Le Sirenuse Miami at Four Seasons Hotel, The Surf Club | Every Sunday Tap Into La Dolce Vita of a Daydream

Imagine the magnificent feeling of seating overlooking the ocean, sensing the soft breeze caressing you, watching the palm trees playfully dancing under the warm sun while you appreciate the astonishing Miami blue sky…it’s like a daydream unfolding in front of you.

All this magic and beyond happens every Sunday brunch at The Terrace of Le Sirenuse Miami, located at Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club. This emblematic property opened its doors almost a century ago, on New Year’s Eve of 1930, and since then has been home for those who seek elegant and hedonistic experiences. Today, the hotel preserves Miami’s golden era excellence blended with a contemporary, sleek and yet warm Mediterranean flair. 

Photography by Christian Horan

Upon entering the lobby, you are greeted by smiling personnel, who guide you towards the restaurant with the flawless Four Seasons’ notable service. As the hostess escorts you to your table at The Terrace, walking through Le Sirenuse, which in Italian refers to the little islands between the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri, you navigate through different areas. Following the sounds of live jazz music coming from the outdoors, you wander around in appreciation of the hotel’s beautiful space reimagined by renowned architect Richard Meier and designer Joseph Dirand. 

Photography by Christian Horan

The interior emanates the sophisticated essence of its original atmosphere, furnished with elegant elements within a space filled with plants, creating an inside, tropical garden-like ambiance. The furniture and lighting reflect a strong Art Deco influence with their boldly delineated geometric shapes, strong finishes, and brass details. High wooden ceilings, supported by grand arched beams and openings, minimal walls covered in warm paint color, marble floors delineating each activity and bringing freshness to space, are reminiscent of Spanish or Italian courtyards. The outdoor setting at The Terrace with its spectacular ocean views, terracotta floors contrasting with more casual-type turquoise color comfortable soft seating, white marble low tables, and blue tableware accents, reminds you of the Italian Riviera.

Photography by Christian Horan

To satisfy the finest palates, the family-style brunch menu reflects the deep and rich Southern Italian culture brought to Miami, inspired in Le Sirenuse’s Michelin-starred sister restaurant La Sponda in Positano. Helmed by Chef de Cuisine Antonio Mermolia, the restaurant celebrates and honors Neapolitan timeless tradition for cooking and La Dolce Vita, the sweet spot of Italian signature lifestyle, full of luxury and pleasure. 

A glass of prosecco or a Bellini is served as a welcoming drink. The selection of freshly baked bread to soak in olive oil, followed by a variety of delicatessens Charcuterie Board, will get you in the mood for what is coming. The Tuna Tartare with chives and tiny cut grapes playfully constants the sour and sweet flavors in your palate. To continue with highly segmented flavors comes the quintessential East Coast Island Creek Pastors Oysters experience. 

Now, your culinary journey goes to ‘la cucina della nonna’ starting with traditional Neapolitan style Pizza Margherita, light with a crispy thin crust decorated on top with big leaves of green basil, white mozzarella dots and fresh red tomato sauce carrying all the colors of the Italian flag. The Spaghetti Alla Nerano is made of thin, home-made pasta with zucchini, all bathed in white grana padano creamy cheese sauce with a hint of basil. As the third option on the menu to share, you will love the baked Eggplant with Tomato Sauce and parmesan cheese, tender and which melts in your mouth. All these stellar dishes are totally vegetarian. 

For the individual course, you can choose one of the six options. The Filetto di Branzino, the iconic Mediterranean fish, was delicate and mild in flavor with a trickle of fresh lemon and accompanied with vegetables. 

The dessert area has a dedicated entire room with a vast selection of small and bigger sweet delights. As you indulge yourself in this marvelous experience, you can take your time to breathe and enjoy the intoxicating smell of the sea. The atmosphere calls you in to ask for an espresso, and, after a while, to finish with a glass of champagne.

The Terrace of Le Sirenuse Miami at Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club is the place to celebrate the sweet, delicious and abundant life. It’s an example of a daydream allowed by you to manifest into reality.

Header Photo by Christian Horan