Natalie Stoclet

Natalie Stoclet

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As a third culture kid born in New York City and raised in Tunisia, Morocco, Argentina, England, Dubai and Miami, I have always had a passion for discovering and sharing. My work in luxury lifestyle around the world has been published on BBC StoryWorks, The Huffington Post, Haute Living, Haute Residence, Fashionista and more.

With the prevalence of smartphones and computers, are we too addicted to technology? A mere six months ago, while glued to my laptop on the comfort of my couch, an interesting opportunity came across my Facebook feed. Posted by a California company called DreamJobbing, it read, “Welcome to ESCAPE: A

Coreaux is using art to give new meaning to the modern bag. The project began when he painted his own Goyard Duffle bags just over a year ago. We study ancient history in modern times through the items that people once called their own. In jewelry worn by ancient Egyptians, and

Koh Samui, an island lined with palm-bound beaches, filled with coconut groves and populated by rich, hilly rainforest. Where mangos and papayas are aplenty, local flavors leave an impression, and artisans are present in all aspects of life. Ah, if only you could experience the magic of it all from

For the aficionados, the rest of New York City freezes in time for Frieze Art Fair Every Spring, the who’s who of the art world would gather in New York City for yet another showcase of the world’s finest contemporary art fairs. For these aficionados, the rest of the city

Zuma’s Nitro Espresso Martini has the capacity to convert any critic into a coffee cocktail lover. In the city that never sleeps it’s always coffee o’clock. A subtle spring in coffee-centric cocktails has further integrated our favorite brews into our everyday lives. Cocktail and coffee cultures are no longer mutually