Kaila Basile

Kaila Basile

Editorial Assistant to Editor-in-Chief for the Hedonist Magazine based in Westchester, New York. She is an aspiring culture writer who is passionate about travel, the arts, and the power of positivity.

Australia attracts visitors from all around the world and all walks of life—for good reason, as it is not only one of the most beautiful places on earth, but it truly offers something for everyone. Australia’s aboriginal cultures, the oldest civilizations in the world, thrive in the bustling indigenous art

In Zermatt, the only hurry is to the peaks, where skiers and snowboarders take in stunning views of the Matterhorn while flying down the pistes. Up above, helicopters carry expert skiers and snowboarders to off-piste locations for runs on untouched snow. Hikers explore mountain passes that wind through the ski

Walking into the Sistine Chapel at night, there is nothing but the sound of footsteps on the magnificent marble floors. Looking up as Michelangelo had once done to paint the ceiling, you are immediately awestruck. The ceiling is one of the most beautiful pieces of art in the world. Seeing

Quebec City is a picturesque destination that becomes a wonderland in the winter. The historic city is a little piece of Europe in Canada. It is the perfect place to wander the cobblestone streets, admiring the snow-capped buildings and quaint alleyways and ducking into shops, cafés, and galleries for warmth

It is natural for all humans to always think some kind of thoughts. Besides spending time in the stillness of meditation, our inner chatter never stops. What we are constantly thinking about is in our own hands whether it is about past, future or the moment we are now experiencing.

Our creative expression is influenced by our inner state. When we are creating inspiration from a place of joy, those emotions can be sensed in our physical realm as a result of how we feel. This example of inspired action is the restaurant ARDYN New York, created by two young

As we ask for any improvement in our lives, a desire is born and given vibrationally to us by the Universe. Our emotional realm serves us as an indication of our standpoint between our desires and physical manifestations. We are continually evolving into more and growth it’s inevitable as life

All human beings are given a beautiful gift to think thoughts and feel emotions. It’s astonishing that regardless of the circumstances around us, our thoughts have the power to evoke emotions depending on what we decide to focus on. Our habits of thoughts also become the bases of our belief

Any path we take in life will be filled with contrasting experiences. By facing things that challenge us, we expand and discover what we desire in the process. To live a joyful life, we must enjoy every aspect of the journey – even when we are in circumstances we do

We, all human beings, have the power to foreground the positive experiences in our lives, choosing to have fun and find joy in everything we do. When we align with our desire to be happy, it becomes natural to fill our days with vibrant stories and people. Our physical reality