The astonishing power of creation is life itself running through us. Whether we are aware of it or not, the creative components are coming together. The Source wants to express itself and to fulfill our desires. We naturally expand by building up all the wishes that we are meant to realize. When we ask for any improvement in our lives, it is always given to us. All human beings hold the power to accomplish the emotional state we want, and it will manifest—it must. When passion, love, and authenticity are the basis of our emotional realm, then life feels truly magical.

The singer and actress Rosario Flores, along with her sister Lolita Flores and their special guest, Spanish flamenco signer Miquel Poveda, will grace the stages of New York and New Jersey on November 22-23, 2019. When we asked about her emotions the moment she steps onto the stage, she responded, “I feel the magic of life. All energy flows together, without any effort; this is satisfaction, and it fills me completely!”

In this beautiful interview with the Spanish flamenco icon Rosario Flores, you will tap into her inner state, and you will sense her love for life, which is reflected in everything she does.


  • Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Rosario Flores?

I am a person full of energy and feelings for music, and all I want is to express myself through it. I am very happy; I am living a moment of great harmony and stability, satisfied with everything I do. I enjoy life. I am grateful for life.

  • You come from a family of great Spanish artists, and so you carry on the legacy of representing Spanish culture throughout the world. What does this mean to you?

I am proud and honored to bring the music of my country and my culture all over the world. My family is my strength and the pillar that supports me.

Lolita Flores | Photography by Mateo Londoño


  • The entertainment industry, like any other professional field, is very competitive; there are talented performers who thrive and others who do not. In your own experience, how does faith in yourself sync with your beliefs to shape the likelihood of success?

The success comes, I think, when you are authentic and carry your truth. You never know when you will attain success, but the most important thing is the sincerity with which you do it—how you work, how you are, how you carry your profession, your music, and yourself.

  • With such great numbers of fans and followers, not only in Spain but throughout the world, how do you think your artistic expression positively affects the audience?

My audience fills me with energy! They are my gift; I love them, and they love me. They are my engine when I sing.


  • How do you feel after your success in Miami and Santo Domingo, returning with your sister Lolita Flores to the United States and meeting your live audiences in New York and New Jersey?

I am very excited—it is the first time that I will sing with my sister in New York and New Jersey, and we are eager to give everything! The shows on November 22 (NYC) and 23 (NJ) are loaded with rumba rhythms, beautiful music, and lots of art for the public that we love so much. The Spanish singer Miguel Poveda, who sings like the angels and is a great artist, will join us as our special guest.

  • How would you describe your emotions and the connection between you and your sister Lolita when you share the stage?

My sister and I talk to each other without having to talk. We rarely share a stage, but when we do, we enjoy it to the fullest and give it our all! She is a great artist who excites me, who touches my heart. She makes me cry every time I see her singing. Lolita is my soul sister who takes care of me and pampers me; she is my partner in life.

  • The show you have prepared is called “Que Viva el Flamenco” (“Long Live to Flamenco” in English). How would you describe the repertoire you have prepared, and how do you think the audience will respond?

I was in NY last year, and the audience was amazing. This time, I am accompanied by my sister Lolita and Miguel Poveda; we hope the energy will be the same but multiplied by three. Each of us will present our own program, and then we will have a surprise for all our fans who give us so much love and affection.

Miguel Poveda | Photography courtesy M&M The Agency
  • What emotions do you feel at the moment you step onto the stage, when you connect with the audience, and the energy of your voice and your body merges with the music flowing through you, expanding to the public and coming back to you?

I feel the magic of life. All energy flows together, without any effort; this is satisfaction, and it fills me completely!

  • How does the dynamism of movement and body rhythm enhance your voice, and vice versa?

Without realizing it, positive energy arrives; it requires no conscious effort, just feeling.

  • You have been on television for years, recognized as a coach in Spain and Mexico on the La Voz and La Voz Kids television shows. What do you like most about contributing to the growth of new talents, and what have you learned from them?

I have learned a lot from the children. Every day they teach me a lesson! I feel very fortunate to have this experience and share their first dreams with them.

  • What is the essence of the new album you are recording now?

The essence of my album is my feelings, my experiences, and what comes out of my heart. I express myself through my music.

  • Are you involved in any other project that you are passionate about right now?

Yes, we are preparing my mother’s musical, Lola Flores.


  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is “The essence of joyful living.” How does joy affect the creative process in your own experience and, consequently, the final manifestation of your actions?

Joy is the most important thing in life—you cannot live without joy. I try to look for it in every moment, with everything I do. Although sometimes it has a cost, there are times that sad songs become good songs.

  • Abraham Hicks (spoked by Esther Hicks) said, “You can be, do, and have what you want.” What is your opinion about this statement?

That is true. If you strive and go for it, you can become who you want to be.

Rosario Flores | Photography courtesy M&M The Agency

The icon of Spanish flamenco, singer and actress Rosario Flores, along with her sister Lolita Flores and their special guest, Spanish flamenco signer Miquel Poveda, will grace the stages of New York and New Jersey on November 22-23, 2019 with their concert “Que viva el flamenco.”
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Header Photo courtesy M&M The Agency