TIMUR BOZCA | Designing a Luxury Yacht For The Contemporary Explorer

Through different creative expressions, we are all adventurers at heart. Who doesn’t want a life that fulfills our deepest desires? To explore destinations where few have gone before, to feel the wind on our face and inhale the scent of salt from the sea, to taste exotic foods and experience new cultures… What if you had the freedom to go wherever you wanted, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Arctic Circle? What if you could seek thrills on land or ocean, if you were free to follow the best seasons for activities such as skiing or diving? What if you could explore reefs or do your part to help the environment and contribute to make the world a better place? Dream big, and then bigger, because all this is possible.

This is the philosophy with which designer Timur Bozca and his team—interior stylist Gina Brennan, Lateral Naval Architects and Engineering, and Pelorus, an experiential and adventure travel company—designed the expedition yacht, Esquel. The 105-meter (345-foot) sustainable diesel-electric yacht is the newest innovation from yacht-builder Oceanco. The craft cruises at up to 16.5 knots and is both comfortable and high-tech. Timur explains, “The inspiration for Esquel was a space rocket; the name comes from a meteorite found near Esquel, a town in Patagonia, Argentina. Esquel is the perfect composite of solid metal and translucent crystals, an alluring combination found in a rare destination.”

Timur Bozca | photography courtesy Timur Bozca

The luxury vessel industry is always evolving, so the Esquel was designed as a yacht unlike any other. Its unique features make it the perfect craft for those with a strong sense of adventure: “The Esquel expedition starts where others stop, taking you to remote and rare destinations where you’ll find that it’s the expedition that makes the discovery, not the discovery itself. The Esquel expedition is a quest for life, without compromise,” says Timur.

While luxurious, Esquel is a minimalist vessel in the sense that every element of the design is there for a reason, which is Timur’s creative motto. “Esquel represents a revolutionary type of multi-purpose yacht, a perfect blend between an expedition vessel and sophisticated superyacht, combining pure luxury and comfort. While her lines are stately and chic, she is clearly a no-nonsense, high-tech, go-anywhere vessel that would be equally comfortable in the Mediterranean or in the Arctic Circle.” 

Thoughtful features such as the 200-square-meter (2152-square-foot) main deck with a glass superstructure, pool, and wellness areas with panoramic views are included in the design. However, one of the best aspects of the yacht is how customizable it is. On top of the 230-square-meter (2475-square-foot) tender garage for storage of watersports and diving equipment, other lockers for land or marine vehicles can be easily fit on the main deck. The deck can be outfitted with offices or seminar spaces, made the perfect venue for a party or gala, or simply made to fit your individual desires for a relaxing and enjoyable cruising experience.

Timur Bozca | photography courtesy Timur Bozca

Esquel was also designed with a special mission in mind: preserving marine ecosystems and conducting research. As delicate marine ecosystems are put at risk by climate change, vessels such as Esquel can be used to conduct new research and preserve the beauty of the world underwater. Timur explains, Esquel was also conceived as a vessel for people interested in marine life with a big potential for exploration studies. There is an option of creating reef farms aboard in order to contribute to the preservation of natural sea flora. Moreover, Esquel can investigate the atmosphere, the ocean, the seafloor… A test facility for clean marine energy could be created onboard for marine suppliers to test their fuel cells or other emerging technologies in a real-life environment. The yacht could be used in an emergency response to remote areas. 

“When in the vicinity of an emergency or natural disaster, the yacht could be utilized to help people by creating fresh potable water via water-makers and electrical power via the generators. At the same time, Esquel is a floating garbage collector. When at anchor or at the marina, the collector could be floating in the water, sucking water in from the surface and passing it through a catch bag inside the Seabin. And many more Eco-friendly features.”

Timur Bozca | photography courtesy Timur Bozca

The man behind Esquel is as innovative and fresh as the vessel itself. As a creator, Timur believes in being adaptable and constantly challenging himself to come up with something new and exciting. He follows his passion, so his work feels less like a job and more like an exciting hobby: “I love creating something unique and new. More than a job, it is a joy for me, which is breaking all the limits in the mind and letting it free. I think this is the key to create masterpieces.”

Timur’s career has been unpredictable, as he simply follows his passion rather than a strict career path. We are excited to see how his creative spirit and drive will manifest in his future projects. “Every designer has their own inspirations, lifestyles, desires… I have never wanted to be just a designer, always believed that I should push my limits as much as I can. Currently, I am working on a project that combines all my design and sport skills with nature to create an experiment, which will teach, inspire and show a new vision to everyone, including me!”

Timur agrees with words from the Abraham-Hicks teachings, “You can be, do, and have anything you want.” He adds, “All we need is to plan well, work hard, be patient and celebrate…”

header photography courtesy Timur Bozca | words Armand Alvarez & Kaila Basile