Interview with HAYLEY ORRANTIA | I am Choosing the Path Towards Love and Appreciation

It is easy to love when someone loves us back, but when it comes to embracing our differences, sometimes we push against each other opting for being right instead of feeling good. When we understand that relationships in different degrees reflect the relationship we have with ourselves, we will start seeing their value and consciously move towards who we want to be. 

Each and every relationship we have ever experienced and are experiencing at this moment serves us as the basis for our personal growth and expansion. Relationships are perfect indicators of how we think and feel about ourselves and the world around us. Other people can influence us in different ways depending on the attention we place on them. If we want others to change for us it is a very conditional approach. Perhaps by being our own example of the change we want to see in them will empower them to do the same, if they decide so. 

Ultimately, the most important relationships are around those people who we care about most. They bring to us the perfect opportunity to practice unconditional love. By focusing on things to appreciate in each other, the relationship with who we are will also greatly expand. 

Artist Hayley Orrantia, who is a beloved by many and is well-known for her beautiful voice and role as Erica on ABC’s popular series The Goldbergs, has recently released her newest single Find Yourself Somebody. The song explores an unconventional perspective between two people who after stopping being romantically involved, but still love and support each other. Hayley explains, “ In Find Yourself Somebody, the break up is mature and mutual. They recognize that, while they have love for each other, it’s not best for them to be together, and they choose to support the other person in their personal growth and journey to find love with someone else.”

In this interview with Hayley, you will discover her artistic journey and passion for her craft, as well as the artist’s deep appreciation for everything in life.


  • Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Hayley Orrantia?

Hayley Orrantia is a singer, songwriter, and actress with a goofy personality and a love for creativity and connection. 


  • Like every human being, we feel our way through life clarifying our preferences and desires. How was that journey for you when it comes to embracing your love for music, singing and acting?

I fell in love with music at a very young age. I often tell people it’s like a kid joining the football or hockey team, and that I just enjoyed singing and wanted to get better at it every day. Once I was in high school, I realized that I could make a career out of it. That’s when I really started taking classes, meeting with professionals who were kind enough to lend some advice or introduce me to other people in the industry who helped further my career. Then acting came into my life, and I was challenged once again to grow creatively. After many classes and years of auditions, I booked the ABC sitcom, The Goldbergs, that has now been on for seven seasons and counting. I’ve embraced every path I’ve been led down when it comes to art, and it truly has been so good to me. 


  • On ABC’s popular series The Goldbergs, which is currently on its seventh season, you continue to play Erica Goldberg. How would you describe your emotional journey of becoming Erica during this last season?

Erica has gone through a lot of ups and downs as she left high school and entered college. In her first round at college, she didn’t take academics very seriously and put all her focus into music only to flunk out and spend a year at home navigating her sadness and figuring out what she wants. Season seven has been a big shift for her as she goes back to school and puts music on the back burner to immerse herself in classes. She’s gained a lot of confidence this year in her ability to succeed, and she is finding a way to balance her education with her passion for music.

  • Always finding her way through life, like every human being, as Erica evolves she has her ups and downs. How do you shift your own perspective when you think yourself in doubt?

In my bad days, I try to remind myself of how far I’ve come and that this too shall pass. It’s easy as a creative to get in your own head about your skill level or ability to succeed, but you have to balance that out with the realistic fact that you’ve come so much further than you give yourself credit for. If you ask yourself ten years ago where you’d be, it probably wasn’t where you are now…both good and bad. But take the experiences you’ve had as learning lessons and use them to build toward your future. The exciting part is not knowing where you’ll end up!

  • What core role does Erica play within the narrative of The Goldbergs?

Erica can be a typical, emotional, and irresponsible teenager, but she can also be very rational. Many times Erica is lending advice to her younger siblings and using her experiences to help guide them. She’s figuring out life day by day, but she acts as sort of a middle man to her family members.

  • As we all have paused, for now, it seems that more than ever before we are seeking connection/alignment. What message and awareness The Goldbergs is promoting for the audience to take away from watching the show?

The Goldbergs is such an amazing show, but especially during a global pandemic like this one! It brings laughter and joy to people who watch it, no matter their background or circumstance. It showcases the connection between family and highlights the importance of working through difficult times together. I think people enjoy it because it’s a positive distraction from the challenges we all face day to day.

  • Due to the current conditions happening in our Planet, the seventh season finale couldn’t be produced. Looking forward, what are your desires and expectations for season eight of The Goldbergs?

I am so sad we didn’t get to film the finale of season seven. We had an amazing episode lined up, and I’m not sure what the writers plan to do with it now. I think it could make a great first episode for season eight, though! I also think season eight will be challenging for the writers as they build on each character’s storyline from this past year. Will my character still be in college, or will she pursue music again? Will Beverly gain a lot of success with the release of her new cookbook? What will Adam’s senior year of high school look like? There are so many directions we can go, but I am just as in the dark about future story arcs as the fans of the show are.

  • What other exciting projects you are currently working on?

Given the quarantine, there are not many projects in the works, but I have been focusing on creating things at home alone. I have started an Instagram Live series where I interview friends of mine from all different careers about how their personal life and industries have been affected by quarantine. It’s been really fun and very educational to bring them on and learn their perspective! Otherwise, I have been writing music and practicing piano as much as I can, so hopefully, there will be more musical releases from me in the near future!


  • As a singer and a songwriter, how does it feel to you when your voice blends with music flowing through and to you?

Music is another way of connecting for me. I love songwriting so much. I love portraying a story through music. When lyrics and melody and production all come together to tell that story, it can be magic. There’s no better feeling than when someone hears my song and resonates with it on an emotional level. That’s why performing is so fun for me, too! Being on stage, I am able to bring together my love of music with the art of acting, and it’s just another degree of storytelling.

  • You recently released your newest single Find Yourself Somebody, which tells the story about a breakup where both parties desire the best for each other. What is the most important relationship one could have?

I think a relationship based on trust and understanding is the strongest. I’ve had many different kinds of friendships/relationships in my life. It’s about recognizing when it’s a two-way street with you both, and there’s mutual respect for one another that makes for a long-lasting relationship. I think one can tell when a relationship is meaningful to them when they find themselves going out of there way to show support or encouragement. It’s truly a learning process, though, to recognize the positive and uplifting people in your life versus the toxic relationships. In Find Yourself Somebody, the break up is mature and mutual. They recognize that, while they have love for each other, it’s not best for them to be together, and they choose to support the other person in their personal growth and journey to find love with someone else. I think that shows the ultimate sign of respect in a. relationship. 


  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is The Essence of a Joyful Living. How does Joy during the creative process affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

I believe that being joyful has an impact on the result of someone’s work. If you enjoy what you do, the final product will be better. Luckily on the set of The Goldbergs our entire cast, crew, writers, and producers all have an amazing friendship and love coming to work on the show. I believe this connection and positivity all work together to energize our show. I also think that viewers can sense the joy we feel when creating it, and it speaks to why people love watching it so much. As far as music goes, I can be inspired to song write by something that was more sad or traumatic, but the act of completing that project is joyful in that it’s a release and expression of true emotion that I think listeners can connect to the more authentic it is. 

  • When you hear: “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words by Abraham Hicks.  What is your take on such a statement?

I think everyone has the ability to manifest things in their own life through positive thinking. If you work at what you desire and put enough positive energy into your ability to achieve something, it can happen! There are so many books talking about the power behind your words and thoughts that you have to believe it’s possible! I believe Abraham Hicks is expressing his belief in positive affirmation, as well.

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