Interview with GABRIEL DARKU | I Get to Define Who I am and What I Want to Accomplish

Alignment is being connected to Source, it’s feeling who we really are while embracing and honoring the process of our becoming. As we accomplish more, we always aim for more; it’s our natural expansion. Life wants to express itself through us, manifesting all our desires that already exist vibrationally. When we are feeling the connection between our physical and energetical realms, we can sense the wholeness of the entire universe. In that state, we are most beneficial to ourselves and others, and our actions are inspired and effortless. Hence we become in control of our own well-being.

When we asked Gabriel’s thoughts about the statement: “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words from the Abraham-Hicks teachings, he responded, “To me, those words are saying that you get to define who you are and what you accomplish, no one else. You can be in control.”

In this thoughtful interview, you will discover insights about Gabriel’s role Geoff on Netflix’s series October Faction, as well as his inner perception about himself and life. 


  • Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Gabriel Darku? 

I am a dreamer. I’m the kind of person who’s always picturing a better world, a better version of how we already live. But at the end of the day, that’s all I am, just a person, trying to do his best. 

  • Like every human being, we feel our way through life clarifying our preferences and desires. How that journey was for you when it comes to embracing your love for acting? 

It’s been an amazing journey. When I knew I wanted to go to school for acting, I still had yet to understand and appreciate what the craft really was. I knew I loved the idea of working on my feet instead of behind a desk, and I loved the idea that acting could be seen as more “play” than work. But the reality is that the more I learned what acting was all about, the more I connected with it. It’s helped me further understand myself, emotionally and physically. It’s helped me understand others. It constantly reminds me that there is always more than one side to a story. These experiences continue to fuel my passion for acting, and my desire to encourage empathy through storytelling, and within my own personal life. 


  • There is a shift in mindset where talents see more possibilities to explore and expand their creativity. Why do think this is happening and how do you envision the entertainment industry’s future? 

Well, we’ve definitely been seeing some improvement when it comes to representation, and this clearly has a huge impact on the minorities that are now getting to relate more to the stories that are being told. This, in turn, inspires people to tell their own stories, people who may have never gotten that chance before. We are constantly being introduced to new talent and seeing the different styles they bring to the table. It’s rather refreshing, and in turn, inspires others to push their creativity and imagination. 

We’ve also been seeing a lot of studios doing remakes and reboots for some years now, and I feel that people are realizing we need more original content, which also pushes artists to expand their creativity. I’m hopeful that the industry continues on a path of inclusivity, because I truly believe in the power this industry has to unify society through storytelling. 

photography by Megan Vincent


  • On Netflix’s series October Faction, you play Geoff, who with twin sister Viv and their parents, Fred and Deloris Allen who are monster-hunters move back to their hometown after Fred’s father died. From an emotional standpoint, how did you feel during the process of becoming your character? 

When I started to connect to Geoff, I noticed that I actually started to feel a sense of being incomplete. Yet at the same time, I felt a very strong sense of who I was. It was a very strange realization, that on the one hand you can be so sure of who you are and on the other be at a loss with who you’re supposed to be. I was glad to be able to connect so deeply with this, considering Geoff is much different than myself. 

  • October Factions is based on a graphic novel series written by Steve Niles and Damien Worm. What was the most satisfying feeling for yourself when you first read the script?

The graphic novels are so great, and what I appreciated most about our scripts was the deep dive it took into these characters. The backstories adds to the dynamic; the characters have been fleshed out to the point where so many people will be able to understand them and relate to them, and the heavy focus on relationships and their complications is something I very much love about the show. 

  • How does the Allen family navigate together the situation around the parents wanting to retire from the monster-hunting job and all the challenges and secrets that they have to face? 

This ends up being such a struggle for the Allens. Fred and Deloris have already set themselves up for a negative outcome, what with keeping their real lives a secret from their kids. And when the secret does come out, all sense of “togetherness” within the family seems to just dissipate. And understandably so; Fred and Deloris have raised Geoff and Viv, to be honest, thoughtful and respectable people. So to be lied to by them, and to see how little value they hold for non-human life, that’s not an easy thing to cope with. It caused Geoff and Viv to seek trust elsewhere, and it forces Fred and Deloris to come to terms with their actions. 

  • Geoff seems to be pretty confident about himself and yet, like everybody else, he wants to be loved and fit into his new environment. How would you describe the relationship between him and his inner self? 

There’s definitely one conflict that I noticed right away within Geoff, and that’s his habit of judging others. As open, honest and comfortable he is with himself, he doesn’t consider that other people aren’t always going to be comfortable with every aspect of themselves or their lives, and that they have their reasons for keeping things close to the chest. I guess he often interprets that kind of behavior as shady, and that blinds him to the feelings of the person he’s now judging, even if it’s just happening in his head. I definitely felt that he’s aware of this, and he hates that he does it but can’t always help it. I think a lot of us can relate to that sense of inner struggle, dealing with habits that we know are bad but for whatever reason can’t seem to break. 

  • Although October Faction is a show about the supernatural, beyond that, what is the message behind its plot for the audience to benefit from? 

The show is about so much more than just monster hunting. It touches on so many relevant topics like racism and xenophobia, and it’s hard to watch the show and not see that connection, which is what I love so much about it. It’s supposed to make people realize that situations are never just black and white, and that there are always two sides to the story. And even beyond that, despite all of the supernatural things the show revolves around, it’s also very much about family, and showing the importance of communication and trust. 

  • How does the chemistry between the cast and the crew behind the camera affect the manifested result on the screen? 

Good chemistry is important no matter what project you’re working on. The better your rapport is with your cast and crew, the more comfortable you will feel in taking risks and exploring new avenues. I was very fortunate to have been working with an incredible group of people. And with the cast, in particular, it wasn’t hard at all to start feeling like we really were family. That kind of connection makes the work that much more believable, because it carries over to how you interact with each other on screen.

  • What have you learned about yourself by playing Geoff and being part of October Faction

I would have to say rather than learning new things about myself, the whole experience definitely reinforced a lot of things I already thought and habits I have. That’s actually something I’ve always appreciated about my job, it really helps me further understand myself and how I’m feeling about whatever’s going on in my personal life at the time. 

photography by Megan Vincent


  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is The Essence of a Joyful Living. How does Joy during the creative process affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions? 

The joy I feel in getting to step out of my own shoes and experience life from different points of view… it’s hard to describe. It’s given me a greater understanding of humanity. It’s deepened my sense of empathy. This has, in turn, affected the way I interact with people, and the ideals I have about what I want to accomplish in the future. My sense of joy comes from knowing what I’m experiencing is making me feel more relatable, more understanding, more whole. 

  • When you hear: “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words from the Abraham-Hicks teachings, what is your take on such a statement? 

To me, those words are saying that you get to define who you are and what you accomplish, no one else. You can be in control.
header photo by Megan Vincent