Dr. BEN TALEI | How Mastering The Art of Inner Confidence Reflect in Our Outer Reality

Confidence—a feeling accessible to all human beings, which can be evoked when we tap into our inner space that empowers us to align with our highest self. When we are confident, we are aware of our innate beauty, grace, and unique abilities. Sometimes, we are looking for ways to remind ourselves to hold our heads up high and show up every day as our best self. Cutting-edge cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei provides exceptional procedures that help us feel better in our own skin.

Dr. Talei has a very unique and natural way of performing facial surgery. He is an innovator in the plastic surgery field and is globally renowned for his techniques, which produce results with no trace of cosmetic intervention. He explains, “I try to be as logical as possible when doing surgery.  Logical surgery, which isn’t too creative or imaginative, tends to bring the most natural-looking results.  When you’re doing natural surgery, you can do multiple procedures at once—or more substantial lifts—and still maintain a completely natural appearance.”

Two of his favorite procedures include the AuraLyft and the modified upper lip, both of which he pioneered.  “Lip lifts have been around for over twenty years, but five years ago, when I introduced a new method, the procedure really took off and gained popularity on an international scale.  The AuraLyft is great because it gives a better result than any other facelift or neck lift, but it doesn’t look like any surgery was done,” says the doctor. 

However, Dr. Talei’s success is not only due to the innovative nature of his practice but also his social graces and relatable personality. His primary focus is to find ways not only to improve the physical appearance that his patients desire but to influence them to be happy while looking beautiful. He explains, “My job is to be half surgeon and half therapist.  I’m here to make people happy and guide them in the right direction.  Much of the reason I’m good at what I do is that I’m able to read people very quickly.” 

Dr. Ben Talei notes that a major part of his job is refusing to do certain surgeries that would look unnatural. Once he understands the patient’s personality, he designs a treatment plan that would be comfortable and make sense to them. Much of the time, this involves saying no when a patient requests a procedure that won’t contribute to their happiness. “I advise them strongly against it,” he says.

Dr. Talei’s philosophy could be described as “less is more.” He truly believes in everyone’s intrinsic, individual beauty, which does not need to be altered to fit a certain image. In his words: “I tell patients all the time, ‘Don’t try to change yourself so much when you’re already so good!’  It’s like insulting the higher power.  I appreciate everyone’s beauty and often believe patients should appreciate what they have and not try to change too much.

He desires to continuously uplift and spread happiness and confidence, which is reflected in his involvement with philanthropic causes. He travels internationally with the HUGS Foundation and Healing the Children, and he raises funds for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Padres Contra el Cancer, cancer research, and more.

Ultimately, what drives Dr. Talei’s work is his intention to help his patients look and feel the best they can. Of course, he is also passionate about the plastic surgery field and enjoys developing its practices to be the safest and most effective they can be. “I love what I do, and I only want the best for people.  I get a great amount of joy from helping people. The same feeling leads me to do extra little things on patients during a surgery or after to keep improving my result as much as possible.  It makes me happy to get better and better results.”

When he’s not performing surgery, you can find Dr. Talei pursuing his other passions on the water or at the piano bench. He describes himself as “a very simple guy who loves life and is passionate about too many things.” His whose past careers included piano teacher, race car instructor, ski patrol, amateur boat racer, private investigator, ambulance driver, and “a few other things.” He is a living example that, with confidence, you truly can do anything.

photography by Marc Royce | Words by Armand Alvarez & Kaila Basile