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Olga Martinova

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words // Olga Martinova I want to be the best version of myself. The trouble is, we all have many versions of ourselves which depend on various aspects of our lives and the people we are surrounded by. Self-image is crucial for most people, but mainly for those who are

words // Olga Martinova It happened when I was looking for a literary agent for my book, a novel which I had written some years prior. Just because you write something doesn’t necessarily mean you want to expose yourself to the public, to judgment. It’s never easy to put yourself

Sofia Hotel is notoriously a place of luxury and class. Why class? Because it combines tradition with glamour and comfort. Recently it has been refurbished and made into a place where not only luxury and class merge in perfect harmony, but it has become an evolution, a modern view on

I knew very little about PFJ when we met for the first time in Barcelona. His professional profile was something that drew my attention, but more I researched, more facts would come out which made me want to know who was there behind that handsome, weather-resisting face and an impossibly

The first thing you need to know – Sushi 99 is a Japanese restaurant.  Like every rudimentary knowledge it’s primitive and provides with nothing more than just a fact. That’s why, in my opinion, it is important to get into the gist of the things as much as possible, so

Bouquet Experience is a new concept of gastronomic space, where wine and food form a unique fusion, a marriage of sorts – an inseparable whole. It’s a multifunctional restaurant, divided into Wine & Cocktail Bar and Restaurant. Imagine a warehouse brought to its utmost style and rustic elegance with the

If you ever visited Cowshed Spa in London or Berlin, you should not consider it to be a “done business” in terms of experience for Cowshed Spa in Barcelona is a “standout” treasure which will capture your heart and, subsequently, all five senses with its mixture of Spanish tradition and

     Europa Café Barcelona, Restaurant, Bagel Shop Everyone likes Bagels. Everyone! And whoever says the opposite is lying. Even if you don’t eat bread for whatever reasons, you would still want to eat a bagel in Europa Café in Barcelona. Why? Because it’s a bagel paradise! But hold your breath, the

Last week a Soho House in Barcelona inaugurated its secret club within a club: speakeasy called The Green Room. To fully understand the concept of this private club you need to transport yourself into the infamous 20s of New York or England.  Watch “Boardwalk Empire” or “Peaky Blinders” for inspiration,

Sasha is not just a bar, it’s someone’s dream coming true and you get to be a part of it.   The first thing that attracted me to “Sasha” bar was its name, there was something intriguing about it, the sound of “sh” in there gave it a character and