ROBERTA LOBEIRA, The Mexican Artist Who Expressed Her Unique Vision For The Acclaimed Netflix Series La Casa de las Flores (The House of Flowers)


What is more powerful than cultivating trust in ourselves, allowing the creativity that is born with every desire to express itself physically, taking different forms and shapes in our extraordinary existence. It takes courage to have faith, to believe in the unseen, and to have the confidence that our dreams exist vibrationally, ready for the perfect moment to manifest.

“My mother put me in an art class when I was five. Since then, she and my stepfather have been my greatest fans, as long as I can remember. I used to draw and paint these ugly cartoons—at that time, I thought they were cool—and my mother would buy them from me. She even got them framed by the best framer in Monterrey, Mexico, and she hung them in the living room as if they were beautiful pieces. She made me feel as If I were the best painter in the world. I sold my first real painting when I was about eleven.”

Mexican artist Roberta Lobeira grew up in Monterrey in a family that loved art. She later studied in Oaxaca, Paris, New York, and Mexico City, and now her home and art studio are in San Diego, CA. “I think getting out and experiencing different cultures and friendships has shaped my art, giving me a lot of inspiration and stories to tell,” says Roberta. 

Traditionally artists needed an art gallery to take their artistic creations around the world. As a contemporary artist living in a digital era, Lobeiro feels there are many opportunities, thanks to social media, to expose and sell her paintings as well as connect with people worldwide. Even though the industry is considered very competitive, Roberta attests that by believing in yourself, loving what you do, and seeing the value in your work, you can succeed, even against all the odds. 

260x 160, oil on canvas, 2108. Art & Photography Courtesy Roberta Lobeira.

At one point, this young artist had forty-three clients waiting for her to finish their paintings. Nowadays Roberta accepts a maximum of five orders at once, as it takes her at least a month to finish one piece. Her work extends from private clients’ commissions to painting murals, staging exhibitions, and of course, her unique sets for the acclaimed Netflix series La Casa de las Flores (The House of Flowers). 

“I’m very excited about the last art I created for the third season of the series; I think it is the best of all three. It is going to be amazing,” reveals Roberta.

As is true for all of us, imagination and inspiration play a main role during her creative process: “I always make a sketch first, and that is where the magic happens. I am constantly looking at magazines and digital art in general to search for inspiration. I love everything about couture; I love all these big gowns. I also love to paint animals, especially wild African animals; I am in love with their courage, presence, fearlessness, shapes, and prints. I always try to think out of the box. I want to represent all the things that I love but not in an obvious way. Sometimes it’s a song, and I play it a hundred times; sometimes I mix friends’ experiences with mine and make a new one; sometimes it’s a poem. I have a lot of good friends in this industry, and they’re a great source of inspiration too,” says Lobeira. 

She creates fantastical imaginative worlds that seem to express our inner states. We can perceive how all the characters in the painting are connected, unified by one source. “I love to think as a child would. There’s a point in our lives where people lose the ability or simply forget to use their imagination. As grownups, we are trained in a way that it’s hard to imagine things that don’t exist. I love to think I can still do it,” says Roberta.  

2×240, oil on canvas, 2019. Art & Photography Courtesy Roberta Lobeira.

Art tells a story; it gives you glimpses of the artist’s inner world, but it is always interpreted by the viewers. It invites us to contemplate it and allow our imagination to sparkle. It makes us a little bit more aware of how we feel. On average, a person spends twenty-seven seconds looking at an artwork. Lobeira uses large formats with many intriguing details that catch your attention, and as an observer, the more you contemplate her work, the more immersed you are in her magical realm. 

“I always love to create these scenes, where all the characters are connected with nature. I have a lot of obsessions, and one of them is with animals—when I like or feel something, it’s always very deep. Sometimes I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse. I feel the most effective way to save the natural world is to cause people to fall in love with it,” says Roberta, who is an ardent supporter of saving animals. 

The emotional state of being is an important influence in her creative process: “It’s always better for me when I am joyful and happy. In that state I can create non-stop, from eight to twelve hours at a time.”

Then she adds, “I think you have to have confidence in what you have to offer to the world to make it happen. Especially now with all this pressure on social media to stand out. . . Don’t let that affect your confidence but instead [let it] fuel your drive to achieve what you want. And always, always think big.”

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Header Image: IN THE LONELY HOUR 155 x 255, oil on canvas 2019. Art & Photography Courtesy Roberta Lobeira.