Interview With NIKO GUARDADO | My Biggest Effort is to be REAL and HONEST with Myself & Embracing a Simple Living

There are many ways to approaching life with the intention of accomplishing what we desire. Many of us take the path of hard work focusing on physically putting a lot of effort into what we do, without being aware of how we feel, and this does not always bring us the result we aspire. At any point in time, we have the freedom to choose to put the biggest effort in aligning with ourselves and our desires while being steady in enjoying the process of life’s creative unfolding with more ease and less effort. In that state, hard work doesn’t feel so hard, it feels joyful, real and honest. In that state, we are also of value to ourselves and others, seeing every situation from the perspective of love and clarity.

Actor Niko Guardado, who can be seen as Beto Acosta on Freeform’s highly anticipated series Party of Five, says, “I aspire to inspire others just by living and not trying to force anything. I really try my hardest to just simply be REAL and HONEST.”

In this uplifting interview with Niko, you will tap into his inner world and journey of self-discovery, his zest for life and acting, as well as his great role as Beto on Party of Five.


  • Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Niko Guardado?

Niko Guardado is a twenty-three-year-old man trying to find his purpose in this world. I laughed as I typed that because it sounds so spiritual, which I am, however, I like to think of myself as a spiritual realist. I live my life by Instagram quotes and morning mantras. I laughed again. In all seriousness, I just try to laugh at life as much as I can and also cry whenever I feel like it because that is the beauty of life. How spontaneous and mysterious it really is. I aspire to inspire others just by living and not trying to force anything. I really try my hardest to just simply be REAL and HONEST. I like to let the ocean take me wherever I need to be at this particular moment. I am a very imaginative kid trying to live out my dream and love my family and love life every day by living as simply as I can.


  • Like in any other professional field, the entertainment industry can be either challenging or fun and exciting most of the time, depending on each persons’ perspective. Do you have an inner emotional practice that inspires you to be the best self when you want to physically manifest a desirable outcome?

Yes! Of course. I think when it comes to manifestation, for me, it’s just constantly picturing it, believing it can happen, writing it down, saying it out loud, it just really depends on what I am feeling that day. I do believe in manifestation to the fullest. The universe has the biggest ears and whatever you say, think, scream, and whisper can all be heard and taken into account.

  • All human beings always seek to accomplish more even when they have reached a certain point of what could be considered a success. What is your definition of success at this moment, and how do you embrace your continual state of becoming?

To me, success is being able to go outside later in life with your favorite drink in hand and look back at your life and laugh, cry and question but never regret anything. I have yet to experience that so I have not obtained my success yet but that what I am aiming for in my continual state of becoming.

Photography by F. Scott Schafer


  • How do you feel your way through embodying someone else and make it relatable to connect with the audience?

By being real. I wish I had some crazy cool technique that I could share with you but I don’t. I never went to Juilliard, I’m just a kid with a big imagination and a seeker of truth. I feel like the most conveying and relatable performances are the ones that don’t force anything. They just try to come from a place of their truth and it shows and that is my way of going about acting and connecting to the audience.

  • Have you learned anything important about yourself during the process of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes?

I have learned that I have a great sense of relatability. Whether I am working on a character or just watching a movie I have always found it easy to relate or understand where all these characters are coming from because I do that in real life. No matter how bad someone messes up in life or how bad of a person the villain in a movie is I try to see their point of view of life and the current situation they are in because then that creates connection. Connection is all we have as a human being and in order to connect, we must first understand and in order to understand we must have non- judgmental and open minds.

  • On Freeform’s highly anticipated series Party of Five reboot, you play Beto Acosta, the middle son of five children whos’ parents, Javier and Gloria Acosta are deported to Mexico. What was the process of becoming and connecting with your character?

I immediately found so many similarities between Beto and I at his age. I was an awkward teenager and very innocent in ways but also very mature and self-aware for a high schooler at his age as well. With that being said it was very easy to tap into who he was as a person. The hard part was trying to relate to having your parents taking away from you. I connected to that part of the character by talking to a real-life survivor of nightmare immigration scenarios and reading as many news articles as I could to bring their real-life stories to the screen.

  • What role does Beto play within the family when he and his siblings faced their parents’ deportation?

 He plays the nurturer. Valentina finds comfort in Beto the most after the parents get deported and the finally finds that being a father figure is really what he is good at and has found his place in the world at the moment.

  • How would you describe the dynamics of the relationship between all siblings when now, they have to take care of themselves?

The older siblings tend to feud over certain things but the family situation has surely brought them so much closer as siblings. They love each other at the end of the day no matter how bad of an argument got. They will always have each other’s backs.

  • How would you describe your own emotional journey for being part of such a story?

This show has certainly shown be so much about myself. One, I proved a lot to myself in terms of my acting ability, I surprised myself most days which was amazing. Two, this show has really brought me a lot closer to my culture. I have always been a proud Latino but the show has made me even more proud and now I wear it on my sleeve every day. I am constantly trying to learn the language and learn where my ancestors came from and the dreams they had when moving here for a better life.

  • On the series trailer clip of Javier and Gloria’s deportation, you can see the moment when Javier tells the oldest son Emilio Acosta, that he can be what he wants to be, how proud he is of him among other encouraging words. How do you think those words apply to those who are in a similar situation and want to be uplifted and inspired?

I think it sums it up pretty well. Life is not fair, I think we can all agree on that. However, if you can constantly get up and tug on the rope in this tug of war with life then sooner or later life is gonna cut you some slack. Everything in life is about attitude. If you can get up in the morning and breathe and hold your head up high, because nobody is going to hold it for you, then nobody can stop you. It’s cliche, but it’s a cliche because it is true. The only person stopping you from living the life you want is YOU!

Photography by F. Scott Schafer


  • How does your perception about yourself and the world around you affects the way you experience your existence?

My perception of my life and the world affects my existence on every level. I try to live life very simply. People mistake living simply as living unfulfilled or boring but it is so far from that. Simply is thinking of what makes you happy and not having to worry about circumstances just SIMPLY do it. Be kind to one another, always say I love you to the people you love, make bold and smart choices, ALWAYS follow the path that leads to what you are most passionate about and I think on your death bed you will have lived a life of zero regrets.


  • You are involved in a non-profit 501(c)(3) The Eddie Guardado Foundation, founded by your parents. The organization raises awareness for autism after your younger sister Ava was diagnosed with autism at age two. How do our readers can contribute to this cause?

You can visit and donate and also read up on our cause and what we do with donations. Our goal is not to find a cure for autism, it is to supply families and kids with autism with certain things they need to make life a little easier. Whether that is a gate around their yard or an iPad or to help pay for speech therapy, we are here to help because we understand how hard it can be sometimes.


  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is The Essence of a Joyful Living. How does Joy during the creative process affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

It is extremely important to enjoy what you do. No matter what it is. Whether we are actors, mailmen and women, lawyers, musicians, garbage men and women, as long as you are happy doing it then that is all the matters. You can also add creativity to any job you are doing. That’s the beauty of being creative, there is no right way to do it unlike a math problem or a science experiment. DO YOU! And if people try to chime in and tell you not to, simply turn to them and say thank you and carry on doing you.

  • When you hear: “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words from the teachings by Abraham-Hicks, what is your take on such a statement?

It is 100% true. However, it takes hard work, determination and being able to push a lot of people’s bullshit and negativity to the side in order to light those dreams on fire. You are going to piss a lot of people off the day you wake up and realize you want to do the best for yourself and that is okay as long as you are working towards happiness and your dreams.
Header Photography by F. Scott Schafer