Interview with MICKEEY NGUYEN | I am Dancing My Way Through My Awareness of The Importance of Self-Love

The meaning of the word ‘selfish’ has rather a negative connotation; it means the lack of consideration for others. It is often used to describe people that only think about themselves. The paradox is that someone could call us selfish for not wanting to do something they think is right, which in turn could be also considered selfish coming from their part. 

We only can see from our self-perspective. Everything that we think, feel and do comes with the intention of who we allow ourselves into being. Caring about how we feel, meaning loving ourselves will allow us to dance along with the energies that emanate from us to the outer world. How we see and feel ourselves, we perceive others. 

When we feel unconditional love for who we are becoming, this powerful vibration will radiate from us towards others and everything we do. It feels nice to feel nice, and it feels good to be loving and kind. In that state, we continually uplift others by becoming our own example of how to live happily ever after.

Artist Mickeey Nguyen, who can be seen as Mag on Hulu and CBC sci-fi hip hop series Utopia Falls, says: “Being part of Utopia Falls was an absolute dream. It really has reinforced my awareness of the process of this kind of craft and the importance of Self-Love.”

In this insightful interview with Mickeey, you will tune into the love for his artistic expression and will sense his infinite zest for life.


  •  Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Mickeey Nguyen?

Hi everyone, my name is Mickeey Nguyen and I’m an artist seeking to consistently make a change through my journey in this constant-evolving world of Film & TV. I am a firm believer in having a kind-hearted spirit and always aiming to achieve your absolute best and not to discourage yourself if you fall short. I’m an advocate of my own journey and all upbringings, the good and bad, and wishes to use this platform I’ve made for myself to hopefully inspire someone out there through what I love doing & hopefully give them at least one smile in return.

  • As we feel our way through life experiences, we clarify our desires and preferences. How do you embrace this journey of inner expansion towards the life you desire?

This is a phenomenal question. I really believe that everyone’s journey is so unique and I find that it’s incredibly uplifting to watch someone blossom as they progress in their life. The life I desire is constant happiness and to give as much of it to the people around me so that they can do the same to others. Everyone faces such big sharp turns in their path and sometimes, we might not notice the value that they can later bring into our lives. I feel that my early experiences with what my father had taught me at a young age before his passing, he believed in embracing those obstacles because they shape us into who we are and what we will become. That has and will always stick with me in my career and my life and it really has helped me embrace all aspects of what life throws at you.

Photography by Denise Grant


  • There seem to be more and more opportunities and diverse content within the entertainment industry. How do your beliefs connected to your desires affect your professional and personal experiences?

Growing up, I personally did not see anyone who I could relate to in the entertainment industry. As a child, I watched SO many shows and never really saw anyone who looked like me. To name a few, or one really, I only saw and instantly loved ‘Trini’, the Yellow Ranger from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, because she was the first Vietnamese Actress I ever saw. As I continued to be inspired by her and hoped to carry that inspiration into my work, I knew in my heart that it was my passion to hopefully touch someone out there with what I love doing just as she did, as a proud Vietnamese Artist. I believe we are moving into a time where Asians, as well as many other previously neglected ethnicities, are becoming more recognized in the entertainment industry, which gives more of an opportunity for everyone to feel like they are well connected, appreciated, and represented. 


  • On Hulu and CBC sci-fi hip hop series Utopia Falls, you play Mags, who is best friends with Bohdi. How would you describe your emotional journey during the process of becoming your character?

To be honest, Mags is very similar to me so I instantly felt a connection with what he goes through. How he feels, talks, and progresses, the entire journey I took it very close to me. I didn’t find myself needing some form of pulling artificial emotions because he is so relatable and everything entirely felt very organic while playing him. He’s such a light in the room and is a completely humorous character. It helps because Utopia Falls is more of a darker tone, so having someone like Mags in the series is perfect to have because he wants to make light of all dark situations. Becoming him didn’t feel like it was a challenge because he always had resonated with me from the beginning.

  • What resonates with you and New Babyl, the colony of the last of humanity in a distant future. And how do you envision, hence desire the evolution of our present world?

What interests me about life in New Babyl is that it’s a society that came together after something catastrophic happened to humanity. Through unity, New Babyl had a new beginning with no restrictions. No matter your cultural background, the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, New Babyl did not retain anything that would deem to become harmful to its’ humanity. We live in a time where all that exists and sometimes it’s difficult for everyone to feel welcomed by all. That is why life in New Babyl resonates with me because it seemed like everyone lived in harmony and I hope that life today can work towards that future. Where we all can come together and feel united.

