Words // Tiffany Panhilason

Alignment is key. It is our foundation. All around us is the presence of love. When our alignment comes from the core vibration of love, the infinite potential is expressing itself through us. We become the image and likeness of love. We become the individual expression of it. We radiate peace and joy, and we activate our full potential.   

Faith is the substance of our beliefs, and together they are the foundation of our manifesting desires. The molecular structure of water changes as it is exposed to positive mantras, prayers; Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, conducted studies that showed this. The water that is spoken to from the vibration of love and positivity has a different structure than water exposed to opposing energy. Speak what you wish to bring into existence. Life is an echo. I want to remind those who are reading this that you are magic! The extraordinary lives our souls are guiding us to create are far outside our comfort zones. Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the desires that you want, and you can’t help but get that into reality. 

Words // Armand Alvarez 

How empowering it feels when we perceive ourselves in synergy with Source—pure, positive energy of love. We can only contribute to the world what we feel within ourselves. It is not surprising that actress and entrepreneur Tiffany Panhilason, a passionate philanthropist and uplifter, beautifully describes herself thus: “I am a high-vibrational being who is walking in my purpose, in alignment with my soul, embodying light and love as I elevate my consciousness.”

Her sense of self and compassion for others come deep from within, thanks to being exposed to two different cultures. Tiffany moved to the US from the Philippines when she was ten, and she was bullied because she looked and acted differently than the rest of the kids as she was adjusting to the new culture. But she remembers that as the experience that taught her as the true meaning of life.

“I learned through all of this to not seek my validation from others and to connect to Source instead.  This has allowed me to unconditionally embrace my authentic self. I choose to live my life with the responsibility to be the shift that adds value to this world, and I have gratitude for everything I have been blessed with,” says Tiffany. 

Tiffany always knew she wanted acting and entertainment to be her career path: “I am naturally blessed with a very rich imagination and was always moved by the art that comes through in films and television. It was a sense of knowing part of my divine path. Audrey Hepburn was someone who inspired me growing up, and Roman Holiday is one of my favorite films.” 

Currently working on several projects, Tiffany is thrilled about them: “I have so much gratitude for the flow of abundance. I am getting ready to work on a new film called Memoirs of a Fighter.  I trained in mixed martial arts when I was younger, so action films always excite me.  I also have the scripted TV show Dream Corp LLC coming up from the brilliant minds of executive producers John Krasinski, Stephen Merchant, and Daniel Stessen. I’m a big fan of their work. I am so blessed to be expanding into drama and action TV and film projects in this next chapter of my life.”

Tiffany has always been involved with different humanitarian causes that she knew were part of her soul’s purpose. After doing her research to connect with and volunteer for a human trafficking charity organization, she was guided to Shandra Woworuntu, who founded MENTARI Human Trafficking Survivor Empowerment Program Inc. Tiffany felt such connection and inspiration that she clearly wanted to support MENTARI’s cause. 

The organization focuses on mentorship and support programs for those affected by human trafficking. MENTARI aims to change their lives through these programs to create independence and an unconditional sense of self-worth. “We have our beautiful empowerment programs.  Some of the programs are the culinary arts training program, art projects, career coaching, mentorship, survivor leadership, job assistance, support groups, and our wellness programs that offers peer-to-peer support to embrace self-love and self-care,” says Tiffany. 

All human beings have the power within themselves to find a better emotional realm that will eventually lead to a better physical existence. MENTARI’s team, with Tiffany’s involvement, reminds those who feel disempowered that their power is always within themselves. As she says: “Empowerment first has to exist within ourselves before it can flow out of us to contribute to the world.  We cannot give what we do not have internally.  As we radiate love, we can give love from a pure state.  As we hold power within ourselves, we naturally become a walking embodiment of power for others.  As we make it a point to act from that space to serve life merely because it exists, our service makes our world a better place to exist.”

MENTARI raises funds to continue the expansion of its humanitarian work.  They have partnered with amazing organizations like Freedom for All, founded by Katie Ford, through which they raised enough funds to open MENTARI’s first transitional home for two years. “Our goal is to continue our programs to help, support, mentor, and empower human trafficking survivors in their reintegration back into society as independent people, and to open additional transitional homes. I invite them to visit our website at and find out about our empowerment programs. They can donate there as well,” says Tiffany.


Panhilason also created a popular lifestyle brand, One One Six, which was inspired by the house address where she grew up in Bacolod City: “I was meditating and saw the numbers 116, so I took it as a sign to name the brand that.  I love embracing my journey, so in a way, it is my homage to where I came from.  I wanted to create a movement, not just a clothing company.”

Beyond being a clothing company, One One Six donates portions of their proceeds to MENTARI—that’s where the motto “Buy with purpose” and the #ShopForGood hashtag come from. The #116tribe hashtag is inspired by Tiffany’s statement, “My personal belief that we are all one tribe.  I wanted to embrace inclusivity and let women know that they are supported and celebrated for their uniqueness and individuality.”

As Tiffany continues to expand her consciousness, she expresses it through everything she does, positively touching the lives of others: “The key to success is overcoming our limiting beliefs and aligning ourselves with the energy we want in our lives.  When we choose to see life as joyful, our experiences are full of joy.  We become the creator of the very manifestations that come into our reality.  Joy is a love-based emotion that opens us up to the vastness of the universe to bring us more joy when we say yes to it.  When we claim joy, we say yes to the abundance that wants us.  Life becomes so whole and grand.” 

And to conclude, Tiffany adds, “Abraham-Hicks has said, ‘Instant manifestations will become a daily occurrence for you, when you, yourself, are not contradicting your own vibrational desires.’  We literally can do and have anything we align to that serves the purpose for our highest good. It is already ours.”

Words // Armand Alvarez @armandhedonist
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