The Essence of Joyful Living

The Hedonist is an international, English-language online and print, luxury-inspirational lifestyle publication. Our magazine explores themes ranging from fashion, gourmet events and bespoke traveling experiences to topics related to investment, entrepreneurship, entertainment, and stories of success.

We pride ourselves in creating a refined and modern visual language, a high-quality texture of the print and polished presentation – elements that define our conception of what we consider a discernible-luxurious and hedonistic experience. But most importantly, what we believe the most valuable, lies in the depth and sophistication with which we treat each story, as well as the positive message and inspiring discourse of self-awareness throughout the creative process which we call – Life.

In the spiritual realm, we see the intangible as a limitless source of energy manifested through our thoughts. Therefore, we think of luxury as physical evidence of our innate power to create the life we consider is best for us. The Hedonist is the union of both, physical and spiritual in one.

Ultimately, the magazine was born with the desire of its founders to spread their own vision of success and to inspire people “to be, do and have anything they want,” words by Abraham Hicks, spoken by Esther Hicks. Such philosophy is the fundament that drives and gives an exceptional voice to The Hedonist.

The founders

Armand Álvarez | Co-founder & Editor-in-chief

A while ago, my passion for life, inspired me to ask myself questions such as: “who we are and what is our purpose?” That brought into my hands the book “The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham,” by Esther & Jerry Hicks. I instantly felt a connection, and now I know the answer to all my questions, which is as simple as “to focus on feeling good unconditionally.”

Such a concept became my life’s philosophy, and now, I always remind myself that I am creating my own reality. I am my own example of our unlimited power, and the better I feel – the better become my life experience.

My inspiration to share with others what I have discovered gave birth to a business partnership and a fantastic journey with my lifetime friend Cristina Roselló.

The Hedonist magazine is a platform and a visualization map for those who want to get inspired. We believe that The Hedonist Magazine may uplift individuals worldwide through the personal stories of success as well as exclusively selected luxury-inspirational lifestyle content.

Cristina Roselló | Co-Founder 

Armand and I met during our University studies in Barcelona.  I  still remember that day during class,  where a very cultivated and respected professor defined us publicly as Hedonistic personalities.

Such an idea has silently accompanied us throughout years of personal and professional life experiences and today, The Hedonist Magazine represents in its own the modus vivendi that consciously or unconsciously, we have always praised.

For us, the utmost pleasure resides on inner well-being, and success comes as result of such a state of mind. Our interviews with successful individuals are the means by which we spread such philosophy and aim to inspire people worldwide “to be, do and have anything they want,” words by Abraham Hicks, spoken by Esther Hicks. In the other hand, the luxury-inspirational lifestyle content opens a world of possibilities to accompany you in this amazing, one and only journey that is called Life. Enjoy it!