Interview with Roi Fabito aka Guava Juice | I am That Which I Feel Myself Into Being 

Who I am? is one of the biggest questions that human beings ask themselves throughout life. Wanting to fit into a society that has so many different rules and points of view can be a tiring task. There are as many different ways of thinking as there are people on this planet. For that, reaching for everyone to agree with us and make everyone behave the way we think is right becomes a quite impossible mission. 

Diverse thinking is actually our biggest benefit in defining who we want to become, and how we want to experience our life. When we know what we don’t want, we know more clearly what we do want. Here is where our freedom of choice plays its core role, we either decide to push against people and things we don’t like, or we focus on becoming who we want to be. The difference between those choices is that when we allow ourselves to align and embrace who we are, meaning our becoming, it always feels good, and when we don’t, it feels the opposite.

Like everything in life, who we are is continually evolving. The Universe is never static; it is always changing and expanding into more. Perhaps by embracing the journey of our eternal evolution and inner self-discovery, we will also embrace our free will to decide what life feels best to us and who we want to become. 

YouTube genius creator and entrepreneur Roi Fabito aka Guava Juice says, “I am a huge ambassador of being who you are. Growing up, I struggled with my identity and many times I forced my personality to become someone who I wasn’t just to be “cool” or to conform with the other kids around me.”

In this inspiring interview with Roi, you will discover his process of embracing who he wants to be, as well as his creative journey towards the life he wants to live. 


  • Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Roi Fabito?

My name is Roi Fabito, YouTube creator and entrepreneur. I have a YouTube channel of 15,000,000+ subscribers and over 7,000,000,000+ video views. I have engineered a way to create content on YouTube that’s geared to outperform in the long run.


  • All human beings seek to accomplish more; there is always a new idea, a new desire, a new dream. How do you embrace your natural expansion and continually fuel your passion? 

I am very fearful of being stagnant and being at a plateau in my career. I use the fear of failure to ignite my mindset to learn as many new skills, traits, and knowledge as I can to help propel my career into a direction I never knew I could’ve gone into. A huge part of my success comes from adapting as I study the shifts of trends and gravitating in changing my content to fulfill those changes. In other words, I am not satisfied if I’m not constantly moving forward.

  • Any professional field is considered to be competitive; there are talents who thrive and others who do not. In your own experience, how does faith in yourself sync with your beliefs shape the likelihood of success?

Any career in life is competitive whether if it’s becoming the greatest athlete or being the greatest YouTuber. There will always be competition towards being the greatest.  What matters most is how you persistently master and craft your art. The only words that should matter are “I am the greatest at my craft, and no one else can replicate this no matter how hard they try.” Understanding failures is another great way to appreciate your self-worth. Rather than being discouraged, the best way I learned to repel my craft is to understand why a certain project failed or a rejection happened, then use it to make sure it never happens again. I’ve learned that if you don’t have a specific skill set, there is always another skillset that replaces that. The best mindset to have is that you are the most unique person anyone has ever seen, and nothing can take that away from you — use that to your advantage.

  • With such great numbers followers throughout the world, how do you think your artistic and creative expression positively affects your fans?

I think a huge reason why people love my content is the fact I am literally just doing whatever I want and making the most of every video and every sketch that I do. I believe they can see that with my tone of voice and even through the tiniest micro-expressions in my face. Seeing that creates a sense of comfortability as they can seek to my content if they ever need an escape for a laugh or a smile. Another great way my content affects my fans is the fact that my content contains a variety of many different themes and ideas from jumping into bathtubs with snakes, creating parodies of popular TV shows, and making music videos about random topics. It’s a great way they can live vicariously through me.


  • Prior to the physical actions of making a video, first, there has to be an idea born within yourself about it. How do you keep your creative juices continually flowing in harmony with your team’s co-creative process to express what you have envisioned?

The people you work with have to flow well with your vision of your brand. The most important thing I do to make sure my team and I are all on the same page is emphasize that we all understand the brand’s mission statement. Our mission statement is to inspire the youth through videos with positivity and creativity. Once we understand who we’re making the videos for, then we take a whole day to brainstorm the week’s video creative process. We play a lot of brainstorming games like Pictionary, Scattergories, and sometimes Catan to start off the brainstorming day. We have a list of ideas we all chip in together online that we later knit pick to see what ideas work that we can expand on. Eventually, the tiny idea becomes a much larger project. Of course, this is the summarized version of how we work together to create ideas. The most important thing is to make sure everyone is in the same headspace on WHY we’re doing the things we are doing.

  • During the process of making a video, how much space you give for spontaneous creativity? Could you share an example when you felt the inspiration to improvise and it actually made the outcome of the video even better than it was planned?

90% of our videos are improvised. Each video has a very loosely-written script. It usually contains the props being used in the video, and what the theme of the video is about. In my opinion, the channel and the brand works a lot better that way as my mind is very explosive in what happens during the video. For example, we had a video where we bought merch from every YouTuber. Rather than just wearing it and showing it off, the video went on a tangent where I wore it and jump and ran into a garage wall to test its durability. The videos usually perform a lot better if I do things that the audience does not expect. It’s better for the algorithm as it pushes videos where the audience has to rewind back to a certain timestamp to re-watch that unexpected part.

  • A lot of your videos deal with experiments, a great way for kids to entertain, explore and keep expanding their imagination. For you personally, what have you discovered or learned about yourself from creating videos and other projects for kids?

