DINA GOLDENTAYER: a Premier Agent of Luxury Real Estate in Miami | RESILIENCY IS KEY TO SUCCESS

Living a happy life is all about perspective. It is our attitude that transforms our jobs into our passion and joy. Trusting our innate abilities empowers us to know we will succeed, and our creative journey will be worth it whenever we embark on a new endeavor. 

Dina Goldentayer, the Executive Director of Sales at Douglas Elliman, has harnessed the power of perspective to become a premier agent of luxury real estate in Miami and to manifest the life she desires. She has a multi-decade career in real estate, dedicating herself to her vocation since her early twenties and working her way up from smaller properties to multi-million-dollar mansions. Her creative eye and unique perspective serve her clients, as she knows what will make a house a home and which neighborhoods will see growth.

On Miami’s appeal, Dina explains, “Miami’s lifestyle offers something for everyone. It’s so much more than a beach town and nightlife haven. It still is those things, plus top dining options, an art scene, a focus on health and wellness, and a fervor for expansion.”

On top of Miami’s year-round sunshine, this vibrant city offers something for everyone. Goldentayer notes, “Cultural diversity to Miami is key. Everyone is welcome, and that fuels the economy.”

As for luxury real estate, “The demand for high-end properties is at an all-time peak. There has never been as much money in town as there is now. A $20 million home used to sell two or three times a year. Now they are selling monthly,” says Dina.

In early 2018, laws came into effect that abolished the individual state income tax. This makes Miami a particularly attractive location for wealthy Americans from high-tax-paying states. This has also bolstered the already booming local economy, as many companies are relocating to Miami and bringing wealth and redevelopment into the city. 

The conditions are looking favorable into Miami’s future. Dina says, “Should the legislation regarding mortgage interest tax deductions remain in effect, coupled with new measures, especially in New York City, further burdening the top moneymakers, Miami’s real estate scene is bound to remain hot. What I hope to see is the trickle-down effect. The CEOs are buying the $15 million to $25 million properties. As some relocate their companies, our industry is waiting for their CFOs, CMOs, etc. to scoop up the $3 million to $7 million assets.”

On which neighborhoods are the best to buy in, Dina explains, “The most upscale and unique neighborhoods to invest in now are Sunset Harbour and Surfside. Both are on the cusps of already well-established communities. Surfside is a tiny stretch of beach right between the American Riviera—Miami Beach—and Bal Harbour, known as the Beverly Hills of our town. The luxury condo scene is booming here. I would equate Sunset Harbour to Williamsburg. All the hip new gyms, cafes, and specialty stores are opening here, including Lucali Pizza. And it’s not overrun with tourists, thus the local vibe is strong. Because of their close proximity to Sunset Harbour, the luxury single-family communities of Sunset Islands and Venetian Islands have seen a major spike in real estate values.”

The key to Dina’s long-term success is her perseverance in believing in herself. When she first started out in the real estate industry, she was selling homes at low price points and logging countless hours. She says, “Every step of the way, I knew I would succeed. I never doubted my path and truly knew I was offering an incomparable level of service to my clients.”

Dina’s positive attitude allowed her to see the challenges she faced as simply a part of her expansion. She explains, “Resiliency is key to success in real estate. You will lose clients. You will lose deals. Your friends may list with someone else. All this happens all the time. The key is to persevere and never pout for an extended period of time.”

Now that Goldentayer has accomplished a huge level of success, she has had to adjust her perspective and see her work as her passion and an integral part of her life. She says, “To truly live my life to its fullest, I have had to redefine the work/life balance.  I no longer look to classify my time as “work” time and “me” time. With the support of my husband, there’s a lot more fluidity in my life. We may be at a networking event or having dinner with a client, but now it just feels like life, rather than work.”

Dina is a true hedonist. She knows that by aligning with her inner self, she can manifest her desires into reality and constantly expand her inner and outer realms. She says, “Everything I have achieved, I built. And everything I plan for the next phase of my life, I know I will manifest in due time.”

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