Interview with MICHAEL EVANS BEHLING | Passion is My Fuel to Create the Life I Want

Passion is one of the most powerful emotions, it’s an inexhaustible fuel that drives us to create and express ourselves. But it’s not until we decide to embrace it when we become fully satisfied.
We can tap into our passion just by appreciating things around us. As we begin to guide ourselves into thoughts that support the desires we want to fulfill, we experience the thrill of seeing it unfold in our life. Therefore, the emotions that we feel are ultimately the result of our thoughts. Regardless of current physical reality, by focusing on things we love and care about, the feeling of passion, which is always inside of you, will come along our path.

Actor Michael Evans Behling who stars as Jordan Baker on CW’s drama All American, says, “I believe with passion you can do almost anything you set your mind to.”

In this insightful interview, you will discover Michael’s inspiration to embrace his career as an actor, as well as his current powerful role in CW’s drama All American.


  • Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Michael Evans Behling?

My name is Michael Evans Behling, I am twenty-three years old. I was born in Columbus, Ohio but grew up in Columbus, Indiana. I love animals, nature, and sports of all sorts. I grew up with a small passion for acting that was shot down by my teachers in school after writing a paper about “what do you want to be?” After that, I set my focus on sciences, which I studied for a brief period in college while running track and field at the highest amateur level.

  • The inspiration to receive the clarity of embracing acting as your professional path was the late Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight. What sparked that desire within you when you saw Heath portraying the Joker?

In the back of my head, I was still very curious about acting, especially due to Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. His performance was so thrilling, captivating, and just brilliant. I have viewed that film well over 100 times. The way Heath portrayed his character was so maniacal— it glued me to the screen.

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  • The entertainment industry, like any other professional field, is considered very competitive; there are talented performers who thrive and others who do not. Why do you think this is happening, and what’s your formula for success?

I think to be successful in this industry is to be talented, prepared, and in the right place at the right time. This industry is based on how others view you and if they can envision you in a role.


  • As an actor, how do you consciously embrace the quality of imagination that every human being is born with?

I feel that imagination is amazing. As kids, we have wild ones, but usually, they tone down as we get older. My imagination still seems to run wild and I love it. It helps with ideas as far as acting and for social media.

  • On CW’s drama All American, where you play Jordan Baker, a Beverly Hills High star quarterback. How would you describe your emotional journey during the process of bringing to life your character?

Getting into character for Jordan season one versus season two has been very different. In season two, Jordan was more arrogant in the first half of the season and now he’s more loving and very caring. I enjoy the transition and route the writers are taking him on.

  • Jordan experiences issues with identity and self-acceptance, something that many viewers might resonate with. How do you feel Jordan has evolved throughout the two seasons so far?

Jordan struggled with self-identity in the first season once Spencer came along. I think he has now come to terms with the fact that he is different and his relationship with his father has grown tremendously.

  • How would you describe the current dynamics of the relationship between Jordan, Spencer James (Daniel Ezra), a high school football player from South Central, and Billy Baker (Taye Diggs), Jordan’s father who is also their coach?

The current dynamic of Spencer, Billy, & Jordan is great. They are all on the same page. Jordan and Spencer are practically brothers now. Billy and Jordan have connected due to the pregnancy scare Jordan was involved in.

  • How do you think a show like All American brings awareness and embraces a positive conversation with the audience?

I think All American embraces positivity because it’s showing people of color on screen. It’s a nice aspect of relatability to be able to see yourself on screen. I think that plays a huge part in our viewership.

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  • Are you involved with any charity organization or humanitarian cause you would like to mention?

I am currently involved in animal safety, & mental health awareness. Mental health awareness is a huge part of my life and what I support. 


  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is The Essence of a Joyful Living. How does Joy during the creative process affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

I find joy every time I get to read a new script. I love seeing which story we will bring to life next.

  • When you hear: “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words from the Abraham-Hicks teachings, what is your take on such a statement?

I believe with passion you can do almost anything you set your mind to.
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