  • What role does Mags play in connection to his group of friends and the series storyline at large?

I picture Mags as the glue to the group. He keeps everyone together and really cares for those around him, especially Bohdi. He finds himself being the mediator, not because he has to, but because it’s his natural sense of loyalty to the people he cares about. While doing all that, he’s dependable and can always find the light in every dark corner through his humor and love for his group of friends. He’s a best friend that can tell you that you look hideous and will somehow put a smile on your face in doing so.

  • Have you discovered anything new for yourself about Hip Hop?

What’s incredible about this show is that you see the discovery and the rise of Hip Hop. What’s even more astonishing is the attention to detail where the history of Hip Hop and its’ uprising from our own history was implemented into this show. So when you see our group of teens discover this newfound culture of music in the archive and how they end up using it, you capture the very history of Hip Hop from today’s society. I personally never knew the background of Hip Hop but being on this project, it was inspiring for me to see and almost experience this discovery with my character. I felt so connected and touched by this movement of what Hip Hop stood for and how you see us utilize this discovery is revolutionary. I’m truly proud of what I’ve taken with me from all this and I think it’s phenomenal that Hip Hop is being brought out into this spotlight and I’m happy that it gives the audience a chance to share this discovery with the series as well.

  • What emotions do you feel at the moment the energy of your body movement merges with the music flowing through you, expanding and coming back to you?

It feels like in that moment, there’s no care in the world. No thought comes to mind. It’s really an out-of-body experience and I think that when a dancer becomes trained enough where they don’t have to think about counts or think about where their body placement is and they just let the music carry you, it can feel absolutely surreal. I teach a lot of classes where I teach my own choreography and my best moments take place in my room where I’m choreographing, listening to the music and letting it move me based on what I hear; the lyric, the instruments, emoting what I hear and how I feel. It’s my best attempt to describing it.

  • How does being part of Utopia Falls have expanded your awareness of your personal growth?

Being part of Utopia Falls was an absolute dream. It really has reinforced my awareness of the process of this kind of craft and the importance of Self-Love. I find that we’re always our own worst critic and always aiming to be perfect. I think prior to achieving thick-skin in this craftsmanship, I was very hard on myself on what I couldn’t do that I never really gave myself the appreciation for the things I COULD do. In this industry, you have to be patient and allow yourself to make mistakes and experience them so you learn not to make them again. And most importantly, don’t put yourself in a position where you feel like you’re walking on eggshells and allow yourself to do the best you can do and appreciate what you give as the outcome. Love you for you and everything that comes with it. Being on Utopia Falls made me stand by this and allowed me to continue to progress in my what my process is and I’m truly grateful for that.

  • What kind of message lays at the core of Utopia Falls narrative?

I feel that Utopia Falls’ strongest message is strength in unity. I think that some people may put too much of their impression on the dancing and the singing but it’s not entirely the full focus here. You have a group of teens that are battling to win their new humanity’s prestigious competition called the Exemplar. They come from different parts of a society where some seem like they have absolutely nothing in common and some have never even met before. However, when we set those differences aside and we find a common purpose to unite and take a stand, there’s a big chance you can be unstoppable and make a difference. In the end, Utopia Falls stands for a cultural revolution.

  • What other exciting projects you are currently working on?

Utopia Falls has really inspired me to hopefully venture into the world of music. I loved the process and the artistry it had and being able to explore that on the show has given me such an appreciation for it. 

Photography by Denise Grant


  • Do you contribute to any humanitarian cause you would like to mention?

I know that during these times of COVID-19 may feel like the hardest but I really do strongly believe in the practice of protecting those around you through social distancing. You may feel alone and scared but always know that we are all here for each other and we will get through this together. It’s a time where we all should recognize and appreciate the front-liners who serve to protect those in need and a time where we must do our part to protect our families and loved ones and work in harmony to protect everyone else.


  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is The Essence of a Joyful Living. How does Joy during the creative process affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

I believe that Joy can bring you all the wonders of the world without asking for it. When you find that joy in what you do, all things become seamless and uplifting and that light can shine to others where they feel the warmth of the love that exudes from you.

  • When you hear: You can be, do and have anything you want, words by Abraham Hicks.  What is your take on such a statement?

I think you can be, do, and have anything you want as long as you trust yourself that you’ll be happy with anything that comes from it. No matter what you end up being, doing and wanting, love all outcomes and don’t let anything ever make you feel otherwise!

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