Our physical realm reflects the sounds of our inner state of being. Emotions guide us as we travel through our existence, and like musical notes, those become the life songs we sing. 

“I feel happy, powerful and even magical. Like I can create any emotion I choose. I travel anywhere I want through music,” says Anthony Hamilton, describing what he feels the moment the vibration of his voice merges with the music flowing through his being.

A man of passion and compassion and a lover of people, Anthony is a Southerner. He was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina in a Baptist family, where he fell in love with the sounds of Sunday morning. There is where he started his journey, which eventually led him to become a Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer. He also most recently became a first-time self-published author of Cornbread Fish’n Collard Greens, a book that invites you to walk through his journey and go inside his music. 

Anthony’s faith is deep and is the essence of what he considers success: “Faith is so important when believing in something. It’s feeling the potential victory of what lies ahead. It’s the thing that connects you to your source. Your higher creator. Your God. In a world of doubt and uncertainty, it’s mandatory.”

Our consciousness is always seeking to show us the best possible way to feel good (or at least better). One of the easiest outlets for us to re-connect with ourselves is the universal language of music. Anthony’s artistic expression is filled with passion and love for what he does, hence he positively affects his audience by giving them what he feels about his music. “I give people hope in love, in community, and that everything will feel all right and that all the worries will fade. Even if it’s while the music is playing, the soul holds on to the feeling.”

The inspiration behind each action is more powerful than the action itself. When we first make the intention to act from the emotions that feel good to us, we will project that feeling outward to the world. “My voice makes the dance worthwhile. I step away with a message or rhyme that sets me free,” says Anthony about how the dynamism of movement and body rhythm enhances his voice. “It connects to the music more deeply, therefore giving more emotion, which in turn makes me sing from that place.”

In his mind, the book was written long before his pen hit the paper, but the idea of taking his legacy to another level was a clear desire calling to be fulfilled. Hamilton went through many emotions during the process of writing Cornbread, Fish’n Collard Greens: “Some emotions I felt were sad, but also happy, free, and victorious.” He beat the odds, overcoming a lot of obstacles. “I had seen them cripple so many people who looked like me. So many gave up. I was looking at the winner’s circle,” he says. 

In the book, Hamilton aims to evoke in the reader a deeper connection with him as a man, a father, a writer, and a human being. “I can feel things in myself and in other people that need healing or celebration. It gives me the advantage when writing a way out or deeper in, depending on what’s needed.”

Another thing that Anthony is passionate about: “Giving back. Adoption is very dear to me. I was adopted into a family at a very early age. It shaped my heart and allowed me to feel what others who were adopted may have felt. St Jude’s organization is very dear to me as well. I wish kids would never get sick and never have to face disease at all—just be kids.”

We ultimately can give back that which we give to ourselves. When we tap into the essence of joyful living, we will spark it into the world. “It can dictate how one sees the world. You create joyful things from it.” 

Anthony Hamilton believes, “If you can think it and continue to focus on it long enough to put it into action, it’s bound to have a different outcome than being, doing, or having nothing at all.”

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