Armand Alvarez

Armand Alvarez

Executive Director + Editor In Chief at The Hedonist Magazine

Isn’t life suppose to be fun?! We say, yes, absolutely! Actor, writer, and improviser Lisa Linke knows that very well and does it constantly. She says, “Making a room of people laugh is a better drug than anything else for me.” Just think, how serious we get sometimes with everything

We all have different beliefs and ideas of what’s the best way to live our lives. The fact that we all are unique and perceive this world from our own perspective, makes us expand and evolve as human beings. Diversityresity is a blessing. Often, we limit ourselves to thoughts that

A few years ago, I discovered a truly life-changing book, “The Essential Teachings of the Law of Attraction,” by Jerry and Esther Hicks. This new knowledge resonated so much with me that I naturally began to put it into practice. Since then, I have studied many other books and authors

We all want to be inspired, feel good and excel in life. Living in a fast-paced digital era, we are bombarded with a lot of information which affects our perception of the world we are experiencing. The good news, we all have the freedom to choose what we want to

We all have dreams, aspirations and we all ultimately want to feel good. The question is: “How do we get to a state of seeing the potential of the desired manifestation in everything and everyone?” Actor Patrick Cage says, “Love whatever it is you do and love it unconditionally.” It

The owner of Fine and Rare, Tommy Tardie, developed his passion for whiskey when he realized that his first venture, The Flatiron Room, was going to be very whiskey-focused, and wanted to learn more about it. He heard many stories, visited many places and met with whiskey-makers, becoming more involved

We live in a beautiful Universe based on love and we all have the potential to see and feel it from our perspective. It’s always uplifting to witness when people speak and act while being aligned with who they really are and witness how their thought creations reflect in their

The era of technology and social media brought us the possibility to have an open dialog with those whom we admire most. Now, we can follow our favorite people on Instagram, reply to them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. In that sense, we seem to be closer than

Model, television host, writer and mother– Judit Mascó does it all. With a career spanning nearly three decades, appearances in multiple television shows, two published books, and involvement in various social change efforts, this Spanish beauty finds luxury in a meaningful, fulfilling life. Who is Judit Mascó? How would you define

Introduction Briefly introduce both yourselves in your own words.  ARIELA Well my Instagram @arielakiradjian bio says “leader in the boutique community Co-Founder, Stay BoutiqueCOO, BLLA,  Located in New York City. Past Residencies in the UK & Germany.” Outside of my social media bio, I am a 22 year old woman