Our creative expression is influenced by our inner state. When we are creating inspiration from a place of joy, those emotions can be sensed in our physical realm as a result of how we feel. This example of inspired action is the restaurant ARDYN New York, created by two young talented chefs, Ryan Lory and Adam Bordonaro. The chefs’ passion for fresh, quality ingredients, cutting-edge techniques, and impeccable presentation are imbued in every aspect of their restaurant. Their desire to create a one-of-a-kind immersive dining experience in an already dazzling New York dining scene is evident the moment you enter the restaurant.

Montauk Fluke | Photography Courtesy ARDYN New York

ARDYN is located on the Lower West Side of New York, housed in a sleek black storefront. As you enter, you notice the romantically dim, intimate space contains a well-stocked, glamorously-lit bar and a thick velvet curtain that piques your curiosity. To your delight and surprise, you are led behind the curtain and find a room filled with tables leading up to the spotlighted open kitchen; the reverse speakeasy setup transports you to a time of clandestine meetings and hushed conversations behind hidden entrances. Throughout the space, nature motifs are incorporated into the beautiful, modern décor. Behind the counter, the chefs move rhythmically as they create their culinary masterpieces. If you have the unique pleasure of sitting at the Chef’s Counter, you can watch the spectacle of your meal being prepared and meet the chefs who are making their magic happen.

Brussels Sprout Salad | Photography Courtesy ARDYN New York

The eclectic menu at ARDYN is a perfect reflection of the chefs’ intention to incorporate the freshest ingredients, which change twice a season. When you return to the restaurant, you will always discover a new dish and a new creation in their constantly reimagined menu. 

In anticipation of an amazing experience, you can sense how much the staff loves to work here. They flow through the space in harmony, smiling to their guests while courteously taking care of everything, which creates the perfect environment to uplift their own as well as your spirit. Each dish at ARDYN is served on a handmade clay plate, showing the restaurant’s attention to detail and craftsmanship – before you even take a bite. 

Acorn Squash | Photography Courtesy ARDYN New York

As a teaser to what is about to manifest in front of you, the Challah Bread paired with Sunflower Butter and Foie Gras Butter, all made in-house, is the perfect start to your meal. The challah bread has a delicious, warm flavor that melts in your mouth, spread with sunflower butter that is sweet and creamy, while the second choice of butter is graced with the unmistakable and sumptuous flavor of foie gras. 

The first courses are varied, offering something for every mood, taste, and craving. The Foie Gras Torchon garnished with pistachio crumb and accompanied with a made-in-house pomegranate sticky bun and hazelnut, is rich in contrasting flavors. It is wonderfully paired with a surprisingly crisp, not too sweet, Riesling, a true hedonistic pleasure in which to indulge. In juxtaposition, the Montauk Fluke with thin-sliced pear and ginger is delicate and absolutely delectable. It is delicious when combined with a glass of light and smooth Côtes du Rhône. 

King Crab | Photography Courtesy ARDYN New York

 To continue the feast, the Brussels Sprout Salad created with kale and sunchoke is complemented with parmesan without overpowering any flavors, leaving smoothness to your palate. For an even more delicate experience, the Acorn Squash made with ricotta, fig and radicchio agrodolce delights with a variety of light flavors. Both dishes go very well with a Justin Isosceles Reserve 2014.

The Chefs Ryan’s and Adam’s creativity will continue to surprise you with the King Crab accompanied with melted leeks, sunchokes, and caviar beurre blanc. The Cavatelli Duck Confit with shitake in duck jus enhances the flavors to assure your continuous enjoyment. One of the most unexpected and delightful dishes is the Maitake Mushroom on top of hens egg and sunchoke, a must to experience. The Octopus with Spanish chorizo, forbidden rice and fennel is tender inside with smooth crispiness on the outside. 

Chilean Sea Bass | Photography Courtesy ARDYN New York

To highlight two of the main fish dishes of the restaurant are the Chilean Sea Bass with cauliflower, turnip and sea urchin emulsion and unbelievable delicious Scallops served with celery root, brussels, and bacon for the table. For meat lovers, the Berkshire Pork Belly beautifully adorned with root vegetable terrine and apple and the Lamb Loin with spiced carrots, made-in-house lamb bacon, and fresh yogurt – are both are perfectly juicy, tender and flavorful.

Chocolate Cake | Photography Courtesy ARDYN New York

As a final indulgement, the Chocolate Cake with mascarpone is wonderfully light and espresso gelato gives it a touch of freshness. The Cheese Cake combined with spiced poached pear and sage brown butter is far from the traditional recipe and yet avokes the emotions of as it was made by someone who really loves you. And of course, the Apple Cobbler hugged with a cinnamon streusel and with vanilla gelato on top, becomes an elegant dessert to end your meal. 

Chef Ryan Lory and Chef Adam Bordonaro | Photography Courtesy ARDYN New York

Although the food is delicious and the restaurant beautiful, what makes ARDYN unique is the owners’ vision and personalities, which are in the foundations of this unique place. We all have dreams, and Ryan Lory and Adam Bordonaro first thought of the concept of ARDYN while working together in another kitchen. Since then, they haven’t stopped until manifesting what they wanted into reality. They co-created to find the ideal space and participated in the making of the interior from the beginning to inception. But this is just the beginning; their chemistry and history are visible when you see them working together seamlessly, which is reflected in the intimacy of the space they created.

It is their spark that makes the ARDYN experience so unique, so wonderful and so necessary to have for yourself.
Header image Chilean Sea Bass | Photography by Jehanzeb Hussain Courtesy ARDYN New York