What I’ve learned throughout my fourteen years of making videos on YouTube is that the majority of the audience on YouTube are in fact kids and teenagers. Personally, I’ve learned by making videos that these kids and teenagers look up to me. I’ve learned that I have a great responsibility to being like an older sibling to these audiences to guide them towards a positive and encouraging light. My content has slowly refined throughout time in that aspect knowing I have to be the best role model I can be. A great example when this mindset manifested in reality, was my first Make-a-Wish kid. Seeing how my content really brightened up these kid’s lives is a huge part of the reason why I make the content I create. I rediscovered my purpose on YouTube to make sure I can keep entertaining these kids and providing laughter throughout their days.

  • What awareness or message you aim to convey for the audience to take away from watching your videos?

I am a huge ambassador of being who you are. Growing up, I struggled with my identity and many times I forced my personality to become someone who I wasn’t just to be “cool” or to conform with the other kids around me. I don’t want any kid to feel as lost and miserable as I was when I was younger. My persona in my videos is just me being me and not caring what other people think about me. People think I am crazy, but in reality, I am just doing my best to let my fans know that it is okay being yourself. 

  • Beyond being a platform to post videos, what does YouTube represent to you?

YouTube represents three pillars of my career. The first and greatest pillar is the opportunity to inspire people through my content whether that’s through laughter or having someone to look up to. The second pillar is the opportunity is growing my brand and my business. I have a lot of employees so it really is the driving force to keep me going so I can help me and my employees out financially. I also want to be financially ready when the time is right to start investing in bigger projects. The third is a community. A community not only towards the fans but other creators as well. I’ve gained a lot of YouTuber friends throughout my years, and it really is a community where creators help other creators create the best content they can possibly create.


  • How does the process of launching your own line for kids called Guava Toys, available at Target and Walmart, came to reality?

The idea was very simple in the beginning. I wanted a way to physically be there with all my fans and the toys were a great extension of the brand. Obviously, it’s impossible for me to visit all my fans one by one, but the toys were the perfect way to reach out to them and at the same time have the presence of me and the Guava Juice brand be there for them to be proud of.

  • What inspired you to create specifically slime buckets and pancake art kits, and how would you describe your creative journey from concept inception and design to product completion?

Pancake arts and slime buckets were a trending product on YouTube back in 2018. I am a huge fan of following the trends and those two were the top of my list to create a product for. I wanted to make a product that made sense with my brand. The journey to make that happen was tedious, but a good one. Learning about the business of manufacturing was amazing. The whole process that starts from paper to have it on the shelves of Walmart and Target took about a year to finalize. Just seeing that whole process happen and the work that it required was a really humbling process.  

  • Guava Juice Tub Tapper it’s your own mobile gaming app. What’s your expectation about how the users will enjoy your game?

Guava Juice: Tub Tapper is addicting. I love video games and I’m really picky when it comes to choosing a game to play. When I love a game, I invest many hours and energy making sure I beat the game. I wanted my audience to have that same mindset and expectation with Tub Tapper. I wanted them to love the game and become just as addicted as I was. In the end, it was a success. The game has over 3 million downloads and 20,000,000 hours of game time. My critical advice for this is whenever you create a product, you need to be deeply invested and passionate about it from the get-go. It won’t work in the long-run otherwise.

  • Your eagerness to wanting to create new things continued with a quirky album of original songs on iTunes/Spotify. How would you describe your intention and the meaning behind your songs?

 I’ve always loved creating music ever since I was young. YouTube is a crazy and weird world when it comes to music. I’ve made a couple of songs and, again, they’re really just about what’s trending whether it’s about Fidget Spinners or, with my recent song, about Washing Your Hands during this time of quarantine. It’s just a way for me to emphasize the trending topic and educate my audience as much as I can. One day, I want to create an album that isn’t catered to these topics, but just songs that people can just play because it’s fun to listen to. TikTok has mastered the craft of popularizing hit songs. I just have to study and learn what makes the songs great.

  • Have you ever dreamed of being a host of a show before taking on the role of hosting Nickelodeon’s digital series SpongeBob SmartyPants?

 I have never dreamt of being a host of a show ever in my life. I never thought I’d ever work with Nickelodeon for their new digital SpongeBob SmartyPants. Honestly, I have never dreamt of being where I stand now as a popular YouTube creator! The show and experience were amazing and if anyone has the opportunity to do something bigger, take it. This goes to show that if you constantly master your own craft, opportunities will arise when you least expect it. Do what it takes to never stop growing and never plateau in your career.

  • Are there any other exciting projects you are currently passionate about? How do you envision the Guava Juice brand’s expansion?

 We’ve been working on an animated series for three years now, and I think it’s about time. That’s all I’m allotted to say on that. Other than that, we’re working on purchasing a warehouse to make the Guava Juice Headquarters sometime in the near future.


  • What does it mean to you to be a partner with Make-A-Wish Foundation, and do our readers could contribute to their humanitarian cause?

 Working with Make-A-Wish Foundation is life-changing. It gave my career a different perspective on how we approach making videos for the better. The greatest feeling in life is giving something and not expecting anything in return. This is something I love doing whether if it’s donating $10,000 to plant 10,000 trees or $15,000 for medical supplies to help aid the fight for COVID-19. After a while, it stops becoming about how much money you make. It becomes how you use what you’ve earned for the good of the world. Believe it or not, there is no greater feeling than giving away money knowing that it’ll be used for something much larger than you could ever fathom.


  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is The Essence of a Joyful Living. How does Joy during the creative process affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

Boredom is something that aggravates me and I am never good at it. Being able to be creative and make something out of nothing to fill that void is pure joy and bliss for me. Boredom is the reason why I am constantly working, because I find joy in eliminating that through creating.

  • When you hear: “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words from the teachings by Abraham-Hicks, what is your take on such a statement?

“You can be, do and have anything you want,” means ANYONE can achieve greatness, you simply just have to keep moving forward.

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Photography by Storm Santos