Interview with BÖRNI | I am Singing New Heights Through My Inner Dance of Music

There is always a lot of activity around each of us, life is full of variety. And yet, we notice only what gets in our focus. 

It’s like a flashlight in the darkness, we see only the direction illuminated by our thoughts. The dance of emotions reveals the flow of energies our thoughts create within ourselves, shaping our life’s perspective. 

As long as we live, new desires are inevitable, our expansion is eternal, but the way we will experience the unfolding of that which we dream about it is always the choice. We often argue for our own limitations giving away our own power of enjoying our creative journey. There are enormous benefits in experiencing challenges, it always clarifies our preferences. 

How long we stay in any type of situation it is up to us, as we are the ones holding our flashlight, and can always point it in a direction of more satisfaction.

Artist Börni, who is inspiring the world with her new single New Heights, says: “But there will always be new challenges and new dreams, and I think that’s what makes life interesting and exciting.”

In this insightful interview with  Börni, you will get to know her artistic journey as well as feel uplifted with her words of wisdom. 


  • Please introduce yourself briefly. Who, in your own words, is Börni?

First of all, thank you so much for having me. Yes, I’m an artist, born and raised in Zürich, Switzerland, where I found my passion for music at just three years old when I began singing and playing the violin, soon also turning to the piano and guitar. Throughout my adolescence, I sang in gospel choirs, wrote and performed my own songs in my first garage band, and quickly learned how to perform and entertain an audience. When I was older, I was discovered on a TV show called “Music Star,” and that led to a record deal and a couple of albums with Sony Music. And not so long ago, moving to the states, I found my passion for music production and can now bring all these experiences into my songs. So I am an artist from overseas calling America my home and am about to release some really fun cool music, which I hope everyone will enjoy as much as I do! 

  • How have the combination of cultures such as from your birth country Switzerland, and the US, where you currently reside enhance each other in connection to who you are, hence who you are becoming?

Swiss people are very diligent, perseverant, and humble. These principles are definitely influences in my lyrics and my approach when writing songs. The American lifestyle, on the other hand, taught me to dream bigger and think outside the box. The mixture between both Swiss and American culture would lead me to who I am today, the music I’m presenting today, and am excited about. 


  • The entertainment industry in the US must be quite different from Switzerland. What called you into given a step forward to transition from one country to another, and how have your previous experiences in Switzerland has helped you in embracing your new journey in the US?

You’re right! In Switzerland, with a population of 8 million people, I was obviously presented to a much smaller audience. I’m glad I could “rehearse” there before entering the big stage, meaning it was the best training ground to get started, tour through the country, get to know the industry, the media, and everything that comes with promoting music until it became my comfort zone. I had to overcome fear and had to have great faith when trying to find my way in a huge foreign country like America. I could now use all I’ve learned when starting to maneuver in the massive US industry, a very exciting journey. The American dream really is a lifestyle, and it leads you to dream bigger and go further, which my current single New Heights is about. 

  • The entertainment industry is considered very competitive; we all have different desires and we all want to succeed. How do your beliefs in sync with your expectations affect the realization of that which you want to manifest?

I have a very high level of belief and self-confidence, and also a high level of expectation for success. However, I’m also realistic in keeping my mind focused on the reality that anything can happen in the music business. Things can change from one day to the next but my mindset is to be prepared for anything. And I think that preparation will help me become successful…whatever that is.

Photography by Joe Sciacca


  • New Heights is your new single which is “inspired by the struggles that those with big dreams go through.” How would you define the word ‘struggle’ and how do you think it benefits the process of accomplishing your dreams?

People first dream but then fear to fail and shrink back whenever the road gets heavy. The thing is, you grow every time you decide to walk that walk anyway. You grow stronger while facing that mountain, you improve while overcoming the struggles, and only then will you reach your dreams and celebrate your personal success. These struggles can vary from person to person since we all have different goals in our lives, but we all know fear and do know the pain and we all need to overcome them to be happy and be at peace. Also, whatever major obstacle you were facing in the past can become so minor in the future after you’ve done it a couple of times. But there will always be new challenges and new dreams, and I think that’s what makes life interesting and exciting. 

  • What are your expectations for your fans and followers to take away from listening to your new song, and your music at large?

My hope is that anyone who listens to my new song experiences a desire to pursue their dreams and passions. I also want them to believe that anything is possible. As long as they don’t allow themselves to give up. As for my music at large, I just want them to feel some sort of positive emotion and want to listen again and again. Whether that be dancing around to one of my up-tempos, to vibing out to my mid-tempos, or crying tears of joy to one of my ballads, I just want to help spread positive feelings on every song to hopefully help uplift the listener in some way.

  • How does the evolution of your own experiences and things you love mixed in a unique eclectic vortex of sounds define your style?

I am a very transparent artist, so my life experiences are reflected in the music. So, as I experience growth as an individual, you also hear that growth in the music. The music is a mixture of sounds just as my life experiences are a mixture of ups and downs, which is why you hear many influences in it.

  • After your single New Heights has been recently out you will continue to release new music. What is your core intention behind creating music and expressing yourself artistically?

Inspiring other people and motivated them to dream bigger, so that people don’t put limitations on how far they can go in life.

  • How does it feel to you when you are on stage and music flows through you and to you connecting to the audience?

Being on stage, singing the songs that people can relate to, and identify with is the most beautiful thing. When you see them singing along with you, singing the lyrics but telling their own stories with them touches my heart, and it brings us so close together.

  • Do you have plans for a tour around the US or Europe?

I definitely was intending to perform my new music in Europe as well as in the states. With the current situation, this all seems to be a bit further in the future. But I’ve had an online performance for a Swiss TV show last week for example. This inspires me to find new ways to perform and engage with the audience. 

  • Are there any other projects and desires that excite you at this moment?

So many, but let’s start with this: I guess I’ve become the type of artist who wants to be involved in the whole process from A-Z, which involves the music video, of course. Call me a control-freak, haha, but in the end, I just wanna make sure that everything is authentic to who I really am and it represents my artistry. So, the whole visual side of the music turned out to be an additional project, and I’m excited for the New Heights music video to come out soon! Thanks to quarantine I found my love for playing violin again after so many years. I also stretch every day to prepare for an aerial show! My friend, who is a professional aerial star, and I have planned a performance where she will do the heavy artistic tricks while I’ll be singing in the air. I am super excited about this project.

Photography by Joe Sciacca


  • The spirit of The Hedonist Magazine is The Essence of a Joyful Living. How does Joy during the creative process affect your own experience and in consequence the final manifestation of your actions?

I consider myself blessed to be able to create music that touches other people. The music affects me by filling me with a lot of gratitude. And the joy it gives me to be able to create my music is immense. I think that shines through when you hear what comes of my musical compositions and visual compositions, and even when I’m on stage. I’m really happy with what I do, and I hope people can see that in all that I do and how I live my life every day.

  • When you hear: “You can be, do and have anything you want,” words from the teachings by Abraham-Hicks, what is your take on such a statement?

I believe in the power of human potential. We can choose what we want to be, but not everyone is willing to put in the work to make it happen. I’m ready, willing, and able!

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Header Image photography by Joe Sciacca