JAYA at THE SETAI Miami Beach | An Exotic Culinary Cultural Journey Through Asia

We all want to fulfill our dreams and bring them to life, and as we accomplish more, we always seek more. The true Jaya, meaning ‘victory’ in Sanskrit, is to feel good and enjoy the journey, as the destination will always expand. And what can be more joyful than to celebrate our highest excitement in life by embracing experiences that will support our happy state of being?

Every Friday night, from 7 pm – 11 pm, you can immerse yourself in what will be a memorable evening at Jaya, one of the Setai Miami Beach hotel’s restaurants. The Asian Night Bazaar Dinner Series is happening at Jaya’s spectacular courtyard, featuring a retractable rooftop that allows guests to enjoy the astonishing Miami sky. As you enter the space, a geisha greets and blesses you with a dance under the DJ’s music setting up your expectations for what you are about to experience. 

JAYA COURTYARD | Photography JAYA at THE SETAI Miami Beach

The seating is set around a stoned-filled pool, situated in the middle of the courtyard, where most of the entertainment occurs, making it easy to enjoy the spectacle from wherever your table is. Following The Setai’s overall interior design essence, that night Jaya is filled with Asian-inspired lanterns and color-changing lighting that reflects in the water as well as draws live shadows from the palm trees in juxtaposition of wooden decorative panels around the courtyard. It feels like everything and everyone is alive and in harmony with the ambiance. 

Helmed by executive chef Vijayudu Veena, Jaya’s menu is a culinary cultural journey around diverse Asian traditional specialties, with a contemporary twist. Beyond the exceptional food and presentation, the personnel will explain to you where the inspiration for each dish comes from, transporting you to those exotic places. A glass of Champaign, while you read the menu, will spark your appetite.  

Truffle Dumplings | Photography JAYA at THE SETAI Miami Beach

As a welcoming appetizer, homemade lentils and shrimp crackers are crunchy and light, almost melting in your mouth. The selection of the Dim Sum, a traditional Chinese small bite-sized portion is served in a steamer basket and accompanied by a selection of sauces. As a vegetarian option, the Chive Dumplings are steamed and pan-seared, filled with chive and mushrooms bursting with juicy flavors. Har Gau shrimp dumpling is wrapped in a thin dough envelope, tasting delicate and tender. The Short Rib Gyoza made of wagyu beef bathed in foie gras foam, chili oil and sweet unagi shoyu sauce brings softness to the palate. And the signature starter dish, the Truffle Dumplings, with a mixture of steamed scallop and shrimp, immersed in a truffle cream emulsion, with a touch of freshly shaved truffles, will blow your mind. 

To clean your palate between the dishes, the Naan Bread is seasoned with Indian spices and ready to soak in a flavorful cashew curry sauce. The Tuna Tacos is classic that brings freshness, served on a taco tray with a blend of taro shell, avocado, jalapeno relish, radish and sprinkled with sesame. 

Octopus | Photography JAYA at THE SETAI Miami Beach

As the main course, the Octopus is super-tender, sitting on a creamy and bold adobo sauce and accompanied by fingerling potatoes. The Wagyu Striploin with spiced teriyaki, sesame and charred broccoli on top, is juicy and has a rich mouthfeel. Both dishes are rich, immersive and satisfying.

To continue with the specialties, such as Peking Duck accompanied by steamed warm pancakes and thin cucumber strips, is perfect to eat in a traditional way, wrapped and soaked in a bean sauce, or just enjoy the contrast of crispiness and tenderness of the duck by itself. From Indonesia comes the Nasi Goreng, fried rice with chicken, shrimp, sunny side up egg on top and peanut relish. 

Peking Duck | Photography JAYA at THE SETAI Miami Beach

For fish enthusiasts, made in the tandoor and accompanied with basmati rice, the Sea Bass Tikka, flavored with cilantro, ginger and sour-sweet tamarind chutney and yogurt, is well balanced without being overpowering. 

Ask your waiter for a selection of small sweets and dessert wine, or try Jaya’s signature cocktails. As you enjoy your dinner, closer to the show to start at 9 pm, you feel the atmosphere is starting to build. Suddenly, the music changes and your attention goes to an aerial contortionist that without the use of safety lines, starts to climb the ribbons hanging from the beams crossing the courtyard pool. You will be captivated by watching the extreme flexibility and graceful movements of the performer. After a little break, the show continues with a fire performer who comes to the stage playing with fire around the body and placing it inside the mouth. 

The Asian Night Bazaar Dinner Series is a beautiful and impressive event, perfect for anyone who loves an immersive experience that evokes the most thrilling emotions within yourself.

Header Image | Photography JAYA at THE SETAI Miami Beach