David Franz Winery in Barossa Valley, Australia | The Ideal Place to Cheer for a Beautiful Life

Australia attracts visitors from all around the world and all walks of life—for good reason, as it is not only one of the most beautiful places on earth, but it truly offers something for everyone. Australia’s aboriginal cultures, the oldest civilizations in the world, thrive in the bustling indigenous art scenes. The country’s beautiful landscapes are a sight to behold, from the reefs to the mountaintops, and will be sure to inspire an appreciation for nature. It is also home to multicultural, ultra-modern cities bursting with life. Whether in Perth, Adelaide, or Sydney, you can find street food and Michelin-starred restaurants inspired by global cuisines. Of course, Australians are known for their laid-back attitude, and the people you meet will surely inspire you to forget your worries and enjoy going with the flow of things.

It’s such a joy to have memorable experiences with your loved ones. Clinking glasses and breaking bread is one of the best ways to celebrate with good company, especially when gathered outside on the beautiful patio of a 19th-century cottage overlooking a vineyard amidst rolling hills. 

This is the atmosphere at David Franz Cellardoor, a boutique winery in Australia’s coveted Barossa Valley. The Barossa is the premier wine region in the country due to its ideal climate and longstanding tradition of wineries; it is home to some of the most prestigious and well-known Australian wines. Winemaker David Franz Lehmann draws on the tradition and adds his own avant-garde twist to create wines that are as unprecedented as they are delicious.

David Franz Wines – By David Lehmann Cellar Door. Tanunda, Barossa Valley South Australia | photography by John Krüger

The winery offers something for everyone. Some highlights on the tasting menu are the ‘Marg’s Blood’ Semillon, a lovely summer white with a hint of citrus and herbs and crisp finish. The ‘Red Rosé’ is a lovely take on the classic summer wine. The ambitious blend of grape varieties results in a crisp wine with a raspberry finish; it is a layered wine, and new depths of flavor are brought out with each sip. ‘Benjamin’s Promise’ is a rich Shiraz, a variety the Barossa is known for, with an intense blend of earthy and chocolate notes. ‘Sticky’ is an absolutely delectable finisher with a sweet, honey-and-fruit flavor you will not be able to get enough of. This Botrytis Semillon is a challenging wine to produce but well worth the effort. For those who are not fans of traditional wines, the ‘Golden Scrumpy’ is Lehmann’s take on cider. The sparkling apple-and-grape cider is incredibly refreshing. There are countless other delectable wines to taste and choose from, each with incredibly refined with unexpected flavor notes. 

Lehmann’s passion for wine is tangible in every aspect of the Cellardoor experience. He worked in the vineyards under his father’s guidance before coming to manage them. His expansive knowledge of the winemaking process allows him to curate the vine-to-bottle journey, from nurturing the grapes to maturing and bottling the wine. Each bottle of wine has been crafted with the utmost care, finished with a hand-printed label and wrapped. 

The winery offers a unique dining opportunity to complement its tastings—platters with artisanal cheeses and spreads as well as larger plates and sweet treats. The seating area is on the outdoor patio, making for a delicious dining experience with an astonishing view. 

We are all driven to experience a beautiful life. Relaxing, trying new wines and food, and having stimulating conversations with friends who inspire us are all ways to nourish our inner selves and sense of curiosity, embracing our spirit for celebration. It’s nice when we allow ourselves to take moments to be fully present in moments of true, unbridled joy.

header photography by John Krüger