Nathan Dukes

Nathan Dukes

Nathan Dukes is Australian journalist, graphic design and photographer who spends too much time planning adventures and not enough time enjoying them.

His goal is to unbalance the 'work/life balance' firmly in favor of 'life', and hopes to inspire others, through his photography and stories, to explore the world with an open mind and open heart.

Nathan's ultimate hedonistic experience is embracing the solitude, silence and beauty of nature; switching off from the digital world and switch on the senses.

Beautiful summer sunshine. Bays so clear yachts cast a perfect shadow on the sea bed. Water in shades of blue and green that even Monet would struggle to capture. The kind of place you could turn off your phone and disappear for a week or three. Is it fake? Has

The Flåmsbana, or Flåm Railway, is regularly named one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. Undoubtedly for a good reason. From fjord-side lowlands to steep river gorges and waterfalls, its unwavering popularity is a testament to Norway’s staggering natural beauty. Our journey begins on the fjord-side floodplain

The Gradska Kavana Arsenal Restaurant offers a window (three, in fact) into the history of Dubrovnik. Game of Thrones might have swept the city into the spotlight, but the reality is far more intriguing than the fantasy. Sitting centrally in the Old City harbor, what was once the beating heart

Darling Harbour has always been the gold crown of tourism in Sydney, but as recently as a few years ago the area had started to lose its luster. The city’s crown was in need of some polish. In response, and with public support, the government set about a massive project

Sydney’s status as a global city is based around the harbor. It’s a beautiful turquoise frame for the best things Sydney offers to travelers: beaches, parklands, restaurants, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and the Sydney Opera House. Exploring the harbor from the water is a treat: the Harbour Bridge and the

The calm Mediterranean washes beneath us. Through the netting of our catamaran the water glistens greens and blues. Ahead of us a shimmering ball of fire, the radiating heat soothed by the salty breeze. Barcelona is bathed in golden yellow, the warmth of the evening beckoning us outside for wine