her relationships with the other team members develop as the season goes on? 

That’s a great question. I honestly don’t know, but I’m looking forward to it. They’ve been letting the character and the relationships develop very organically on the show, and that’s felt very good. 

  • NCIS is a longstanding and beloved show. What was it like to enter the cast and ‘shake up’ the character dynamics by introducing a new character?

I’m so lucky to be part of a cast that was so kind and welcoming. I was really nervous joining but everyone has been so supportive. Mark cracked me up after my very first take on the show. They called “cut” and he calls out “That was perfect, let’s all go home.” 

The writers really gave me a gift with the way they introduced the character of Kasie. She comes in excited, hoping to make a good impression, and she’s heard so much about them. That was me in real life too!

  • You will be featured in the indie comedy Film Fest, which follows a group of emerging filmmakers dedicated to getting their film seen. What was the experience of being a part of this project?

It was great. I went from the world of weekly television to running around the woods, trying to make an entire movie in less than a month. Indie film shakes you up— you don’t have time to overthink. It was challenging and frustrating, and those moments that were good were so deliriously good. 

And the role was a nice combo of the opposite of the one I play on NCIS and a nice complement— Alex has these really raw bursts of emotion, Kasie does not but they both NEED to hold it together. Need to be seen as competent. I think I’m really drawn to characters that see themselves through other people’s eyes.

  •  Are there any other projects you are working on that you are particularly excited about?

Uh, no. Those Navy crimes keep me pretty busy!

Photography by Kim Newmoney | Hair by Kachay Dorsey  | Make-up by Anton Khachaturian | Styling by Lauren Frost


  • Can you tell us about the community service you are involved in your hometown, Detroit? How does it feel to be involved with your community?

I’m on the scholarship committee of my family’s nonprofit, Urban Solutions Inc. One of the things we do is award scholarships to high school seniors in need. My aunt Nancy Allen started it after my grandfather, who gave out serval need-based scholarships to local seniors, was murdered. The young man who shot him… I think about how different his life would have been had he chosen a different direction. Had he had another opportunity. To start something that benefits so many people in the face of a very preventable tragedy has taught me so much about the importance of service.

I’m glad to maintain that connection with the city. I’m proud of my family for maintaining the legacy of the scholarships and for teaching me the importance of community service. 


  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is The Essence of a Joyful Living. How does Joy during the creative process affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

Someone told me recently there’s a difference between happiness and joy. That joy can come during pain, during sorrow because it’s root is hopefulness. I have no idea what the future holds, and honestly, I’m not in charge of the jobs I book or don’t. My job is to go in, do the best work I can, and hope that I get to do it again tomorrow. That hope is where I find joy. 

  • When you hear: “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words from the Abraham-Hicks teachings, what is your take on such a statement?

I’m living proof that it’s true.

Header Photography by Kim Newmoney | Hair by Kachay Dorsey  | Make-up by Anton Khachaturian | Styling by Lauren Frost